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here and today. We have our four view of the monopriceNK]-ten subwoofer so let’s get to it before we get too far into this video. If you enjoyed this type of content please click that subscribe button and that notification BO so you can be alerted any time we upload new content so here. It is the monoprice UK-10 subwoofer and this is a part of my own prices. NK] lineup a subwoofers now I suspect that UK stands for slim subwoofer because they all have the same basic shape and profile, which is actually pretty slim and is meant to be hidden away.

So You Could Have A Subwoofer Under A

chair maybe under a bed or under a piece of furniture. So you can kind of hide it away and still get pretty good. Still get pretty good bass now! The lineup includes three different subwoofers at the bottom in you’ve got the UK W8, which is an 8-inch woofer with 100 watt power supply and a frequency response from 30 Hertz. All the way 250 Hertz. It retails for about 109 dollars at the top end of the line.

You Have The S Uk, Which

is a 12-inch subwoofer with 150 watt power supply and a frequency response from 20 Hertz to 150 Hertz. It retails for about 199 dollars in right Smack In the middle you have the S UK-10. It’s got a 10-inch woofer with 150 watt power supply. A frequency response from 25 Hertz to 150 Hertz, and it retails for about a hundred and sixty dollars. Now this subwoofer is about 25 inches long, just under 16 inches deep and about 7 inches tall.

Tall So You Will Need A Relatively Tall

furniture to slide it under at least I’d say seven and a half inches of clearance to slide this under a piece of furniture okay so now let’s talk about the front of the subwoofer. It has basically everything you need with the exception of the port right here and as you can see on each corner you’ve got your feet so if you just want to set this directly on the ground you can set it down on the feet. These feet do have holes in them, so you can unscrew these and take them out if you want to you’ve also got these mounting brackets here because they come with these little arms. They come with two of these that you can use just slide them in like that and this can be mounted to a wall. If you really want to mount it to a wall.

You Would Use That And They Also Come

with these little plastic feet that just slide on to the casing to allow you to stand it up like I have here so that’s all the ways that you can actually set this up in your room, but once you get it set up, you can see you’ve got the ten inch woofer there and you have the power supply here along with the heat sink there up top you’ve got your speaker. level connections your lying in or your line level connections here and your line out if you wanted to connect another solo for next to that and you also have your level or your volume or your gain right here and your crossover setting next to that just next to that that little red part that you can see there is the power indicator that look allows you to know if it’s on or not it just turns red and you’ve got your on/off switch down here and an auto on or an on switch here and the fuse here and a power cord that comes out down there now let’s talk about connecting this into your system. If you have a preamplifier or an UK receiver. You can use the line level cables here now. If you have speaker level you can use that here but I honestly try.

To Go Line Level If You Can

cuz speaker level is kind of antiquated but anyways UK level They actually give you. This line level UK cable in the package in the box and you just plug in the white here and the red there and then inside your pre-amplifier. If you have red and white. You would also plug right in with the red and the white end with white on the other end, But if you don’t have that and you just have a navy receiver along with a subwoofer cable. You can use a single subwoofer cable like I have here and you just plug that into the left level or lining connection there.

Per The Manual They Say Plug It Into

the left side versus the right side down here. I found that either one works but per the manual. They say left side so. plug it into the white left one and you should be good to go so let’s talk about these side of the subwoofer as you can see here You’ve got the port on the right hand side up here at the top and it is a rectangular port. This allows the air to exit out as they wolfram moves in and out in the side there you’ve got this little would embrace that helps sturdy off the cabinet, but otherwise that’s all you have down the right-hand side and there is nothing on the left-hand side.

Its Just Case Now Lets Talk About The

back of this casing and as you can see is painted black just like the rest of the cabinet. All the way around and it doesn’t have anything back there no emblems no monoprice logo nothing I mean it is pretty pretty bland now mind you. Is under your couch or under bed or something you’re not gonna see it so who really cares? But I mean there’s nothing back there. I mean it looks good. I mean they’ve done a good job painting it but otherwise there’s nothing there now.

