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of time you’ve probably heard us say that the Center channel is the most important speaker in a home theater, and if that’s the case then you might be asking yourself. What we think is the second most important speaker in your setup well in our opinion in order to get the most out of a movie soundtrack. A subwoofer is an absolute necessity as well and that’s why today we’re going to be taking a look at imotiva’s newest and largest 15-inch high performance subwoofer. The Xs-15. So if you’re wondering what kind of performance you can get from a 1200 subwoofer then stick around and we’ll get into it right after the intro foreign.

So As I Mentioned Today Were

going to be doing a full review of emotiva’s new sx15. You might have noticed that we already did. of this sub earlier on the channel and I have to warn you. This is a pretty large sub in a large box. It’s shipped to us on a pallet with a boxed weight of 136 pounds, and the subwoofer itself weighs right around 114 pounds.

As Always We Found That Emotiva Packed

the subwoofer very well with this high density foam protecting it from any shipping damage and it came with everything that you’d expect like a power cord owner’s manual and warranty information and of course a grill taking a look at the sub itself. Imativa decided to go with a 15-inch paper cone driver, which is reinforced with aramid fibers and features a heavy duty rubber surround and cast aluminum basket. This should offer plenty of rigidity while keeping the weight of the cone as low as possible, which in theory should result in better articulation. and quicker transient response response to power the sub-emotiva is using a 600 watt UK Class A B amplifier with a beefy toroidal Transformer. Now This is a bit of a departure from their UK line which uses a Class D Amp.

And This Difference Explains Why They Added A

heatsink to the back of the UK Series right off the bat. We want to give props to emotiva for including both UK and UK inputs. It’s It’s Nice to have an option to go with UK if you’re placing your sub a long distance from your source, which can help to reduce noise in some cases, but for the vast majority of receivers and UK is all you need below that you also have a switch to set the subwoofer to Auto standby or always on mode, and there’s also a light to indicate whether or not the sub is actually on next. We have these four rubber coated adjustment knobs for setting the subwoofers volume low frequency boost, which applies as much as a minus 3 UK cut or a 9 UK boost to the subwoofer’s output at 3 30 Hertz. You also get an adjustable crossover which can be set anywhere between 60 hertz and 150 Hertz to match your speakers.

Now Of Course, If Youre Using A

receiver or a processor with its own subwoofer crossover setting, you should set this crossover knob as high as it will go otherwise known asNK] mode, so you don’t interfere with the base management settings of your source and of course, there’s also a phase knob that you can adjust from zero degrees to 180 degrees to match the phase of the rest of the subs in your system in order to get the best sounding bass possible. Finally you also get a voltage switch that you can set depending on your region. A fused UK power input and an on off switch now as I mentioned in the beginning of this video. This is the largest subwoofer emotiva has measuring in at 23 and 5 8 inches tall by 19 and three quarter inches wide by 24 and a half inches. inches deep.

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The Whole Cabinet Is Made Out Of High

density fiberboard or HDF for short it’s also nice to see that emotiva decided to take a page from the design of their motive speakers and finish this subwoofer with the exact same durable vinyl finish and high quality satin black lacquer finish that you get on the new T3 Towers, which really helps to create a perfect match across the whole system. Another slight departure from their UK line in terms of the cabinet was to move the front slotted port to the rear of the subwoofer. This gives a front a much cleaner look, but at the same time in order to give the sub enough room to breathe. You have to consider the rear firing important when placing it in your room and speaking of the room. We did all the testing of this sub in our.

Main 7.

1. 4 ADobe ATmos home theater and we say 7. 1 because we disabled all of our other subs to do our evaluation of the SX15. We also placed the sub in multiple locations of the room in order to find the spot that gave us the best base response possible.

We Tested This Sub Hooked Up

to our Iota AvX17 Dolby ATmos processor, which is also sending a signal to our emotiva UpA1 monoblocks for the front stage, an XPa 5 for the surround channels and a base X A5 Amp running are four ATmos height channels and we also should mention that we still have the T3 plus towers and C3 Center channel on hand, which was nice because we could actually test this sub with other emotivo speakers to see how the entire system sounds together now as far as movies go we demoed a lot, but we’re. Only going to talk about a few that really stood out with this sub and the first one that I want to mention is a scene that a lot of people use to demo subs and that’s the beginning of Edge of Tomorrow. I’m not sure if we’re even on the air, and although I think this is a great way to test a sub. I also feel like it’s a really weird sounding base almost like a digital type of bass and it’s not my favorite sounding demo with that said I recently got my hands on the UK remaster of Edge of Tomorrow and decided to go ahead and watch the entire movie again. And this made me realize that not only is there a lot of bass in the opening scene.

