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So I Love Subwoofers And Its Weird Because

a subwoofer’s one duty is to produce bass, but every subwoofer i’ve tried is different in one way or another, and there’s two main categories for a subwoofer once for home theater and once for music now home theater sub you look at the overall output and extension that’s what’s really valued there but for music it’s different. You care about the speed of the subwoofer. How easy it is to blend and then you know how textured it is and how it can basically elevate the music listening experience but also disappear at the same time and that’s just how it is but every now and then we get a subwoofer that can do both and what makes me excited is that today we’re reviewing the RsL speedwoofer 10s and this is a subwoofer that only costs 3. 99 Usd and RsL. Labs is or Roger Sound Labs is a direct-to-consumer company that sells subwoofers directly to you.

Theres No Dealer.

There’s no distribution and they have a very good value proposition here so the way I actually found out about this subwoofer was through you guys So as we were doing subwoofer reviews of let’s say like the Rel HT1003 or even the KC62 and some of the other you know comparisons that we’ve done a few of you guys have been commenting in the video to review the speed woofer 10s so I reached out to RsL Labs and they gladly sent one over for review so before we get into the Nitty-gritty let’s talk about the specs and what they did different in terms of design. So the the actual subwoofer itself is about a 16-inch cube give or take and it has a 10-inch. What makes this woofer interesting is that it’s a very high excursion woofer so the actual rubber surround is very thick and it has a dual magnet design and a cast construction. Then the cabinet itself is a slot port at the bottom, but inside the way the cabinet is designed is that they have something called their compression guide and what that allows is essentially it’s almost like a waveguide almost for the back wave of your subwoofer and it helps the subwoofer not only get better output, but it makes helps the subwoofer eliminate cabinet resonance and help the woofer sound natural even at those higher output levels, which is very interesting and then the actual amplifier is 350 watts.

It Has Your Regular Rca In An

LFe input, a line out and then a high level end for those who don’t have a dedicated pre-out or subwoofer. in their system, which makes it very easy to integrate this subwoofer into a stereo um listening room essentially your system now now that we got that out of the way. What makes this subwoofer special well. It’s actually in the name it’s a speed woofer, so it’s fast so for using it in music we’ll start with music first. I typically use my Kef R 400b in my room and then I also actually purchased the Rel HT1003 and those are two subwoofers that I think are just great one is way higher in price so the R400B is about 1600 UsD um MsRp, which is four times the RsL.

In Fact The Amplifier In That

subwoofer started crackling, so I actually sent it in for warranty and in the meantime I’ve been using the RsL speed woofer in that place near field and typically I wouldn’t use a. ported design near field at all or even for music because for one it’s not able to really well poor designs in my experience. Not this subwoofer, but in my experience aren’t able to really resolve the low nuances of bass and just the low low listening levels. Performance isn’t that great and sometimes you get these ported subs. They’re just one note subs like you just hear a boom boom boom on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

But This Is Different.

It has really good texture and speed and more importantly it was easy to blend and it disappears even near field which to me is mind-boggling because that’s something that i normally expect from a sealed design and much more higher-end subwoofers In general. In fact, like the rel HT-1003 that is a home theater sub but because it’s a sealed design it worked really good for. experience and it just blends in well but that’s sealed. So there’s a limited output and it’s not the most like.

You Know The Best Or Fastest Subwoofer That

I own that would be the R400b, but the RsL is just as fast as the Rel, but it’s ported so that is impressive and it’s just as textured. In fact, what makes the aerosol even more impressive is that it’s able to do all that but still have the much higher threshold for output and that’s when we get to home theater so in my home theater. I have an SvS PB13, which is an absolute behemoth of a subwoofer that I cannot crank past 50. In fact, I have it tuned rather at like 40 to 30 volume. Because if I have it at those levels like I I’m not hearing the subwoofer anymore.

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Im Here In The Room.

and I’m hearing my house fall apart as is the reality of it and the reason it does that is because it’s able to extend very very deep thanks to its 13-inch driver and those three ports and that massive amount of power reserve and then I also have the SvS PC ultra, which is a cylindrical subwoofer that is meant to be used with home theater. Now here comes the rsl speed woofer this high excursion. 10-inch subwoofer and what really impressed me with this 10-inch subwoofer is its tactile response and its ability to really perform when required. The output is just phenomenal and the one thing that I’d normally be worried about.

