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Dj City Uk Lab Today We have my review of one of the new range of studio subwoofers from KrK. This is the S 10. 4 Let’s get to it around 18 months ago. I reviewed the fourth generation of Krk‘s long-established rocket series of monitors and I was seriously impressed with on-board DsP controls, Kevlar drivers and a new enclosure design. The G4s were a huge improvement over the earlier models which had it’s fair to say a mixed reputation interestingly.

Theyve Since Released The Classic Series Of Monitors,

which are much closer in design to the previous rockets, but with a much flatter sound by default. The company have also released a new series of subwoofers to complement their main monitor line the S series. There are three models. The 8-inch S 8. 4 with a street price of 350 dollars.

Us The 10-Inch S 10.

4, which I’ve been testing at 450 dollars and the monstrous sixty-two and a half pound twelve inch s twelve point four, which comes in at around eight hundred dollars. I’m not going to talk too much about the potential benefits or downsides of adding a sub to your monitoring system. In this review I covered that in some lengths in my review of the Adam audio t10s sub a while ago so that’s worth watching if you’re considering getting a subwoofer and haven’t seen it already. I’m grateful that KrK offer very detailed setup instructions along with downloadable test tones to enable users to get their sub-positioned and leveled correctly.

Id Like To Perhaps See A Dedicated Section

in their audio tools. Mobile app for subwoofer setup seems like a shame to not make use of that but what they offer outside of. App is still very good taking a look at the specs. There are a couple of things which stand out firstly. It’s interesting that the 8 and 10 inch subs have glass aramid composite woofers compared to the Kevlar on the 12-inch sub and the new G4 rockets, but that doesn’t seem to impact the performance in a negative way.

Though The Second Big Headline Is

the peak spl or sound pressure level of 117.2 db that is loud like very loud and that’s reflected in their real life volume too even when not pushing it that hard the s 10. 4 literally shakes the doors here in the lab. If you have neighbours who are easily annoyed or maybe even just neighbors at all this might not be a great choice. It’s clear that the large cabinets and massive baseport are doing their job of allowing the woofer to.

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Shift A Serious Amount Of Air

active subs always feature a built-in crossover, which helps to reduce the low end demand on your main monitors and to ensure a smooth balance between the two elements. I was interested to find that the one on the S 10. 4 has a maximum high frequency cutoff of 90 hertz, which isn’t especially high compared to equivalent subs from other brands which can go as high as 120 hertz or even higher, what does that mean well to get the best out of it. You’ll want to pair the S 10. 4 with main monitors which can get comfortably down to 90 hertz without breaking a sweat, usually meaning larger sizes and those users with very small monitors might be better off going for the S 8.

4 Instead, Which Has A Maximum Crossover Point

of 100 hertz. This All makes logical sense of course, but is worth bearing in mind adding a sub to your system. Correctly is always about balance in terms of build the MDF construction is incredibly solid. The S 10. 4 feels like a very nicely made piece of hardware and there were no signs of any rattling or other problems after extended use.

It Comes With A Thin Eva

isolation pad to decouple it from the floor slightly. Although depending on your floor surface, you may need to add some more isolation to that the connections and setup options on the rear of the S 10. 4 are comprehensive unbalanced RCa inputs and outputs as well as balanced ones with both quarter-inch jacks and XLrs. There’s a single jack socket for a footswitch to bypass the sub and the crossover, which is definitely recommended if you can only use the sub at certain times. Of day below the volume knob is the crossover frequency adjustment and a raft of switches.

The Input Sensitivity Helps You Work

with a combination of balanced and unbalanced signals together. There’s a polarity switch which you may well need for your setup. The standby function can be turned on or off and there’s a ground lift in case of any ground loop issues. The power supply is on a regular Iec connection. In my testing.

I Did Wonder How Much Of

the extreme loudness I was experiencing was down to the front firing woofer I’ve only used a down firing studio sub in the past and with that the relationship between the sub and the floor itself seems more important than with the krk. Of course that means, conversely the distance between the subwoofer and your walls and furniture might be more of a concern it shouldn’t really be. a problem though as long as you take that time to set it up right. There is one significant potential issue with a front firing sub and that is your feet having set up the S 10. 4 correctly in my home setup, the woofer was directly in front of where my feet are and I can pretty much guarantee that if it sat there long enough one day that woofer will be getting kicked what’s weird is that one of the photos of the S 10.

4 On Krks Website Shows The Sub

with a metal grille fitted, but that is an optional extra. It doesn’t come in the box. If I was going to buy this sub. I would definitely need to factor that in but at least it’s not an expensive addition, though at around 30 so there you go my take on the S 10. 4 subwoofer from Krk.

This Product In Itself Is Very

good all right it’s nicely priced construction is on point. You have loads of setup options. It goes low. It goes very loud and it does it in a nicely accurate way. It’s not too sluggish.

It Doesnt Feel Like Its Kind Of

causing problems. When you’ve got it added on to a decent set of studio monitors in the right position in the right room. It works really nicely, but that brings me to what I said the same thing in my Adam audio subwoofer review same thing applies here you’ve got to be very careful when you add a subwoofer to your studio monitors because if the room is not right. If the space is wrong.

If The Positioning You Cant Get It In

the right place. If you’ve not got the right acoustic treatments like bass traps and so on if. Your other studio monitors aren’t a good match for it You could find yourself actually making your existing system worse rather than better by adding a subwoofer. It’s not any kind of magic bullet you know there’s no like automatic everyone needs a sub and I don’t want to be that you know party Pooper saying that you can’t have any more bass because it just might not be right so you have to take time and consider what your setup is what you’re going to need from your setup.

If You Decide That This Is

going to be a good match for your system and for your room and everything else, then yeah I fully recommend it it’s a great sub but just take that time think and make sure that you’re not going to be causing yourself more problems by adding a sub then you will be removing. issues in your system because it might well be that yeah maybe bigger main monitors are a better solution All that kind of stuff so just bear that in mind before you rush out and buy a sub-take some time consider it. But if you decide that you need a 10-inch tub for your system that’s got a ton of kick and a ton of low end. Then yeah you won’t be disappointed with the s 10.

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Mo Jax reviews a new range of studio subwoofers from KrK . The company have also released a new series of subwoofer to complement their main monitor line the S series . The 8-inch S 8.&4 sub has glass aramid composite woofers compared to the Kevlar on the 12-inch sub and the new G4 rockets, but that doesn’t seem to impact the performance in a negative way . The G4s were a huge improvement over the earlier models which had it’s fair to say a mixed reputation . The classic series of monitors are much closer in design to the previous rockets but with a much flatter sound by default . The new sub is the monstrous sixty-two and a half pound twelve inch s twelve point four, which comes in at around eight hundred dollars . The sub is a twelve-inch s 12 point four with a street price of 350 dollars. The sub costs around $1,500 dollars to the S 10.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video