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Hello And Welcome To Techraven The Channel That Brings

you all things audio production video production and photography. I’m, Nigel Cooper and today I’m going to do a quick little review on the KrKs 8. 4 subwoofer which I’ve recently added to my small home recording studio set up here. I’ve got mine positioned just under the desk directly underneath the right hand side near field monitor now off the bat. This comes in at around 249 pounds in the Uk and it’s got a frequency response of 34.

5 Hertz To 133 Hertz.

Now this company Krk. They do two larger subwoofers as well. They do the S 10. 4 and the S 12.

4, Which Go Down To 30 Hertz

and 26 Hertz respectively. But they are monsters of subwoofers. They’re really big and designed for larger studios. The one I’ve got here. The S 8.

4 Is Designed For Small To Medium.

Sized studios now there’s a reason that I bought this to improve my mixing and mastering and I’m going to get into that in a moment, but what I’m going to say first is some people say that you should really match the subwoofer to the brand of near field monitors that you’re already using so in my case given that I’m using Kali Iron8 monitors I should really be using a kali subwoofer right well. I don’t really agree with this. I don’t think it’s that important. It’s different if you’ve got a home cinema set up and you’re trying to match a center speaker to your front right and left speakers because there’s a lot of mid-and upper mid frequencies there and you might want to match the tonal color and characteristics of that given brand of speakers.

So It All Kind Of Fits And Gels

but. Given that subwoofers only put out low bass notes and sub frequencies that you feel more than here. I don’t think it’s that important at all so with this Krk subwoofer you can put it with any near-field monitors. I’ve found it to be a marriage made in heaven with my Kali Iron8s. I think it’s absolutely fantastic It comes in at 249 pound in the Uk.

You Can Buy An Additional Mesh Grille

to protect the base driver because it doesn’t come with one. I haven’t bothered with this for a number of reasons one I’ve read online that it’s really tricky and difficult to fit because of the gasket and the way it sort of fits in it’s very tight and a few people have complained that it does actually slightly muffle the low frequencies. I can’t vouch for either of these two things because I haven’t bought. I’m based in the Uk and it’s difficult buying them in the Uk so if you did want one you would have to go to um Toman in Germany, where they do them for 13 pounds 70, and they’ll ship to the Uk or if you’re in the Usa. Of course, you can just get one from B h and they’re about 16 over there like I said I haven’t bothered buying one because I can’t really see the needs and also the base driver in this thing is really strong and tough and the actual dust cap in the middle is concave so it goes in so it’s not going to be able to pop in easy if you accidentally kick it with your foot.

If Its Under Your Desk And Even

if you did accidentally kick it with a boot you’d have to kick it pretty hard to. Do some damage? I think the worst case now is you might just end up with a small scuff. It’s a really tough bass driver, So I’m not too fussed about that I would rather keep the cleanness of the sound to be honest right okay so the reason I bought this to add to my small home recording studio is simply to make mixing of electronic and dance music and anything that’s going to be played in clubs a lot easier now there’s a couple of schools of thought on this some home recording studio engineers will say don’t bother with a subwoofer. They’re too difficult to set up and you don’t need them just stick with your near field monitors just a right and left channel and that’s it and if you want to get the base notes then just get something like these that have got. an eight-inch driver and that’s all you need now I disagree with that for a number of reasons one.

I Dont Think Its A Woofers Are

complicated or difficult to set up some people on forums would have you believe that it’s a science it’s not it’s really pretty straightforward and it doesn’t have to be over complicated. All you have to do is just get the room positioning right approximately and just make sure that you set the frequency roll off to match those of your monitors and that’s it there’s nothing more complicated to it than that. In fact on the um on the KrK website. There’s some basic instructions on how to do this. If you do want to go for one of these subwoofers.

You Might Want To Factor In

an extra 50 pounds or so for cables because what you’ve got to remember is. The cables are not going to be going from the monitor straight into your audio interface. The cables are going to go from the monitors down into the subwoofer now depending on where you’ve got your subwoofer positioned in the room you might have to get longer cables and then from there you need two more cables to go from the subwoofer up into the audio interface. So you’re gonna need potentially four cables so you’re gonna have to look at the cables. You’ve already got and figure out if you can use the existing two that you have or whether you’re gonna have to buy four more so if you’re gonna have to buy four factor in another 50 pounds or so, which would bring the total price up to about 300, which is what I had to do okay now getting onto the critical bit about why I.

