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I’m excited to check out. This is Perlison’s top of the line subwoofer. The D215s so shout out to per listen for sending this over for me to review what we get inside the Box. We get some documentation and some white gloves. Here is the power cord and then we get four carpet sliders, so carpet sliders and then we get some foam pads for your hardwood floors so on the carpet hardwood floors and this comes in a nice little drawstring bag so we’re just going to loosen this up.

This Is The Bottom Of The

subwoofer so on the bottom of the subwoofer. You can see the grill and through the grill. There is another 15 inch driver down here. This isn’t a push pull configuration just like the D212s Oh This weighs 202 pounds, so this is no lightweight. This is not a one-person job, even though I carry this up the stairs by myself.

This Is The D215, Which Means

there are two 15-inch drivers in here. So there’s a 15 inch on the front and there was that 15 inch on the bottom and a push-pull configuration. The frequency response for this there are three modes. There’s a UK mode which is rated down to 20 Hertz. There is a large room mode which goes down 15 Hertz and then there’s a small room mode which goes down to 24 Hertz and you can access all those settings right here by the two and a half inch UK touch screen.

Its A Little Capacitive Screen That Gives You

all your menus and your UK options. There is a 10 band peq in here as well. It’s got all your phase your polarity and all the settings. dig into a little bit later, but let’s take a look size wise. We’re looking at 37 and a half inches tall by 19 and a half inches wide and then depth wise.

It Is 25 And A Half Inches In

depth. So this is powered by 3000 watt amplifier as far as ins and outs up top. We have the service port a trigger we’ve got your left and right analog ends We’ve Got Your Balanced ins and outs. There are two so you can daisy chain these if you want and then there is the main power switch and then the power Inlet and then as you can see here. This is UK Dominus certified so.

This Is One Of The First Dominus

certified subwoofers on the market. Actually. I think it is the first dominant certified subwoofer on the market. The subwoofer is going to be placed. Behind my seats, which gives me the best response for my room.

Im Gonna Be Pairing Them With Uk Pwm

on wall speakers. Everything is hooked up to adrenal of Altitude processor and I’ll be playing demos off of a kaleidoscape and a zippedi media player. I’m gonna be turning off the room correction in the turn off and using the subwoofers built-in UK to get the best response for my space. So now let’s take a quick look at some of the settings built into the subwoofers to access the subwoofer settings. You’ll have to download an app that’s available on both Android and UK in the upper right corner.

In The App Settings, Theres Language

app version and an about Us page back on the main page. There’s a group function which will volume gain attenuate according to the number of Subs to the UK reference level. You. adjust the master volume from a negative 20 to a plus 12 and on the bottom. You can see that I’ve got three subwoofers hooked up it’ll give you the name of each one and how they’re connected, which is via UK as you can see here in the green tapping on the icon to the right will bring you into the D215 settings.

The First Section Is The Uk

mode which we went over earlier next is trim which you can choose between negative 2.5 and plus 3. under crossover. You can turn that on and off from here choose a slope from 6 UK to 24. Adjust the crossover from 160 down to 30 Hertz.

Theres A Phase Adjustment From 0 To 270

time delay from 0 to 100 milliseconds and you can change the polarity to positive or negative. The next section is PeQ which you can turn on and off. You can adjust the frequency band from 16 to 200 Hertz change the queue from 0. 3 to 20. Adjust the gain from negative 20 to plus 3 and you do have 10 bands with three memory presets, so you should have no problems.

Getting This Dialed Into Your System.

The next section is the input control. You can specify which input will turn on the subs use a 12 volt trigger per input and adjust the gain from a negative six to a plus 6 for the UK and UK inputs under setup. You can choose between 60 minutes and 5 minutes before the subs turn off adjust the auto on sensitivity between low medium and high adjust the UK brightness check the firmware version and the last option is reset all and that is it for all. of these settings first demo we’re going to check out is the eyeball scene in Blade Runner 2049.

Its Got A Huge Sustained Peak Around

35 Hertz that should rattle the dishes in your kitchen. I had to shorten this demo because UK was hitting me with copyright notices, but did I say this should rattle the dishes in your kitchen meant to say that it should rattle your neighbor’s dishes down the street. I’ve heard this demo many times and I can honestly say. This is the cleanest level of output that I’ve heard yet from a subwoofer. Some subwoofers can sound bloaty which makes this demo feel like the air pressure in your room is fluctuating up and down, but on the pearlescent.

Its A Constant Steady Stream Of

body pressurization. It’s like putting your body in a vice grip and walking away. I almost feel like I. can end this review right now because what else do I need to say but I should probably throw in a couple more demos next up is Fury I like the subtlety in this demo so keep an ear open for the background effects all right here’s the deal you have the two trapped in this beat built by machine guns I set my tracks in she already took him out so I got the Titanic comes there there possibly there um these are the rest of my guys take the guns out. I like putting this demo on because on subwoofers that don’t reach particularly low or can reach low.

