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How Is This Sub Weighing Under 30 Pounds

Basically just as powerful as this sub weighing close to 60 pounds? Let’s find out first off. I want to give Hutchinson car audio a massive massive shout out and thank you for sending me their brand new origin series sub. If you have been on Facebook any of the car audio groups. You know this thing has really been making its way around just the overall car audio scene. This thing is really cool it’s got some really really neat technology in it.

So Lets Check It Out The First Thing

to mention just the overall elephant in the room here is how small this motor is now. I know a lot of you know this but I do have a lot of beginners on here or people less familiar with this sort of thing so really quickly going to go. Over this now This is a neodymium motor, whereas this is a ferrite motor. Now your motor in your subwoofer has a magnet inside of it and that’s when paired with your voice coil is what powers the sub. Now a NEo magnet is much much stronger than a ferrite magnet.

Now I Got To Speak With

the owner of Hutchinson audio A little bit he is an absolute genius he knows more than I would probably ever know about Subs more than most people will he was going over this guy a little bit. Now. There are different grades of ferrite motor, but from what the owner told me. The NEo Motors. Inside of this are equivalent to close to a 400 ounce ferrite motor.

This Is A 300 Ounce Ferrodite Motor And

y’all. A 400 ounce Ferrite motor is one absolutely massive two. It makes for an absolutely. heavy heavy just overall pain in the butt sub to move around the fact that they can squeeze that much motor Force into this little fella is super impressive let’s give y’all a quick look at this thing. This is a 15-inch version.

We Have A Non–Pressed Paper Cone

mid-roll double stitched surround. This sub is designed to be a peak performer for the power rating of this guy. So they went this around because one it optimized your cone area. So you can get the absolute volume out of the sub without this fella protruding over into the cone, but yet it still allows for the optimal Excursion of this thing as it moves moving down. We have this 12 spoke basket and again they went with this basket because it allowed them to have the Optimal Performance for the spider and just the overall sub that we.

Really Like This Down Here We Have

big four gauge terminals Now this is only a 750 watt UK sub so you don’t necessarily need terminals. This big and your average company is not going to put terminals. This big on here, but this makes it really really easy. If you got to stick like two strands of 12 gauge. It’ll fit in there nice and easy.

I Wish More Companies Did This

moving down to the bottom here. This is a radial style ferrite motor Now what you see out here is a heat shrink again. This is just another really really cool things you don’t see on most Subs fins just help dissipate heat like you would see on a computer or amplifier or other things like that now if you look in there you can see those really thin magnets that go all the way around this. Thing we also have a two and a half inch four layer round aluminum wire voice coil. We have two strands of flat tinsel leads ran to the coil.

You Can See We Have Tons Tons

of glue around here just around everywhere overall a very very beautiful sub. Now this sub is designed to be as efficient as absolutely possible. Now what that means is you’re not gonna need a ton of power to really get this thing moving let’s say you don’t want to have to upgrade alternators and batteries, but you want to get the absolute Optimal Performance that you can get again. That is what this guy is designed for. One of the thing is a sensitivity of over 91 UK, which is just absolutely awesome What that means is if you were to take a UK meter hold it one inch above the cone and run one watt to it.

You Would Get A Score Of

91 UK and you’ll see sales anywhere from like 81 UK to like 89 UK. Normally for example, let’s just pretend that this sub has an efficiency of 87 UK in order to get it as loud as this fella. You would need over twice the power. Because for every 3 UK increase you generally need twice the power that just goes to show how much more efficient. This fella is another thing that ties into the efficiency of this guy is the former now In these things of course, you have a voice coil and normally they’re on an aluminum former now.

When You Drop An Aluminum Former Into

a motor? There is a tiny bit of resistance and Hudson audio actually has a video showing this when you drop one in. There is some resistance so that’s going to take away from your efficiency. This guy has an aerospace grade plastic. Former it is good to 700 degrees and being a plastic former. There’s absolutely no resistance when it is inside the motor so that really helps out with the efficiency as well now that being said guys this sub has its place for some does not have its place for others One this guy definitely not cheap for a 750 watt.

Nk] Sub This Pellet Is 385 Dollars, As Of

the time that I am filming this now obviously there are cheaper options out there but again the whole point of this is to be absolutely as efficient as possible. possible while maintaining still being a absolutely awesome UK or sound quality sub so again the main con of this thing. It’s not cheap and it’s not going to take a ton ton of power, but the pros is that one it doesn’t need much power to get loud and two it’s a whole lot smaller. You can fit into a much smaller space. If you need and it’s a whole lot lighter as well which is really nice, but I’m sure there’s a lot I am missing all these specs or of course online you can go check those out.

