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My name is Terry Ellis I’m, an audio reviewer and a professional direct life calibrator and thanks very much for joining me. About a month ago I made a video review for the new Rel Predator. NK] 1508 subwoofer, which is really quite a big thing for Rel to release a dedicated home cinema one design for big scale bass and big scale systems. Because normally Rel is a company renowned and known for creating multi-purpose subwoofers no subwoofers that are designed with music in mind as much as home cinema or movie use in mind. Now if you go back and watch that video which I’ll link up there for you you’ll see that I was really very impressed with the single UK 1508 subwoofer that I was using I was actually much more impressed of it than I thought I.

I Was Going To Be I

was impressive it’s big scale bass output. I was impressed with its control detail and quality of bass as a subwoofer. It never seemed to overstay its welcome now. I’ve mentioned that the predator is big in output We’re having a 15–inch carbon-fiber-reinforced driver and a thousand watt amplifier pushing it means you should get pretty big output and you do this subwoofer can really rock now After I made that review well contacted me and they said would I be interested in trying a second one would I be interested in trying to predator UK 1508 subwoofers just to experience what a jewel setup of them would be like and naturally I ripped their harm off and I’ve been using two in my system now for a period of time it would be a bit silly of me to just come on here. I said in the last review video because if you add a second subwoofer to a system that you already like there’s no chance at all that you’re not going to like the second one or like a pair of them.

Any Less Youre Only Ever Gonna Like

a pair of them more so instead of doing that I thought I would come on here and talk to you about the less obvious benefits of having a dual subwoofer setup and then talk to you a bit about what I was able to achieve by having the dual predator UK 1500 subwoofers in my review system if you do a quick Google search of single vs.. jaw supper setups you’ll see a million responses where people have advised you to always use a dual supper for setup and for good reason such as you know improved output improved and more. Even based response and a few others and make those responses and those people totally right you’ll see no argument from me but it’s not always that clear-cut and that simple just having a dual subwoofer setup does not guarantee you’re gonna get bass and audio Nirvana. It’s actually far from it.

A Single Subwoofer Set Up Properly And Set

up well or easily and always outperform. A dual subwoofer set up. This setup poorly or not set up well at all and when I go out and do direct live calibrations for customers. It’s the base that I spend the most time on working hard to get the bass properly integrated at the right rate and levels. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a single sample for setup or a dual subwoofer setup or more.

Im Always Able To Make A Huge

improvement to the base of the system just. The quality of the setup that I do with direct life in my review system at the moment with the Jaw rail Predator subwoofers I would say I’ve got about a perfect base integration between the two subwoofers and my main speakers which are UK reference and Kev UK fifty. Now we’ve just the one or the single rail predator subwoofer or would not have said that and here’s why it’s pretty self–explanatory, but when you only have one subwoofer and you want big scale and big output bass you naturally have to push that subwoofer pretty hard and in some regards very hard and what will happen is it’s part of the setup You’ll find there needs to be a compromise you. ‘ll probably set the subwoofer up for maximum impact, a maximum tactile and connect bass that you can feel but what you’ll find is across a variety of. The subwoofer will either become more localized or audible or directional in its space, and it’s just one of those things.

When There Is One Subwoofer And You

try and push it hard at some point with some content you’ll definitely be able to hear where the bass is coming from. So you can work around that by lowering the bass or reducing the volume from the subwoofer and this doesn’t matter whether you’re crossing over at 80 Hertz or below. The result will still be the same so you’ll find a point where you probably want more bass and more tactile more impact from the subwoofer, but it’s at that point where if I turn it up anymore, it’s gonna be directional, so you’ve got two choices to either turn this up or down or you live with the fact that you can hear it and you can hear. Where the bass is coming from running your subwoofers naturally makes your ear less sensitive to where the bass is coming from and the fact you have more drivers moving more air means you have to drive those subwoofers less hard to create the same amount of bass output and for it to have the same amount of bass impact as I mentioned. This is pretty self-explanatory and pretty obvious stuff.