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They Can Sometimes Over Exaggerate Whats Happening

in the background what you should hear are. Vehicles driving in the background or rather field Vehicles driving in the background. It’s kind of the same as if you’re in a building. And you hear a truck driving by you Don’t really hear it drive by, But you can feel the vibration as it drives by it might feel like the trucks outside your door or maybe two streets over. If your subwoofer can reach low enough without sounding boomy, you should feel the tanks and explosions happening in different parts of your room.

If Your Sub Is Boomy Like

say a sound bar subwoofer it’ll make it feel like the tanks are inside your room with the pearlescent. It’s so nuanced that those Vehicles sound like they’re about a mile away clear it up let’s go ahead and bring up some more action We’re going to check out underwater on the cloud Escape. At the beginning, there’s a few explosions that go off back to back rapidly and it ends with this huge 20-Hertz bomb that’ll blow up lesser quality. Subs! This is a great demo because you get those rapid fire successive hits that stop and go without any slop. It’s also extremely tactile, so are you going to feel those hits right in your chest, and when it comes to the end that build up to the bottom frequencies should vibrate your eyeballs.

Theres Also A Ton Of Low-End Extension That

creates this claustrophobic feel in your space so you’ll feel this light pressurization throughout your room. I normally get this sensation with multiple Subs, but this single D215 is creating this atmosphere all by itself. Foreign ly I’ve got to throw on edges tomorrow. If this giant subwoofer can’t hit these single digit notes, then it’s not worth the asking price. I’m not sure if we’re even on the air.

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This This Is If You Heard Any

kind of vibration or any kind of noise in the background of this demo just know that was every single wall in my home theater. Vibrating the drywall’s 100 loose the the heating registers are loose. Everything is just shot um yeah. This is hitting single digits No problems. Not only can I hear the build up to the bottom, but I’m feeling air pressurization everywhere this thing is no joke.

Im Worried For My Neighbor Downstairs Right Now.

I’m gonna hear about this tomorrow morning. I just know it I did take a measurement of the response. I got in my space with a single D215 keep in mind. If your space is smaller or larger than mine.

Youll Likely Get A Different Result.

But I was getting ample output down to seven Hertz, which totally annihilated my room for Edge of Tomorrow. At the time this video, the D215 sells for nine thousand dollars It ain’t cheap It’s FLagship pricing for a flagship subwoofer but along with that price tag you get what I think is the best built subwoofer out there for the money at least the best that I’ve got a chance to use so far. It’s got a distinct modern design and the densest enclosure that I’ve had in my theater. The built-inNK] is a great addition to get the sub-dialed into your system and I love that it has an app so you can make adjustments without having to get up out of your seat of course build quality and convenience means nothing if the thing doesn’t sound good and out of the dozens of subwoofers that I’ve had in my space, including for listen’s own other subwoofers.

This Uk Dominus Sub Absolutely Dominates Everything

that’s come. It for Myspace I was getting tons of infrasonic response without making the sub-bottom out and the thing slams effortlessly for every single action flick I threw at it there’s zero bloat or sloppiness or anything that I felt colored the sound. It’s got such a Nimble agility that I even hooked it up to my two channel setup and found that it’s just a a Snappy and percussive as my smaller 10 inch subwoofer with outstanding control. So I think it’s safe to say that you can put this in a high-end music only system or if you want to take your home theater system to the Finish Line. This is absolutely top tier status.

So Those Are My Thoughts On

the perlician D215 subwoofer. If you have spare change and the spare space. This would be be a worthy addition to any high-end audio setup, so what are your thoughts on pearlistic subwoofers and speakers have you heard any? And how do you think they stack up to the competition leave your comments down below and let me know as always guys thanks for watching be sure to like this video if you found it useful and subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you again in the next video. Foreign.


Perlison’s top of the line subwoofer is the D215s . The frequency response for this there are three modes. There’s a UK mode which is rated down to 20 Hertz. There is a large room mode which goes down 15 Hertz and then there’s a small room mode . This weighs 202 pounds, so this is no lightweight.& This is not a one-person job, even though I carry this up the stairs by myself.& So this is powered by 3000 watt amplifier as far as ins and outs up top.& We have the service port a trigger trigger we’ve got your left and right analog ends We’ve Got Your Balanced ins and out.& There are two so you can daisy chain these if you want a . You can access all those settings right here by the two and a half inch UK touch screen.& It’s a little capacitive screen that gives you all your menus and your 10 band peq in here as well ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video