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Hey Im Randy And Youre Watching The Cheap

audio man here at the cheap audio man. We talk about high value hi-fi home theater headphones, just about anything that makes music and today. We’re talking about the the best to sand that’s the sand subwoofer Yeah it’s a little subwoofer. You know it’s a good subwoofer when you can pick it up with one hand so sit down grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about the best design subwoofer okay no sponsor today we’re going to jump right into it. Some are going to think that there is an overall negative vibe to this review about the best best design subwoofer and you’re probably right.

Im Not Saying This Is Worthless What

I’m saying is you may want to watch this whole thing if you are considering this product it it does have a a use case scenario. So again we can pick it up with one hand Okay. I weighed this if this had a tab. I would I would hold it in my teeth, so I weighed this um eight pounds eight pounds and just to give some perspective on that the Polk Sw10, which is their inexpensive low tier subwoofer weighs 24 pounds. Now it’s a 10-inch subwoofer.

Its More Traditional Subwoofer The Sony Entry

level subwoofer now that’s more expensive, but it does regularly go on sale down to half or 50 percent so around 115 that one weighs 24 pounds. The mono price 60 watts. It’s an 8-inch sub which I personally own. I have it at work. I don’t know how much that one weighs it doesn’t say but I can guarantee you it weighs more than this now.

Im Not Im Not Saying Just

because they weigh more they’re better, but I’m saying because they weigh more they’re better on the front. Here you have a port the driver is on the side. They claim it’s a six-and a half-inch woofer. I I would believe it and on the back that’s where things get real interesting. On the top.

You Have The Volume Or The

gain whatever you could call it and it also changes the inputs You see so this is kind of a special sub. You can connect it with a digital input from a Tv or well. Whatever has a digital output it has an optical input. You can connect it via RCa. You can connect it via bluetooth of all things.

There Is A Sound Bar That

the same company makes the theory goes that you connect bluetooth to the subwoofer and then you. run RCa out into the soundbar and now you have a wireless bluetooth solution. I didn’t have the sound board. I did get it to hook up to Bluetooth, though one can also connect a Tv or anything with the digital out into the optical in and then again RCa out into powered speakers or their sound bar okay so how’s it built it actually doesn’t look bad it has some nice rounded edges. The wrap is well done for the most part putts all right and I know everyone’s gonna not everybody some people are gonna say well.

This Isnt A Good.

This isn’t a good judge of how good how well something is braced, but we’re gonna do it anyway. Yeah sounds like a wooden five gallon bucket whoa not braced well and if it is braced well then maybe it’s made out of foam because again eight. pounds so let’s get back to the volume and selector knob it just spins it just spins. You can just continue to spin it to the right and it will max out the volume or the gain of the levels.

Whatever You Want To Call It It Just

spins and I try to count because it does click so there’s a click but it into infinity and keep turning up. I tried to count and I put my hand on it and I had it going from the time where I couldn’t feel like any vibration and I had the volume turned up. I think it’s around 10 or 11 clicks, but you don’t know when you’re starting so this thing is being dialed in completely by ear or esP. Telepathically you’re figuring out where to put the levels on this thing not a big fan of it just spinning. into the cosmos all right the low pass filter it has frequency response.

It Says 60 On The Low End

up to 250 Hertz I I don’t know I mean with the volume knob it doesn’t matter just dial it in wherever you think leave it in the middle. I will say though it does work because I turned it and I could tell that the subwoofer was picking up more and more frequencies that it was reproducing on the low end. This thing is rated down to 50 Hertz. I know that doesn’t sound very low, but a lot of the subwoofers in this price category or even double the price rate it down to maybe 50 or 40. I did put it on a tone generator because oftentimes, even though it’s rated down to 50.

You Can Still Hear Things.

I heard some bass down to usable bass. Probably down to maybe 35 Hertz it was there and I could hear it. I did play Narcissistic cannibal by corn one minute mark do do goes really low didn’t even hear it wasn’t wasn’t even like it didn’t exist on this the best to sand subwoofer just couldn’t handle it how’s it sound it works okay so this thing does work everything works the digital input works the Bluetooth works and connecting it traditionally with an Rca. It works just fine.