Decided To Add This To My Home Recording

studio and that’s simply to give me a wider frequency range and frequency response because by adding a subwoofer to your existing near field monitors. It’s kind of like adding an extra three or four stops of dynamic range to your photographic camera or video camera. If that makes sense you just suddenly have a much wider frequency response that takes you down into those kind of base areas lower sub bass frequency responses, some of them that you can only feel rather than here Now. The reason I wanted to do that is simply because of dance music and electronic music, and I composed quite a lot of that. Now if you do the same if you mix or master any kind of dance music or electronic music that you know is going to be played in clubs.

We All Know That In Nightclubs

or raves and stuff like that you not only hear the music, but it’s just as important to feel it it’s all about what you can feel as well as here. So you can feel those sub frequencies in the bass rumbling in the pit of your stomach or the upper base notes slamming into your chest, So it’s a lot about the way it feels as well as the way it sounds in nightclubs now if you haven’t got a subwoofer, you’re not going to be able to mix those sub-frequencies and bass frequencies accurately to know whether or not they’re going to come across in a nightclub when people are on the dance floor dancing to it so that’s why I’ve added one of these so that I can mix and master those sub-bass frequencies and lower bass frequencies with. A lot more accuracy, which of course is really important so in terms of the sonic characteristics of this sub. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to give you a demonstration because a if you don’t own a subwoofer, you’re not going to hear it on this Youtube video anyway and also if I start placing mics in front of these speakers. My monitors and the sub the microphones will color the sound and of course you’re going to be listening to it on different monitors or headphones anyway.

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So Youre Not Going To Get Any

idea as to the sonic characteristics of this subwoofer, but I will just say that it’s a well-rounded a very smooth, well-rounded bass sound. It’s almost like Krk of port warm, melted chocolate over the sound. It’s just very warm and smooth and rounded almost analog like in quality and I love it. find that it matches my Kali monitors to perfection. Now the way I’ve got my subwoofer set up here will probably differ slightly with how you set yours up because you might have different monitors, but the way I’ve got mine set up is I’ve got the crossover set to 80 Hertz.

Ive Got The Volume On The Fifth

dot, which is about the 1pm position on the clock. I’ve got the high sensitivity to normal the polarity at 180 degrees and I’ve got the standby turned off and the ground lift is also off so that’s the settings. I’ve got here and what you do have to do you’ve got to set the volume for your near field monitors to match the volume to your subwoofer so once you’ve adjusted the volume on the back or front of your monitors, whatever they are, and you’ve got the volume matched. On your sub you don’t touch those volumes at all ever again.

You Basically Control The Volume Via

your audio interface Because if you adjust the volume on your monitors, then your monitors are going to go up or down, but the subwoofer volume is going to stay the same and it’s going to mess up the mixing volume between the subwoofer and the monitors. So once the monitor volume set and the subwoofer volume set never stretch them again and control the volume by your audio interface. That way the volume between the monitors and the sub is going to be matched In terms of build quality. It’s really tough and quite heavy.

It Feels Quite Industrial And Strong.

It’s a good strong cabinet, nice and weighty. It comes with this rubber mat that sits underneath it that you can stick on to protect the bottom of it from. the floor or whatever you’re going to position it on and all the knobs and dials on the back.

They Just Have A Nice Tough

tactile feel it feels like it will last for a long time. So the construction is really good and I definitely approve of that so that’s it. I’m Nigel Cooper you’ve been watching techraven if you like this video check out my other videos as well where I cover audio production, video production and photography and Don’t forget to subscribe if you like the content hope to see you again soon bye for now you.


Nigel Cooper reviews the KrKs 8.&4 subwoofer in his home recording studio . He says it’s a marriage made in heaven with his Kali Iron8 monitors . It comes in at 249 pounds in the Uk and it’s got a frequency response of 34.5 Hertz to 133 Hertz . The subwoofers are designed for small to medium studios and are meant to improve mixing and mastering . Cooper: “I don’t think it’s that important. I don’t really agree with this. I’ve found it to be a marriage of heaven with my Kali Iron 8s.& I’ve got mine positioned just under the desk directly underneath the right hand side of the near field monitor now off the bat.& This is absolutely fantastic. I think it all kind of fits and gels but. I’m not going to use it to match it with any near-field monitors. It all kinds of fits, but. It’s absolutely fantastic,” he says ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video