But The Whole Movie Has A

very well-mixed UK soundtrack that this subwoofer did a. great job reproducing he’s probably too late you’re going the wrong way you’re gonna miss your moment what the hell next We moved on to the movie Fury, which is another one of my go-to sub demos and here the XS15 did an excellent job reproducing the rumble of the tanks while also achieving the most punch we’ve heard from any sub we reviewed during the intense machine gun fire foreign that tree line let’s light them up. We also noticed that transitions between the machine gun fire and the artillery fire were seamless without any kind of overhang due to large transients. The last battle in Avengers end game was also really impressive, especially for just one sub previously and finally the bridge scene fromNK] No Way home is another great demo scene. If your sub is up to the task and the XS-15 proved that it was.

Than Capable Here And Seemed To Have Plenty

of Headroom left over and again as I mentioned. We demoed a lot of different movies with this sub and the bass in all of them sounded very natural while offering huge amounts of Base output. In fact, it has enough output that I would say you could get away with using just one sub, but of course, having dual subs will give you a more rounded and evenly distributed bass response throughout your entire room and on top of that. You’ll also get the added output if you need it another thing that I noticed about. This sub is its ability to give a very even output throughout its entire frequency range, especially for it being a ported sub.

Ive Heard Subs That Do A

great job reproducing the frequency. The port is tuned to, but seem to be lacking in. Other areas like their mid–base impact, The XS-15 on the other hand, has tons of low end output without sacrificing the impact of the mid-base. This was especially apparent while watching the tank scene from FUry. So the point I’m trying to make here is that the XS-15 is a very well–rounded sub as far as its overall output is concerned to get a feel for how the sub sounded with music we also went through our playlist of speaker and subwoofer demo tracks and again we are very impressed with the overall natural sounding presentation.

Although I Dont Think It Was Quite

as quick and articulate as a few of the best sounding seal Subs that I’ve heard. The XS15 is no slouch either, especially if you’re looking for a sub that can really rock the house we really feel like emotiva nailed it with this sub compared. That the XS15 has quite a bit more more output and only cost a hundred dollars more, and while theNK] 3000 amp is rated to put out more power. The bigger driver size and extra cabinet volume of the XS15 work together to overpower the smallerNK] 3000, especially when it comes to movies now. At the beginning of the video.

We Set Out To See Just How

much performance you could expect from this subwoofer and also try to decide if it’s worth the twelve hundred dollar. Asking price from emotiva now of course value is in the eye of the beholder, but we think this is one of the best price to perform at Subs on the market right now. When considering all the subs that we’ve tested on this channel, so we have no problem giving the emotiva XS15 our highest recommendation for a home theater. Home theater sub at this price all right guys that’s going to wrap it up for this video.

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the XS15 or any of the other products we mentioned here. In this video. I’ll be sure to leave links to everything down in the description below and if you enjoyed it leave a comment don’t forget to like subscribe and ring the bell so you don’t miss any of our future content and as always have an awesome day.


Imativa decided to go with a 15-inch paper cone driver, which is reinforced with aramid fibers and features a heavy duty rubber surround and cast aluminum basket . Emotiva is using a 600 watt UK Class A B amplifier with a beefy toroidal Transformer . The subwoofer is shipped to us on a pallet with a boxed weight of 136 pounds, and the sub woofer itself weighs right around 114 pounds . The Xs-15 is a pretty large sub in a large box, and it’s shipped with a heatsink to the back of the UK Series right off the bat . We want to give pro-emotiva’s sub the best sound quality review of this sub earlier on the channel and I have to warn you. The sub is a sub that you might have noticed that we already did. It’s shipped on a large pallet. It came with everything that you’d expect like a power cord owner’s manual and warranty information and of course…. Click here to read more and watch the full video