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I Had It Hooked Up To

the Smsl Da9. The Gesheli J2 was feeding it amazon music out of my computer was the source it worked. It worked with Bluetooth. It worked with digital it works. The problem is when you actually listen to it it’s a bunch of uncontrolled muddy sloppy bass.

This Is Like Your Buddy Whos Married Doesnt

get out very much but you go. to a dollar dollar beer night the baseball game maybe the hockey game he gets going really early and then sloppy sloppy. This is sloppy. I literally just dropped it on my ankle and it didn’t even hurt and then goes yeah bestazan subwoofer. So I said at the beginning that there is a use case scenario at the 60-70-80 Hertz that’s where this thing can reproduce a lot of bass.

I Had This Running With The Mookie.

They’re the little 65 dollar bookshelf speakers and it really did fill in the base. It was sloppy. It was boomy and muddy and just all over the place. But when I figured out the mystery volume knob and got it tuned down just time.

Just Really Really Really Low And

then I dialed back the crossover really really low 70 Hertz maybe gain you know down around whatever two. It’s a mystery. I don’t know what levels I’m at on the volume it was It was okay it filled things in in a big room. This thing also started distorting fairly early beyond a office space at the movie. However, the movie is great where’s my stapler beyond an office space.

Can You Come In On Saturday

Now I’m thinking about that movie. It’s a great movie Jennifer Aniston that other guy They all work at innotech the Bob’s. If you haven’t watched that movie go watch that movie the bobs are worth it alone the guy with the stapler. It’s a fun movie incidentally that was written by the same people that wrote or created beavis and butthead. Okay besides an office space, extremely small apartment that’s really the only place I could see this happening really you’re better off just saving a bit more waiting for that.

Sony To Go On Sale Down

to about 115. buying the polk SW10 even at 130. It’s way better. I have two of those and my sons or my son has two of them and they’re they’re great the monoprice 60 watt. It has speaker level inputs.

All These Other Ones Have Speaker Level Inputs

too. If you just have an amp, you’re not hooking it up to this you need a source that has a subwoofer out or you need a source that has variable volume. I. e a DaC with volume control to run it into this and run it out. If you just have speaker level outs you’re not hooking it up to this subwoofer.

This Thing Is Sloppy If You Are

tight on space and you turn this way way way way way way down. You put it under your your desk or something maybe maybe i. Had high hopes for this thing for 70-75 bucks, but as soon as I took it out of the box. I wasn’t optimistic and there are better options. If you have space.

There Are Much Better Options Out

there. If you don’t have space maybe look at it, but turn it way down way way down until you can barely hear it and dial the low pass filter down a lot okay okay sorry best to sand you’re not very good. If you want to support the channel. You can sign up for Patreon Patreon.

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You May Get Some A Few

months for free. You may get some disney plus for free. I I get a few dollars and you get the lowest cost music or high-res music available which also pays the artist more than most of the other streaming services. You can also use the affiliate links in the description this one will be linked there.

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I Dont Know If You Should Buy

it. Though most of the links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and you purchase anything I will get a commission. It doesn’t cost you any more so it’s a great way to support the channel almost support the family so Don’t binge watch anything on Netflix or hulu binge listen maybe they’re your bestest and subwoofer fill your soul with happiness and with that I’m Randy I’m the cheap audio man.


The cheap audio man is talking about the the best to sand that’s the sand subwoofer . Randy weighs it down to eight pounds and Polk Sw10 weighs 24 pounds . Randy says it’s not just because they weigh more they’re better on the front, but I’m saying because they are better . Randy: “I’m not saying this is worthless what I’m . saying is you may . want to watch this whole thing if you are considering this product it it does have a a use case scenario. It’s an 8-inch sub which I personally own.& I don’t know how much that one weighs it doesn’t say but I can guarantee you it weighs more than this now. Randy says he doesn’t think it’s more expensive. The mono price 60 watts. It doesn’t have the volume or the gain whatever you could call it and it also changes the inputs and it’s a special sub. Randy: ‘I don’t think that one is more expensive, but it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video