I Will Say If Its Under Your Bed

or under couch or something like that it might pick up a little bit of dust but the surface is pretty smooth. They should be able to dust it off or vacuum It off pretty easily but quite frankly it’s pretty clean back there okay so we’ve talked enough about the speaker let’s go ahead and let’s move on let’s do a couple of audio samples so you can hear how this sounds hopefully you enjoyed those audio samples now. We’re going to rank these subwoofer in a few different categories from one to five, one being. The absolute worst and five being the absolute best the first category. I want to start with is design and I have to give this a four out of five.

Monoprice Is Making Something That Not A

lot of simple four companies are making and that is something that you can slide under your couch and get bass and I have to give them their props for that I mean you do need clearance. I’d say seven and a half inches of clearance because this is seven inches from the floor to the top of this box so you will need a higher chair right. I’ve got one chair in my house that this could slide under couldn’t even get it under my bed, but the fact that you can do it is pretty cool. I also like the way this looks on this front end because you can see. The woofers moving in and out now to get it to move in and out.

You Need To Turn The Levels Up Pretty

high, but you can see it moving in and out and you also. We can see the power supply and stuff of that. I think that looks kind of cool, but I did have it sitting next to my television and I could see the side and the back back here and it was pretty boring so from that standpoint didn’t look all that good, but if you’re looking at the business end or the fact that you can slide it under couch is really cool and I have to give this a four out of five now The next category I’m going to rank is sound quality and I give this a 3 out of 5. This does play bass and it sounds pretty good, but it’s not the best bass. I’ve heard one of the first things I noticed was that the woofer doesn’t start and stop and very quickly.

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So Bass Notes Hang Just For A

little bit longer than you really want them to. When watching it’s not terrible, but they do hang a little bit so that’s one place I got a docket and it also doesn’t play as deep as I’d like it to play If it could play a little bit deeper. I think it would be better and we’ll play down the 25 Hertz but honestly. I wanted to play a little bit deeper and with that also have a little bit more power a little bit more output. Because when you’re listening to this you don’t really feel the bass.

Theres Been Different Times When Ive Played

subwoofers. in this room and you can feel it pressurizing the room even ten inch subwoofers and this doesn’t do that and I think it’s just due to the power supply’s a little bit low. You’d want a little bit more out of this so from a sound quality standpoint. It does play bass, but it’s not the best bass in the world Now. I did put it under a chair and just tried it under a chair and I enjoyed watching the movie.

I Watched I Watched Thor Ragnarok And

I mean it was fun to watch. You could definitely hear bass and hit played bass, but it’s not the best bass in the world and for that reason I have to give it a three out of five. The final category middle rank is value and I have to give this a four and a half out of five. The entire line of three subwoofers is in between a hundred and two hundred dollars that is great value, especially when you consider it the design that you get. It is pretty simple, pretty basic, but it can play bass and that is cool.

Its Not The Best Bass, But

it does play it so I have to give this a four and a half out of five for price versus design so overall. I think this is a pretty cool concept I do like the concept of this being able to slide a subwoofer under a chair under bed or something like that is really cool, but where I think it lacks is in the sound quality just a little bit. It holds the notes a little bit too long, and I wish it were a little bit deeper now if you’re thinking about should I get this or. The mono like ten ourselves speed will for 10s UK be 1000 well. All three of those subwoofers that I mentioned are better than this.

So If Youre Thinking You Know Which One

should I get definitely go for one of those they sound better than this sound. This isn’t bad and I mean it’s definitely priced very very well but those do something better, but if you just kind of want something that you want to be able to slide under the couch you know put it under the bed give you just a little bit of extra bump. You know when you’re watching something. Then this is actually kind of cool and I kind of like it for that.


The monoprice UK-10 subwoofer is about 25 inches long, just under 16 inches deep and about 7 inches tall . The lineup includes three different subwoofers at the bottom in you’ve got the UK W8, which is an 8-inch woofer with 100 watt power supply and a frequency response from 30 Hertz.& to 250 Hertz . The bottom end of the line is a 12-inch subwoiner with 150 watts power supply . In the middle you have a 10-inch wofer with 150 Watt power supply, and it retails for about a hundred and sixty dollars . The middle end is the top-end of the range, and the bottom-end retails at about 199 dollars in right Smack Smack . The UK W10 is a 10 watt power supplies and retails from about 109 dollars at the top end of this line. The bottom-of-the-line is a 150 watt power supplied. The UK S UK-…. Click here to read more and watch the full video