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Hello, Hello Guys This Is Man Discovers

you have finally made it to the channel where honesty really is the best policy welcome to the channel today’s review Oyo boy Oh boy I’ve been waiting a long time for this one to take you guys back for people who’ve been watching this channel. I released some videos back in February 2021 about the KeF KC62 and how I expressed my thoughts and feelings, my thoughts and feelings about this subwoofer. Now for some reason. I got a lot of shtick about this about these videos because people expected me to only make videos if I actually had my hands on the subwoofer and review it like that and take into account that at this time you can even buy the sub so these videos I made they were just about letting you guys know what I think why people so. Stupid why well? I am a man of my word and with me here today.

I Have The Kef Kc62 In

all its glory here with me today. I have the KeF Kc62 in all its glory. Kef Kc62. I finally got you you cause man a lot of trouble. After this video man can handle you like savage and we’re back sorry about that guy.

He Makes Regular Appearances On This Channel For

whatever reason. I don’t know specifications let’s talk about specifications now. I love a good spec sheet especially when it has been properly filled in. I thought that was quite funny because a lot of materials I’ve read. Doesn’t seem to be filled in quite right, but they don’t like your jokes well that’s kind of heartbreaking specifications specifications.

So 1000 Watt Rms, So Thats Split Into

two sides because we have two woofers on the KeF KC62. they’re both active 500 watts RMs per side 6. 5 inch woofers as well with the P flex surround that’s inspired by origami and then we have the unicore magnet system, which is I think a first of its kind very impressive bit of engineering there and yeah basically what it means is that rather than two separate magnets on each woofer. The KeF Kc62 has one magnet that controls both so pretty impressive stuff. Also what we have is another very impressive spec, and it suggests that the KeF Kc62 can dive deep down to 11 Hertz.

I Tell You What Well Specifications Are A

good thing. I’ve made at least three videos on the KeF KC62 and I think I have covered specs in a lot of detail, so if. You want to watch those other videos go ahead and watch them on my channel. We’re going to move on to something a little bit more interesting now and that is how easy is the KeF KC62 to clean. I’m not joking how easy is it how easy is it to clean now.

This Svs At The Moment It

is pristine. It looks like really nice very good condition, but it’s a bit annoying when it reflects stuff and so you can see all my crap basically over there um but obviously on the floor it won’t be much of a problem. However, this sort of finish is like you know like a glossy piano ebony finish pianos because I used to you know when I was younger played again. I quite experienced when it comes to polishing these sorts of surfaces and one of the best things you can. use is just window lean and basically it works.

I Dont Know If Its The Best Thing

for the finish, but that’s what I used to use when polishing the pianos but this finish here as you can see look. I’ve just touched that and the fingerprints it looks like they’re going away but they are there and I’ve tried to get these out earlier and it is very difficult. You know you must need some sort of degreaser or something like that so that was quite difficult and you know. I’m paying a bit of attention to how to clean these subs. But if they don’t look good, then it’s pretty pointless isn’t it you know most people buy these so.

It Looks Good In Their Space

so that I think that’s quite an important thing but one thing to note also is the Svs is more or less. flat at the back. The buttons are kind of like more or less flush with the back plate, whereas the Kc62. By comparison, it has these big knobs at the back and all these switches so if you’re trying to clean back here. It’s a bit more fiddly from obviously what from my experience just now because you’ve got to try and get in and out of these nooks and crannies and when you do that you might jog the dial or something like that so I thought as soon as I as soon as I did this earlier.

I Thought That Could Be Potentially

a problem and look. I mean you know don’t touch it. At first. I thought this was going to be a better finish, but it’s got that sort of satin sort of finish that is kind of not very forgiving, so yeah I mean it’s. up to you which one you like the best so for you guys.

I Hope That Answers Your Question Why Is

it important well. It’s a 1400 pound subwoofer, so I think it’s important that it looks good all the time otherwise you know what’s the point it’s got to look good anyway next part of the review design and initial impression design and initial impression. I have to say the first time. I took the Kef subwoofer out of the box. I was quite you know shocked at how heavy the thing feels it’s built like a tank and you wouldn’t expect it to weigh so much, especially considering the size, so it is very densely packed in there so I’m just about to unbox the KeF Kc62 so here I go so first impression.

This Thing Is Heavy Much Heavier Than

you would expect actually there’s two drivers. In here so and that hefty magnet system that they’ve put on and here it is now the SvS 3000 micro which I actually have behind me right now there you go I’m telling the truth that subwoofer by comparison is a lot lighter. It’s like a feather compared to the KC62. So whether that translates into better audio quality or not that you know it’s up for debate. Sometimes it is actually true.

