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So Okay Yeah Go Forward This Its

come to this. This is the shame I have to live is standing on little boxes. Right is that what it’s come to Hey, Why are you up on that thing Everybody knows because I look stupid you’re not six three. How tall are you five ten right and I still have to stand on a freaking box hi. This is Kevin Diehl from upscale audio and today I’m here with John Hunter from Rel Acoustics hey how are you Kevin good good John is here to talk to us about the Rel 212 UK I I just love real subwoofers.

You Folks Know What A Fan We Are

about Rel here at upscale audio. We love their stuff so much. They come down. We we are very very deep in our knowledge about Rel and we try to do our very very. best and we have them come down.

We We Train Employees And How

they work with different subwoofers the the different ways to set them up. I mean it’s all about knowledge. I don’t care how much money you spend on a product. If you don’t use it right you may not get the best results and I want to make sure that my staff is up to speed on that so. John is here to talk about the 212 UK and we’re talking about Bob Grossman yes we.

Bob Is A Bassoonist Yeah And A

very good one yeah with the Philadelphia Orchestra and he bought a pair of these. It’s a great magazine reviewer and what I’m gonna I’m gonna let John go ahead and take away that story and then tell us why this is an incredible product so so Bob is a professional musician right he. was a concert bassoonist for some 40 years. He knows everything for those of you who aren’t musicians who perform on stage the intimacy of knowledge, you gain about sound and various textures and things are really difficult to capture in a recording happen for musicians because we’re there we’re making the stuff on stage. You know every mistake made in every recording you’ve ever performed on it’s a very intimate kind of an affair for a musician to to really get intimate with the product and really have a an incredible relationship with both reproduced and the production of it and and Bob is one of those rare individuals.

Hes A Great Reviewer And A Great

musician. So when he came to us and said listen I need a recommendation. I have a pair of magnaplaner 97 so 20. 7 excuse me they’re big ones and and he was looking. For recommendation I instantly went to the 212sX because when you have a large panel like that or you have a large speaker right A really big speaker Like one of the larger eclipses or something that really has massive surface area.

You Cant Get Away With A

direct firing single driver Just doesn’t work that way the physics don’t work that way so when you get into a 212sx the beauty of it is you see these two active drivers What you don’t see is there’s a down firing piston that’s passive and a rear firing upper one that surface area totals over 400 square inches of driven surface area and I’m not here to brag about horsepower Yes it’s got a thousand watt amplifier that just loafs along all of those things that’s great but really winds up happening Is you energize the room in multiple modes right. You have these huge surface areas just effortlessly you get the pistonic action of these drivers actively attacking you’ve got the down firing the couples with the floor, so you have massive sort of we call it floor crawl and then the upper one is this strange little thing that is magical and and I cannot explain the physics of it to you. But it goes like this because the bass firing backwards couples with the wall and in many cases with the actual corner it crawls up and it literally rolls back over the ceiling and when you hear that there’s this thing that happens otherwise only in live music. It’s this delicacy. This textural stuff that happens in concert halls and when you hear that you can’t ever unhear it it’s incredible.

This Is Probably The Closest To One Of

our famed six packs that three-piece stacks on. side that are enormously expensive and a little bit complicated to dial in, but we’re getting around to showing people how to do that more and more and there’s tons of those getting out there now too this is great for any kind of music will work with any large speaker in a medium to large room Don’t try and put a pair of these into a small room. It’ll just be too much of a good thing but boy you get a pair of these things properly dialed in and it’s. This is the biggest sweetheart I’ve ever been around when I did Jeff Dorgay’s system at Jeff’s another reviewer. We did a review together with the predecessor to this about five years ago.

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Something Like That I Spent Three Hours Perfectly

dialing in the focal Sober Threes I paid 12 minutes to dial in a pair of these. things and sat them down hit play and he went that’s what I’ve been looking for for the last 40 years that just that immersive experience This this is what it feels like to be in the studio listening to the playback system. It’s just so raw and real yes you finally mentioned Jeff Dorgay because when he had he had a six pack of G, but he had number 25. oh number 25 that’s what it was and those were not available when he was buying them and it was going to be kind of a squeeze for him to get him yeah. I don’t know if he knew this or not.