They Vary A Little Bit Of

course by the sub-size and depending on if you have a dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm voice coil, but you can’t get these in eight inch all the way up to 18 inch. Now talking about how cool this thing. is great, but we want to see how does this thing perform So we’re gonna hook it up one and we’re gonna see how does it sound two We’re gonna see what kind of abuse can’t take three. We’re gonna see how loud we can get this thing on a UK meter let’s get into it Now This sub wants a box that is between three and five a cubic feet tuned to between 26 to 34 Hertz and this box over here is 3. 85 cubic feet tuned to 31 Hertz.

So At Least In Theory This Should Work

just fine okay one little quirky thing. I noticed so over here we of course have the red heat shrink on the positive wire black heat shrink on the negative, but for some reason on this side it’s backwards not that it matters, but just thought that was kind of funny. We’ve got this fella hooked up in my truck real quick for anybody new to the channel. This is my setup that we are running at the moment. We have a 370 amp alternator.

Under The Hood.

We have 128 amp hours of lithium cells under here We’ve got a black brick UK amplifier and I’ve got my UK am1 hooked up so we can see how much power we are pushing to this guy All right UK has taken here about two days go around a little bit played it a little bit. I want to make sure this Spider gets a little bit of a chance to break in let’s go ahead play some songs Through It see how it does foreign thank you information so far so good let’s start running some tests on this guy. This guy is rated at 750 watts UK so we’re gonna. Do a musical UK test play full song run around that power and we’ll probably peek a little higher and just see how well it does making it through foreign musical perspective.

Hey Made It Through Absolutely No

problem right there. We were picking up even up into 1200 watts and this guy just went through like a champ thank you okay let’s see how loud we can get this fella first thing we’re gonna do we’re gonna run a sweep through it just so we can kind of see where this thing Peaks and we’ll do some test tones there see how loud we can get this guy one thing to note one we are doing these on the glass not in the kick like I would do in the other car two. This is technically a smaller cabin than what we had in the Sequoia. This just means. We cannot compare scores you know Apples to Apples like we could when we were doing tests in the Sequoia Yeah We are setting this to go from 80 to 30 Hertz.

Lets See Where We Peek Foreign

884. Watts got a 131 says that was at 50 hertz. Now that time we did 1700 Watts. We got a 133. 7 that time it says 35 Hertz okay 1676 Watts 135.

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Now It Says 38 Hertz Okay One Seven

two six one thirty-two point nine. Now it says 51 Hertz well my sbl labs meter not giving me much hope definitely doesn’t seem to know what the heck is peaking at so I don’t know I guess we’ll just try a few different things between 35 and 50 hertz kind of see what seems like it’s doing best let’s start this off at 35 Hertz see what we can do. 678 Watts got a 132. 6 maxed it out there that was 2083 watts, and we got a 138. 6 3134 Watts.

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Oh So Close Got A 139.

8 let’s do 40 Hertz. 1542. Watts got a 136. 8 45 Hertz foreign 1046 watts and 81 36.

4 50 Hertz 1628 Watt.

We got a136 1960 watts and we got a 137. 2 again. This cell does not take a ton of power. So I really need to reach the mechanical limits after you get to like 1500 watts, but hey on some decently low power.

We Are Almost To A 140

on the glass which isn’t really bad At all another thing to note we have the port facing up if we really wanted to squeeze everything we could out of this guy we could try facing it to to the sides. We could try moving seats there’s other things we definitely could do to. squeeze a little bit more out of it Okay. I really wanted to see if we can get to 140.

So 35 Hertz Seemed To Be Where

we got the best score let’s try it again. There it is look at that guys 140. 4 and that was right at 2149 Watts There it is broken to the 140s at about double its UK.


Hutchinson car audio’s origin series sub weighs under 30 pounds and is just as powerful as this sub weighing close to 60 pounds . The sub is designed to be a peak performer for the power rating of this guy . It makes for an absolutely.& heavy heavy just overall pain in the butt sub to move around the fact that they can squeeze that much motor Force into this little fella is super impressive let’s give y’all a quick look at this thing.& This is a 15-inch version.& We have a non–pressed paper cone mid-roll double stitched surround.& A 400 ounce ferrodite motor is one absolutely massive two.& The owner of Hutchinson audio A little bit he is an absolute genius he knows more than I would probably ever ever know about Subs more than most people will he was going over this guy a little bit. He was going to speak with the owner of the owner. He knows more about subs than anyone else would probably be…. Click here to read more and watch the full video