You Know The More Stuff There

is in something like a speaker or amplifier. It sometimes does translate into better audio quality. You know better components whatever but proof is in the pudding let’s see another thing I might add is actually. The KC62 is a fair bit smaller than the 3000 micro by Svs going by the specs. Looking at those specs.

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I Was Thinking That It Was

going to be just like that much. on either side, but in real life when you see it it looks it does look considerably smaller, even though looking at them on the floor. Now it’s not really, but yeah it definitely is a slight size down, so if space is a big issue. The KC62 is the winner. Let’s now move on to the setup section which I think is really really important setup now.

I Think Setting Up This Subwoofer Its

it’s actually a doddle. I think the controls at the back. They are very basic and very limited compared to what you will get from Svs now Svs they don’t really put in in this subwoofer here. There’s barely any controls at the back, but you control it all via an app. So when you look at the app there’s a lot of options.

There Now One Example Of That Is

the KC62 has a. phase switch on the back now 1400 pound subwoofer that’s aiming at the audio file. I would have thought that there might be more options to control your phase. We only have 0 and 180 degrees on the KC62, whereas on the 3000 micro you have a full zero to 180 degrees adjustment, so you could you know you could do 52 degrees If you wanted to so one thing to remember guys is that I am actually going to be making a KC62 versus a 3000 micro video. Shortly once I’ve heard the KC62 enough, and once i’ve had the 3000 micro that video will be coming out.

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So I Know A Lot Of People Theyre

going to want to try and set this subwoofer up correctly and I know that some people probably most of the people watching this now don’t have any equipment set up equipment like. microphones with the KeF KC62. I did it this way and it worked really nicely. I’m going to tell you what I did now focus on the phase first. I want to get that right so we only have two options 0 and 180 degrees.

Now What Phase Means For Those

of you who don’t know it basically means let’s say. For example, here’s a woofer here’s a woofer. This is the speakers that’s the subwoofer We want them going essentially if one was going out. One was going in and what we’d have is we’d have certain frequencies cancel themselves out and we don’t want that we want the subwoofer to add to the system. We don’t want it to take away from the system, so that is why it’s really important to get your phase done right now.

If You Want To Do This

by ear, then you. Can do it? What you can do this is something I do a lot of the time is basically drum kit. I think is a really good instrument to help you visualize and hear you know when a subwoofer is in phase or not so load up her video of a drum kit someone playing you know just a beat for 10 minutes 20 minutes. Whatever right just continuously on a loop and watch the kick drum okay so when the kick drum is being basically once once the stick hits the kick the kick drum the bass from the speakers and the subwoofer should be in sync. If they’re not then you might hear two things one it might be like the kick drum doesn’t have an impact so you kind of like where’s the kick drum and the other.

The Alternative Is That You Might

have like a. Bass that sounds sorry You might have a bass that sounds like it’s kind of hanging like it’s hanging notes if you know what I mean so it’s not quite in time. So if you load up a kick drum and what like actually you can see the guy. You know playing the drum. Whatever you have a visual cue as well and I thought I find that that helps me do it manually and yeah I’m.

Ive Been Quite Successful In That

approach now what you can do just to double check that you are setting everything up correctly is you should play this track back on your headphones. So these are just some headphones. I’ve got make sure they’re quite decent headphones not over bass or anything like that you know. These are 599’s by Sennheiser just load that track up put this on to monitor the audio.

So You Can Have An Understanding

of the balance, so you know how it’s meant to sound it’s not going to sound exactly the same through speakers compared to headphones. Obviously, but that gives you an idea of what the balance is between all the frequencies. You put these on you compare you put these on compare do it three.


The KeF KC62 subwoofer has two woofers and a P flex surround inspired by origami . It has a unicore magnet system, which is I think a first of its kind very impressive bit of engineering there . The sub has two active 500 watts RMs per side 6.5 inches as well with the Pflex surround that’s inspired by . origami and then we have the unicore magnets on each woofer. The Kef KC62 has one magnet that controls both so pret. The subwoofers are both active 500 . watts per side with the . 5.5 inch woofer as well as the P Flex surround that’s inspired by the origami design. The Kef Kc62 has a . unicore magnetic system. It has one . magnet system. The . Kef KC62 is designed to control both. for the 6.4 inch subwowoofer. It is designed for the sub. to control two separate magnets…. Click here to read more and watch the full video