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A Low-Profile 15-Inch Subwoofer That Handles 1 000

Watts UK and does not need a lot of air space. In fact 1. 25 cubic feet sealed per driver Yes you heard me write a low-profile 15-inch subwoofer that only needs a foot and a quarter of airspace. Audio Mobile has done it again small space big bass is what this company does best okay Don’t go anywhere. We’re gonna do a full review along with an UK test on audio Mobile’s new Encore 4415 15-inch subwoofer also known as Z4k UK.

So Dont Go Anywhere Hey Whats Up My

name is Josh I’m with Breakers stereo and performance and thanks for joining us for this review. Now a couple months back. We hit you with the audio Mobile Evo versus the UK Audio 10 Tw3. Both low-profile subwoofers were the audio Mobile actually outperformed the gel. Now they just introduced a few new products to the market that includes this 15-inch subwoofer that is in the category of its own low profile.

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Along With Small Airspace Requirements.

Audio Mobile has resolved three of the biggest issues when it comes to 15-inch woofers, which are big box requirements, large mounting depth and not very accurate base and for those reasons. We’ve only sell 15-inch woofers to a very small percentage of our clients. You have to sacrifice lots of space for not so accurate base in order to get loud deep bass sounds like an UK gotta me but for your daily driver not so practical so Audio Mobile has cracked the code or have they now I’m not expecting this woofer to be louder than a thousand watt 15-inch woofer in a vented four to five cubic foot box which most 15. Inch woofers need but can it come close? Although the better question is? Can this woofer produce deep loud bass and still be accurate in a small box stay with us as we answer those questions now.

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and you want to see more videos like this make sure to subscribe to this channel. We review Automotive upgrade accessories including car audio, Performance, Suspension and more let’s start off by taking a look at how this woofer is made and some of its design features. When I first looked at this woofer I was immediately drawn to the carbon fiber cone and the pure carbon fiber dust cap with carbon fiber being both strong and light and makes sense to use this material. Now there have been other companies that have utilized carbon fiber cones in the past so this isn’t a New. Concept, but it definitely comes at a higher cost.

This Is A Premium Woofer Made

with premium materials so that falls in line Also. It has a curva leaner cone opposed to a V-shaped cone which most woofers have. If we look at the picture we can see the curva liner design in the lower image here versus the above image where there isn’t a curve now that curve cone makes for a stiffer cone versus the v-shape, but in a v-shaped cone. If the cone is taller it will make it stiffer now you’re not going to have that luxury in a low profile sub that’s why they use the curva liner cone moving on to the voice coil. Now we have a massive high-powered 3-inch ooc dual voice coil that can handle up to 1 000 Watts UK on a till former it has a powder coated.

Light And Strong Now Theres A Lot Of

new and improved technology that went into this woofer with the main focus being keeping the voice coil cool and if you watch some of our videos in the past. You know that I’m mentioned that heat is the enemy in all mechanical things like engine Motors and brakes and in car audio heat is what makes apps fail and kills subwoofers and UK Audio Mobile. They put a lot of emphasis on removing heat from their voice coil. Now I really like what Matt from Audio Mobile says about their approach to subwoofer design which is they think of their subs as living breathing things and they want to keep them alive. That explains why this woofer has so many heat reducing features okay so let’s talk about them.

Now The First Is The Icar Intercooled Aluminum

radiator. You can see. it here between the frame and the motor and this is a picture of it by itself. Now these large vents allow air to fold directly onto the voice coil and because it’s made of aluminum. It actually serves as a heat sink as well.

So Its Not Just A Few

holes around the basket that let air out. Like most woofer manufacturers will do it goes well beyond that now the next thing is the t-shaped magnetic GAp that has these super cool vents. This this allows air to flow through the inside of the voice coil in a vertical motion through these vents on the magnet into the inner coil combine the super cool vents that allow for North-south airflow along with the eye car that allows for horizontal UK plus the heat seat capability and you have some serious heat reduction features and the last thing we’re. Be going over is the Sorting Rings now. This woofer has a total of three shorting Rings.

The Purpose Behind These Rings Is

control meaning control over when the woofer starts and stops. Now that’s important for accuracy. Starting rings are normally used in professional audio and audio. Mobile” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Mobile uses shortening Rings across their line of subwoofers and this is the reason why they are known for their accurate sounding Subs okay so now let’s do the test now we built a seal box at exactly 1. 25 cubic feet and popped it into my daughter’s UK for a week and a half so she can break it in for us.


She has aNK] 3 Series sedan with a Memphis VIv 1100. 1 that puts out 1100 Watts at 1 home, so we’re solid on power now as a side note. She did have a Memphis M712 in a custom. Custom ported box tuned at 32 Hertz and is about 2.