Lets Say A Smaller Sub With

a ported design is that once you start cranking it up you’d start hearing chuffing. In fact, I would get chuffing or port noise from the the PC. Before the RsL speed woofer, which is it makes me think a little you know I should probably get rid of the PC ultra because this the speed woofer is kicking some ass right now, but of course, the PC ultra does go a bit lower the the speed woofer is spec down to go down to 24 Hertz plus or minus 3 db, but realistically it goes down to 20 Hertz. It’s not gonna do like the the sub sub bass below 20 Hertz, but that’s fine because what this subwoofer does with you know from the crossover point of let’s say 80 Hertz to 20. It does well and when it comes to movies.

Its A Really Able To Give A

good impact. There’s some good slam and it it doesn’t really lose control at all. In fact, let’s say I’m watching a movie and there’s like a a gunshot. This subwoofer sounds like it’s loading up and when that gunshot goes you feel it in your chest, which yes I would hear off. Let’s say my PB13 ultra but not at the same fidelity or impact and that’s also because I can’t use that subwoofer at higher volume levels.

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My House Would Just Crumble So Thats

where the RsL speed woofer comes clutch. It’s able to just really dig in and give you the grunt force of base without really you know shaking your house. It’s more tactile and I love it it’s it’s a really good subwoofer for home theater and realistically it’s it’s good for most people unless you have a dedicated room that you built from scratch in terms of just wall and house construction. This is the kind of subwoofer that. You would want to have in like a home theater where you have a dedicated room, but not something that you built from scratch Where you know you you have the anti you know the dampening or you know where your room doesn’t resonate on certain frequencies at that case.

Yes Youre Going Diy Or Youre

getting the biggest woofer you can but there’s something that just can’t replace a 10-inch waffer and that’s the speed so yes. This is incredible. In fact the output of this one RsL speed refer 10 inch is equivalent to two of the Rel HT1003s when I had it in my in my home theater. When I was testing them in for a review. This one RsL is able to basically compete with two in terms of just overall output, which is incredible and then at the 300 399 mark is just phenomenal.

So Basically My Experience With The Subwoofer

is just top-notch and RsL really sticks by their product. They do a 30–day in-home trial and what that means is that there’s no real risk for you you get free shipping in the United States and if you’re international, they do a discount on shipping and then there’s no restocking fee and they pay for the shipping back so they want you to give them a chance and honestly if you don’t believe me try it out because there really is no risk if you’re in the market for a subwoofer whether it is for home, theater or music and you’re on a budget. This is really the best subwoofer you can get for 3. 99. It’s just it just works really well.

The Setup Is A Breeze.

The included transmitter um that you can or the the receiver inside the amp is. pay the 50 for the transmitter. It just makes setup even easier and it helps you squeeze even more performance in a home theater environment and just for music listening.

If Youre Okay With The Size,

which is roughly not that big compared to you know some of the subwoofers that I have it’s just awesome now. You can argue that you want faster bass or you know a smaller sub but you’re going to be paying way more for that like the KC62, which is almost three times. The MsRp Yes it can dig a bit lower yes it has more power, but the price is three times more and obviously it’s it’s called diminishing returns, but the enthusiast in me could see myself getting that subwoofer as well, so that’s about it that’s basically my review. I highly recommend this sub this is the sub to beat for.


99 if you’re a company in this price bracket try the your competitor the RsL and see if your product can compete because this is the benchmark and I highly recommend this subwoofer because not only is the company having great policies, but the product itself is just phenomenal value, and if you guys have any questions leave a comment down below like and subscribe. If you haven’t and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace you.


The RsL speedwoofer 10s is a subwoofer that only costs 3.99 Usd and RsL.& Labs is a direct-to-consumer company that sells subwoofers directly to you . The woofer is a very high excursion woofer so the actual rubber surround is very thick and it has a dual magnet design and a cast construction . The cabinet itself is a slot port at the bottom, but inside the way the cabinet is designed is that they have something called their compression guide and what that allows is essentially it’s almost like a waveguide almost for the back of the woofer . The speed woofer 10’s is about a 16-inch cube give or take and it’s a 10-inch square cube . The subwoiner is a high excursions woofer with a low-core design and has a high-exclusion woofer’s base base and the cabinet itself was a slotport at the top . The price is $99…. Click here to read more and watch the full video