I Was Trying To Talk Him Out

of buying them because I wanted to get my hands on them for my new sound room. So I’m gonna have I’m gonna have these folks come over to my. The Casa del Kevin to get me hooked up with something and that’s the thing I got to say you know My room is a pretty good sized room and I’ve got focal Grand Utopias big speaker very expensive speaker, but it is not about base You’ve got to understand this it is about base but it is about creating that real experience and I don’t want to stretch this video out but I went to a demo that you did years ago where you had six packs of maybe it was number 25s. Yeah that’s a lot of bass but the demo that he was doing was music that was almost devoid of bass. It was a vocalist like in a church and they switched it in and out and the church venue was there and then gone Yeah Yeah all right one of your people last night one.

Of Your Senior People Asked Me

for the difference between us and a and a competitor and and I I gave him a lot of the background to it, but it’s about speed. It’s about subtlety of it’s about the fact that we use analog circuits and in the end, I said, you know what it really is We both make base that’s fine let’s let’s not even get into that it we don’t need to get into a an ego contest. The difference between Rel and every other subwoofer and manufacturer is we dramatically improve the other nine octaves. All subwoofers All the good subwoofers us The SBs’s the jails. These are all very good companies, so when when we hear people going on forums and you know I see a lot of UK from one of their one of those companies I mentioned and our people typically do.

Dont Do That Our Customers Are Its Really

interesting how different the companies are you can see the culture and sort of the depth of quality of the people in in the kind of the ways that they react online too but our people go on and go all I know is. I I tried that one and it was good but what the Rel gave me was space delicacy air focus a bigger image. I mean things I’ve never heard out of my system before and that’s what makes me happy when people get what we do it’s it’s it’s the way all of the deep bass when it’s properly integrated goes straight up out of the the nine other octaves and you just get air and beauty and subtlety. Bob Grossman wrote a terrific review of his 212 s axes and he put it up on the upscale. Audio website so make sure that you go there and go read it.

I Didnt Even Know It Was There

until I just happened to notice it like minutes ago and he he said all these things from the heart. This was not a Magazine review. This was his ownership Yeah. This was his personal Journey right would you mind spinning this around I’m kind of I’m Mike, a giddy 13-year-old making out with a girl for the first time wanting to turn this thing around all right all right is that okay there Mr Cameraman this way more okay yeah we’re good so so as a sidebar. You know we work hard on every detail that goes into every rail.

You Know.

These are Chrome plated stainless steel bolts and I do it because I remember being at a famous reviewer’s house one day and he had. A pair of very expensive monoblocks from England and I was back there connecting up the cables. We were doing a stradivari review back when I was working with Selma’s, Father and I’m back there connecting and I glanced down and all of the black oxide bolts on the back of this 32 000 pair of amps were rusting Michael’s in New Jersey. It gets humid and and these bolts were rusting.

Im Like Oh My Lord Okay If I

if I ever own my own company and make things not going to do it it’s not going to happen it’s offensive to me so when you look at subwoofers do yourself a favor and turn them around and really look. This is the part that most people don’t want you really spending any time looking at we’re not the only people that do that do this that really care. But but I would venture to say this is the most beautiful back panel you’ll ever see the rails are just Exquisite. We give you high level inputs. We give you UK inputs for the point ones we give you UK and stereo.

We Give You Everything Because These

allow you to have both high level and 0.1 simultaneously These things in theater, Oh my goodness they’re crazy and if you’ve got something that’s a big high efficiency speaker. Like one of the larger clipses stereo. Pairs of these are insane. They’re absolutely nuts.

They They Will Connect Up Higher Than You.

Think they would they produce enormous deep bass, but but they will actually travel up and connect with a speaker that and that’s a really rare facility. Most big Subs have no ability to go up and reach and really make contact so something like Eclipse La Scala. Great speaker runs out of gas at 60 or something like that Yeah, 50 something yeah, and because the right way to cross over is below that and probably be Crossing this over something like 48 Hertz that’s.

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Kevin Diehl from upscale audio talks with John Hunter from Rel Acoustics about the Rel 212 UK . Bob Grossman is a bassoonist with the Philadelphia Orchestra and he bought a pair of these subwoofers . John Hunter tells us why this is an incredible product so so so he.& John is here to talk about the 212 UK and we’re talking about Bob Grossmann yes we.& Bob is a professional musician right he . was a concert bassooner for some 40 years.& He knows everything for those of you who aren’t musicians who perform on stage the intimacy of knowledge, you gain about sound and various textures and things are really difficult to capture in a recording happen for musicians because we’re there we’re making the stuff on stage. It’s a very intimate kind of an affair for a musician to to really get intimate with the product and really have a . musician to really Get intimate with a musician and have a an incredi i.& The 212 UK…. Click here to read more and watch the full video