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75 Cubic Feet, And Shes Already Told Me

that this woofer plays deeper and louder than her ported enclosure and the sound quality is much better. She also likes the fact that the box is much smaller, and she did tell me that I’m not going to get that box back either We’ll see okay so what we’re going to do is We’ll take a listen to some different music and We’ll start with some bass music up front and then we’ll go around the horn. We’ll do some rock We’ll do some hip-hop, maybe some country and then we’ll go ahead and do some test tones as well right so let’s get into it okay so I saw about 135. 5 on our UK meter again a 15-inch woofer and a very small box 1. 25 like I said earlier.

Course Its Not Going To Be As Loud

as let’s say a 50 000 watt 15 inch sub and a four to five six cubic foot box, but that’s not what we’re dealing with here We have a sealed box 15 inch pretty good. What I did notice on this is we do get some nice deep base reproduction, which is what we’re looking for for 15s now that music that we listen to is a little sloppy so let’s tighten it up and let’s take a listen to some different songs Okay, so this type of music is perfect for a woofer like this okay. You have really Snappy bass and the beginning was really nice and sharp and then later on. We have some deeper bass notes come into play and those are also deep but also accurate all right so again this woofer is not for your. ##NK] guy who just wants to be heard two blocks away.

This Is For A Guy That Really

wants the Best of Both Worlds. You want that really nice Snappy bass when you listen to music like this and then you also want some deeper bass when it calls for it whether it be in the same song or in a different song. All right so let’s move on to the next song say no girl you’ve got to know so on the song you have really sharp bass notes okay and this song is actually really enjoyable. I’ve heard this song using a ported box and it’s not so enjoyable so you’re hit. You know it’s hitting those bass notes where it needs to be all right so that’s pretty impressive all right so let’s go ahead and move on to some deeper Bass.

I Know Im Repeating Myself.

But you definitely get the best of both worlds Okay, so we have that Snappy bass that’s coming off quick and we also have that really deep bass at like that 40-45 Hertz and it’s able to do both at the same time. This fluffer sounds not only is it loud plays a deep bass Snappy bass it sounds incredible I mean it’s really accurate um it’s just an overall good, sounding subwoofer so extremely happy with the way that this is performing all right. So let’s go ahead and hit you guys with some test stones all right so In this sense we got 129. 6 um we did other tests.

We Got A Little Bit Higher But

let’s just note this as 129.6 let’s go and test some deeper bass notes. Okay that was 45 let’s just go ahead and try 40. okay so that was 40 Hertz. And we have 134.

9 Ty So Lets Go Deeper.

Let’s try 35. all right so 35 Hertz. We have 132 flat let’s go ahead and go a little bit lower and let’s go with 30 Hertz and see what we can get all right so at 30 we got 1-27.

7 So Thats Typical Of Speakers The Lower You

go the less UK you’re gonna get all right but let’s go ahead because there’s a 15 let’s go and try 25. all right at 25 Hertz. We got 126. 5 that’s the lowest we’re gonna go.

This Woofer Is Not An Uk

woofer, but I wanted to see how it measured on the spill meter. I do want to do one more thing. I want to check to see how this work we’ve been banging on this thing for like the last half hour or so so I’m going to pull. the buffer out and see what kind of heat has been generated from it to see if that those cooling features are doing their job all right so let’s go and check that out okay so normally when we’re railing on these woofers, it will heat up here.

Of Course Um It Is Not Very Warm

at all like barely like not much doing so that’s really good there is barely any heat on this magnet I can’t say this when we’ve done this in the past and we’ve switched woofers up and we put it through that test where we’re testing all those low frequencies for a long duration it will heat up the voice call like you would not imagine and this is barely warm like it’s almost as if maybe we did this test an hour ago and I came back to check it out so excellent. excellent job audio Mobile okay definitely an impressive woofer. Since 15-inch woofers normally need big ported boxes, but this woofer produces very deep bass that you would expect out of a 15-inch.


Audio Mobile has resolved three of the biggest issues when it comes to 15-inch woofers, which are big box requirements, large mounting depth and not very accurate base . Can this woofer produce deep loud bass and still be accurate in a small box stay with us as we answer those questions now. We review Automotive upgrade accessories including car audio, Performance, and Performance, Suspect, on our new channel at Breakers Stereo and Performance . We review the audio Mobile Evo versus the UK Audio 10 Tw3. Both low-profile subwoofers were found to outperform the gel gel. The audio Mobile actually outperformed the gel. It’s a small-space subwoofer that handles 1 000 Watts UK and does not need a lot of air space. We’re gonna do a full review along with an UK test on audio Mobile‚Äôs new Encore 4415 15-in-depth review of audio Mobile’s new subwowoofer also known as Z…. Click here to read more and watch the full video