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Ive Done A Series Of Videos On My To

point to Me Rig Mark 3 sub woofer version 2 system I just wanted to wrap it up. I think by basically going a little bit deeper into the subwoofer and understanding the subwoofer itself a little bit more and its really the subwoofer for me. The makes the system because the master is a little bit sharp. It’s a little bit than sounding for me even when you have it off axis, which maximizes the bass and the gates of trouble will high end a little bit so as the subwoofer. I think is central to the whole system.

Im Not Saying You Have To

have the subwoofer flap. It really make turns the mini-rig system into something approximating a real portable hi-fi system. So I just wanted to get a little bit more of a handle on the. itself in detail all in isolation just to quickly go over I’ve got two of them that’s a 2. 2 system.

Its The Mark 2.

How do I know it’s the Mark 2 because on the back it tells me input/output 5 volts 900 milliamps and of course the version 1 was 500 milliamps, so it charges almost twice as quick as the original version 1 and also I believe version 2 is 3 decibels louder in the base I don’t know I didn’t have the version 1. I haven’t tested it just to say it comes in a nice hard box like that. It comes with an auxiliary cable and also comes you know protective wrapping the wrapping can actually be left on. There are openings where you can insert your cables.

So Youve Got Your High Gain

and your low gain socket, although you can override those sockets by. Using the led button and you’ve also got your charging port and also your power bank out port because you can use it as a power bank and charge another device via the 2-way charging cable that comes with all that speakers apart from the mini one I believe which doesn’t have the double ending, so it allows you to plug it in to charge the unit or allows you to plug that into the unit and use it to charge another device as I said you can use this with the protective wrapping on because the ends open up revealing the grill and the ported design, and you can have it like that. Although it does have feed you don’t need to use it in its protective wrapping and if you use it in the protective wrapping, you’re not using it with its feet. I’d actually use it like. But you can do if you’re on the move and keep it protected.

So Those Are My Two Mini Rigs

subwoofers so you turn on your subwoofer by plugging into the high gain or the low gain, but don’t get too carried away because whichever port you plug it into you can override it. The game mode that is with the led button. This really basically means if I put it into the high game, which is newest to the grill. It will come on in high game mode and if I plug it into the low game port. It will come on in low game pool, but you can still override that and change the gain setting so if I actually plug it in now it will come on and if I take the cable out, it will turn off so that’s your neat way to turn it on.

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And Off Insert Your Cable And Then

of course the other end goes into your mini rig, but of course you don’t have to use it with the mini rig. You can use it with any speaker because these ports here which are your high end low gain are also two-way ports, so you can also use it to send a feed to another speaker. A full feed with all the frequency spectrum and you can daisy-chain using that feature so other specifications. It is as I said 5 volts and 900 milliamps. It’s rated at 48 Hertz to 150 Hertz within a 3 decibel plus or minus range and I’m gonna get onto that a little bit later it’s not very heavy its 875 grams.

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You Can Certainly Feel It In Your

hand, but it’s not that heavy. However, if you are going to point to it suddenly becomes. heavy look it’s still a small portable system, but it’s not like featherweight I just want to point out once you have you know a few of these speakers. Its rated to have an average of 40 hours battery life, assuming mixed use and it is a feature of all the mini Reed speakers. They do have brilliant battery life.

However, It Can Also Take A Long Time

charge. These these take about six or so hours to charge and that’s still a lot better than version one it’s a 30 watt amplifier. So I won’t get too carried away with the specs of that because it’s designed to match the add the mini-rig speakers, so it will should still gel well with whichever mini rig. You want to pair it with including in my case the mark 3 as it did of course with the mark 2 mini. Rig the body is aluminum, so it’s pretty rugged.

It Is Made In The Uk

just as quickly Gold say about this UK button you know and mini rig is also all about their single UK Button. I personally have peeves about that it could be more user friendly. I do find it awkward, especially knowing whether you’re in low gain or high gain mode. I’ve said it before it’s the same color, but basically you know a bit brighter or a bit darker depending on the game mode. You’ve got but if you’re outdoors you’ve got no chance in lane what game it’s in I don’t know why they can’t use the different color.

Oh Listen Up A Second Led However,

and say that I just wanted to say that if it speakers off and you want to have the charge. You have a single press and the color. Will tell you what charge it’s on so Green tells me you know it’s 80% or more just to show you when it’s on it doesn’t matter which port so if I put that into low game port it’ll come on in its darker color, so it’s nothing to really worry about because all I got to do is press that one time again and that’s back into high gain mode and that is a mode. I’m going to go into more detail or through I’ve given you the specs let’s just take the cord out speaker turns off said it is a ported design I like to play it that way across from my speakers because you know you aren’t getting bass from both so whether you cabot driver on it is a matter of taste. Now.

