Memphis Mojo subwoofer MJME8S1 VIV 7501 1ohm stable amp review 2022 Porsche Taycan


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welcome back to the channel Lance’s auto Vlog Today we’re working on a Porsche Tycan electric vehicle so this is the four-door Porsche electric car and you literally can see it it’s really cool everything’s electric and what we’re doing in this car is we’re going to add a sub and amp um and as you can see this car is pretty cool when it comes down to it. The car is really nice it’s all black car. It’s a buddy’s car and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put the Memphis mini mojo 8-inch ported sub box in the car. Along with this Memphis V I V 701 7 1 by 700 watt. One ohm stable amplifier with a digital sound pressure DsP into this car.

So This Is Gonna Be Pretty

cool because it’s nothing i’ve. Haven’t done yet so it should be pretty cool to work on um stay tuned I’ll open the box and see what comes in that box for the Memphis amp so let’s see what comes in the box of this Memphis amp So in this Memphis amp box you’re going to get the instructions with the birth certificate right there. It says it’s 790 watts Rms power it’s past this harmonic distortion test. It’s passed its signal the noise test. It’s passed this protective circuit test gives you the serial number and the birth certificate that’s pretty cool we’re gonna get the amplifier the instructions and the hardware so on this car itself.

This Car Comes With A Factory

sub in the floor here. I’ve done a similar vehicle like this which is the the Porsche version. I’m Sorry the um the audi version of it so that’s gonna have. A battery located in the front and then we’re gonna have to run everything down the side of the vehicle. Here Pull this all apart pull that back panel out and then we’re also gonna do we’re going to add an audio control bass knob somewhere in there so let’s take a look and see this is a audio audio control LC2i and you guys probably all seen that that’s not really complicated, but we’re obviously gonna put that bass knob in the front.

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Were Gonna Also Do Um Pull

the factory sub disconnect it and so now once that’s all said and done we should be able to fire it up make it sound good. So i’m wrapping up this um so I’m wrapping up this porsche tayacon all-electric vehicle and the job took about five hours to do because I did the way I wanted to do it. Wasn’t like I did it any other way like I cut any corners. I ran zip ties. I did zip ties.

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I Ran A Four-Gauge Wire From

front to back because that’s what the Amp required. I basically had to pull apart everything in the car or from here down make a hole in the grommet pull the back seat out pull the rear deck out pull the seats out to run everything back here and as you can see. We got the LC2i pro here and we got the memphis amp here. The Viv 700.


I got the gains all set up the way the amp flips open is here. So we have a crossover about 80 Hertz but since supported box it’s based on the tune of the port. I didn’t do any boost or anything like that because the box actually sounds really really good Sorry.

About That The Box Really Sounds Good And

it bangs it Literally does bang? Would I recommend this box to somebody and this amp um connection or app amp select solution Would I recommend this amp solution. Yes and I’ll let you hear it so hang on one second let’s get in the car and also the customer wanted to put his base knot right there. So I put it there for him and let’s hear a track see what it sounds like this freaking car bumps with a single eight inch woofer in it and like I said that woofer is ported and it’s a prefab box um if you’re looking for something that could hit that kicker amp with that kicker sub you can’t go wrong good good purchase on his part catch you on that side.


Lance’s auto Vlog is working on a Porsche Tycan electric vehicle . We’re going to add a sub and amp into the car . We’ll also add an audio control bass knob somewhere in the front of the vehicle . Stay tuned to the latest episode of Lance’s Auto Vlog on Friday at 8pm EST . Check out the latest instalment of the latest Lance‘s Vlog to see how the project is going to be done on the channel’s YouTube channel . Back to the page you came’s . Back of the page: Lance’s “” – The latest episode is on Monday, October 1st of the weekly series of Lance’ve got a new episode of this week”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video