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All Right Hello Everyone This Is Dj Bling Blink

today. I’m going to do a review for a subwoofer so far is the RCF705 Su or should I say a s I I double I now. This was requested by someone on my Youtube channel by the name of JG um. He apparently looked at two of my old reviews for a bearing so buffer. Those were my old sub of before and one of them was the Beringi 18-inch subwoofer if you want to watch that review and see what that is all about that’s gonna pop up in the banner right there, and he also watched the second subwoofer review that I did after the Behringer 18 inch that was a bearing 15 inch subwoofer that is also going to pop up Alibana right there so let’s get to what we’re doing today? Why did I? have the bearing gear before the bearing gave was a good subwoofer for me at that point in time, but it was heavy so I decided to go for the RCF.

The Lcs Saw Forcing His Weighs 28 Kg,

28 kg to 42 kg. That is a massive difference in weight and then secondly it carries a lot of points. So we’re going to do a detailed review today we’re going to look around the sub. We’re going to see how this soap is we’re going to see the connections at the back we’re going to see everything about the saw also. I will play this sub for you all right so you would hear this soap alone.

Then I Would Connect My Top

to it. I’ll connect the ev to it remember this is a 15-inch I connected 12 inch to it. Then you would hear both of. them together now the important thing? How much does this saw cost The RCF now costs 729 pounds that’s the common price as of today The price can change the salt. I bought the LCF I bought a cover for it The cover for this sub is still 85 pounds.

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I Would Advise You Get It

covered for the salt so let me show you how the soap looks all around it so that’s the saw with the cover on it. You can see the RCF logo You can see the side with the part of the handle that’s where I was carrying it There’s also another gap here and then that’s the back of the sub so there’s a zipper as you can see that’s a zipper there so what I do is. I open the zip my face will not be in focus now but what you’re interested. In is the saw now When I open this yeah! There are some velcros. You can see the velcros yeah Now you can see why this is what um 85 pounds.

So This Goes On The Velcro And

that’s the front of the saw. It also has this right. This holds the saw in here now if you look at the back this way, all your cables would go into okay you open the zipper also on that velcro, so this is the back of the saw so now we’re just going to discuss the back of the soap once and for all all right. This is a close shot of the back of the sub. Let’s start from the left here.

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This Is The Limiter Light.

This is going to come on and show red if you’re hitting the limit. This is the signal light yeah signal is basically. Your line in signal not your power so if the lining coming in if it can feel it more that is going to start flashing it’s going to be solid green. This is the power light definitely which means when it’s powered on this knob.

Here Right Is What You Can Use

to control the volume right. This is the minimum as you know and is the maximum I leave mine as 12 o’clock every time. So there’s the outputs which is either the link or the crossover link means whatever you send in is what you’re sending out and you can see at the side here you can see out so when this is outward this button. If it’s out, you’re using it as a link you send anything in you can daisy chain this sub to another saw right so you send it the input then you can. Use this you see link yeah then you plug whatever you want to plug it send it out to the other side or you send it to another speaker right and if you press it in that means at that point in time you’re using the crossover right so which means anything you send in you’re going to cut it off at either 80 Hertz or 10 Hertz 80 hertz.

The Button Is Out You Press It

in 110 right now the face 0 degrees 180 degrees that’s you only need that if your sub is clashing with another saw, which means they’re cancelling each other out right so if we come to this side. This is the input yeah your left and right for your two jacks, your XLr jacks and this is the output this output as I said will solve you for both the link and the crossover and then at the bottom. There’s the power jack and this is the power button and as you can see this sub 705 As2 as is for active speaker 705 is a 15-inch Yeah 708 is the 18-inch but this is the 15-inch. So I’m gonna plug all my cables in now and then I’ll fire up the saw input first that goes in. If you want to remove it.

You Push This And Then You

pull it out right so that goes in and then this goes to supply the top Yeah. This is your output right so that goes in there yeah so that’s your two cables it’s for. your left if I was using a multiple speaker, then I’ll use this side also yeah that’s the back of the saw now. If you look at the top of the saw. This is where you put your pole for your top place it in there and that’s also covered so you can see the cover is well made let us now test the sound of this soap.

So You Can See How It

sounds so this is what I’m going to do while I’m testing this off yeah is I’m gonna use my phone to record the back of the sub also at the same time. So at least you can see how it says if it’s clipping or not. I’ll increase the volume. I would Max it out yeah and I’m going to show you also what is going on on the controller so nothing is going to. be hidden so remember what we’re doing now is just the sub alone the top is not going to be there what you will be hearing is just a sock.

So Crossover Button Has Been Pressed

in but I’m not pressing that button for the 110 yeah so now listen that has been pressing Now you can see a punch yeah let’s now increase the volume so wow wow that was the maximum volume yeah I’ve never ever taken my controller to the maximum volume ever as you can see was when we increased the volume of my controller almost to the max that was when the signal light came on yeah not even limiter just the signal green light so at the back of this if the green light is what is flashing you’re fine if the red light is flashing ooh that means you need to turn it. Down yeah you don’t want anything red remember green is good red is bad yeah the next test we’re gonna do now is gonna be with the ev connector. I place the eevee on this sock. The soap is under i’ll power out the saw we’re gonna leave the crossover everything still there so let’s get this done so let’s max it out all the way so so all right so you can see that was maximum maximum on the DDJsz sub was at 12 o’clock that’s with it with the top crossover pressing now what is my own personal view. You’ve heard everything I’ve said.

From The Beginning This Will Be Like A

recap of my view. The RCF 705 As2 or 705 A s I i is a fantastic song. I would encourage anyone to buy it. One thing also is it comes with two years guarantee you.

Can Also See That I Have The Cover

which is all around the salt that protects itself but yes this saw wow! I have no regrets not even one regret. This soap has been performing as in every single time. No clipping nothing Zilch powerful car is a punch there’s nothing else. You can ask for yeah and also it’s not heavy.

So If Youre Out There And Also Importantly

JG that told me to do this video. I would encourage you to buy this up hopefully. This review would help someone out today, so yeah, you know how we do you know how we do if you have any comments in regards to this video drop them in the comments. Section below remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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The RCF705 Su is a subwoofer so far . Dj Bling Blink is going to do a detailed review of the sub . The sub weighs 28 kg, 28 kg to 42 kg. That is a massive difference in weight and then secondly it carries a lot of points. We’re going to play this sub for you all right . The LCF costs 729 pounds that’s the common price as of today. The price can change the salt.& I would advise you get it covered for the salt so let me show you how the soap looks all around it so that’s the saw with the cover on it.& You can see the side with the RCF logo You can . see the . part of the handle that’s where I was carrying it There’s also another gap here and then that’s a gap here . The cover for this sub is still 85 pounds. The . RCF now costs 7 29 pounds. That’s the standard price as . of today…. Click here to read more and watch the full video