I Did Test How Much Learner It

gets with each volume step. Quite simply go from 20 percent to 40 percent added 15 decibels and then each 20 percent after that 60 80-100 percent added about 10 decibels, so a little bit of waiting there in the low volume end. Now so I was interested in what exactly is the frequency range. Obviously it’s rate in our 48 Hertz to 150 Hertz, what of course plus or minus 3 decibels. I was interested just how low it’s actually going hell Oh hi how much over the 150 Hertz It was going so I do that you pink noise sweep so many week rate This subwoofer 48 Hertz to 150 Hertz plus or minus 3 decibels is more or less basically what I found at all volume levels.

Forty Percent, One Hundred And Fifty Hertz

is around there what we heard so this is just about that so Betty I’m finding about. 55 Hertz, but I’m doing this at 0. 25 of a meter, so there’s made a little bit of a roll off some more or less I’m in line. Say 50 Hertz 250 Hertz So we talked about plus or minus 3 decibels. So if my peak is around just under 18 so it’s gonna be just under this minus 25 for the rated frequency response so the line the middle line will be around now and you could say plus or minus 3 decibels.

Youre Around 55 250 Or Whats Basically In

line with what they have right to that but the thing is it’s not like plus or minus 3 decibels 48 Hertz 250 Hertz and that’s it I was surprised just how high the subwoofer plays alright. You’re not going to hear much of this but it’s playing basically all the way down to 3000 Hertz and very. very very low volumes obviously, but it’s consistent and at the low end is playing down to about 30 Hertz. So 40% 60% 100 % is basically doing the same thing, but obviously as you get 200% you get the most base slam. This is a bit more of a peak around 50 to 60 Hertz I’ve been quite not so much in the upper base 160.

Its Basically In Line With What Mini Rig

is saying wherever you are on the volume scale it’s somewhere between fifty and a hundred and fifty Hertz. What as in what you’re likely to hear over and above the mini-rig itself, but it is playing at higher frequencies you know. There’s the roll-off and is playing the lower frequencies well below full get Hertz down to only 30 Hertz and maybe even 20 Hertz as you go really high up the volumes. So I’ve done this with pink noise but just to show you it didn’t really matter. However, I did the testing if I actually use a frequency sweep, So test tones are all the frequencies.

Im Getting The Same Pattern Anyway.

It’s still 150 Hertz to around 50 Hertz. Still that base peak around 60 Hertz, and it still plays all the way at about 3000 Hertz and down to 20 to 30 Hertz. So that was on a frequency sweep and by the way the pattern will see if you do not adjust for the high frequencies having a low response. Ie Ie you put more power into the higher frequencies.

Then If You Dont Do That You.

This is the sort of line. You expect to see a straight linear drop, but if you want a flat pattern to make it easier to read exactly what’s going on. And so you compensate as you got the frequency scale you put more power into the signal. So you basically a flat signal but can be dangerous good.

You Can Blow Your Tweeter.

It’s still the same so here a flat frequency response would give a flat pattern. It’s still basically if you look at the 6-8 decibel drop. It’s still a bath or my testing 55 to 150 Hertz. Of course I’m not I’m doing it a little bit of distance point to five of a meter.

So Im Not Arguing At All There

40 yards full get her 250 seems pretty accurate to me nice to point out. However, I test it though it does play down to about 30 Hertz, and it does play up to around 3,000 to to 3000 Hertz with a considerable drop off of course I’m not saying you’re going to hear this. Any rest of the music, but it’s there that’s not insane, so certainly goes a bit lower than the full get hurt, and as soon Lee goes surprisingly higher than 150 Hertz. Of course, it’s not gonna have a great influence on.


My to point to Me Rig Mark 3 sub woofer version 2 system I just wanted to wrap it up. I think by basically going a little bit deeper into the subwoofer. I’ve done a series of videos on My To Point to Me . Me Rig . I think it maximizes the bass and the gates of trouble will high end a little . bit so as the sub.& I think is central to the whole system.& It really make turns the mini-rig system into something approximating a real portable hi-fi system. It really makes the system . The master is a . little bit sharp.& The makes the . system . It’s the Mark 2.& Mark 2 because on the back it tells me input/output 5 volts 900 milliamps and of course the . version 1 was 500 milliamp, so it charges almost twice as quick as the . original version 1 and also I believe version 2 is 3 decibels louder in the base…. Click here to read more and watch the full video