But It Does Make A Really Big Difference

to the bass quality that you’re able to achieve from home cinema system and this is especially true in those deeper notes around here and your thirty Hertz and below. This is normally where dual subwoofers really help now. This can be a moot point. If you’re sitting in a very hot part of the room and you’re getting a lot of bass boost from the room, but it’s really quite. interesting one because even when that is the situation? The quality of how the bass stars still seems to have quite a big impact on the quality of the bass that you end up hearing that’s providing you’ve got a good or at least a modicum of good quality base management, which means you’re actually hearing more notes than you are just an oversaturated or boomy Type one note bass having live with a single real UK 1508 subwoofer for a period of time and spending some good time listening to it.

When I Added The Second Real Predator Subwoofer

to the system I made a few changes I actually turned it down at the volume on the amplifier ever so slightly. I turned it down to about eleven o’clock and it’s not something I normally do as part of a set up of a subwoofer because normally subwoofers, especially. The smaller ones seem to benefit from having the amplifier turned up in the instances of the real predator. Maybe it’s because it’s a 15-inch driver and it’s naturally more sensitive. Maybe it’s just the way the amplifier works in its gain structure found about 11 o’clock as a volume setting worked really well in my room with how I was about to set them up so after installing the second rail subwoofer and naturally ran a new set of direct live measurements, and I used the pretty much the identical target curve for the dual predator subwoofers as I used for the single predator subwoofer.

The Only Reason I Changed The Target

curve is because I realized I could slightly improve it. I didn’t change it for the fact that I was using two subwoofers over one now doing this as part of a really good setup with. The tweaks that are made to the target curve resulted in an absolutely fantastic sounding system with really higher quality bass. The dual real predator subwoofers were giving me a really detailed, really controlled and really nuanced bass, but a really big impact scale and output, but we’ve the kicker that no point did I feel underwhelmed with the bass and I think more importantly did I feel overwhelmed by the basin, but overwhelmed. I mean that no point that I feel that these subwoofers were losing control or losing it and give me that horrible nasty kind of rumbling bass.

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The Stuff That Makes The Room Rattle And

stuff that horrible rubbish bass that is not ever good. Bass good bass is tight controlled this held and it’s never ever nasty and rumbly and unnaturally. He found this to be very impressive because you have to factor in these. are not cheap subwoofers priced at one thousand, five hundred ninety-nine pounds each, but they’re far from expensive for the bass quality in the basic quantity that they can deliver with the two rail predator subwoofers In my system, I would say I’ve been getting a reference level bass performance and by that I just mean I’m getting the right amount and the right quality of bass to be hearing. The movies sound design a pretty close or damn close to how it would have been created and there is really a lot of insight into the bass production and the movie sound production as a whole and the bass has been very hard to fault and very hard to criticize and I wished.

I Could Sit You All Down In

the main listening C in my review room so you could all hear this for yourself. I’m gonna. Do my best to do some recordings of the system to try and give you some idea of what I’m talking about and what gets in perfect bass sadly No but am I getting good enough bass for it to be end game base well. I’d say it’s pretty damn close the movies that I’ve been using to test the real predator Subwoofers well started off with Avengers Endgame and John Wick 3. I deliberately waited to had both of the real UK 1508 subwoofers in the system to watch these movies and you can imagine how painful that was I would say.

Both Of These Movies Have Good

enough soundtracks to make them demo material. When you invite your friends over and you want to show off your systems. I was particularly impressed with the John Wick 3 soundtrack because that seemed like a far more refined soundtrack compared. to the previous two movies and the bit towards the end, where there’s a massive shootout. I’m sure there’s no spoilers they are there’s a whole barrage of handgun and machine gunfire that based from that scene was really fast and really punchy and really quick.

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But Then When They Stepped Over

to using the shotguns. The change in the tone was really clear and really obvious as it should be and the shotguns a real fun and real kick to them from the dual predator subwoofers, which was really impressive really good fun. Now I must admit after watching John Wick 3. The gritty audio file in me came out and started to question whether those shotguns should be kicking more or not. So I went back to the drawing board and did some more testing.

I Inserted The Blade Runner Uk Ultra

UK Blu-ray because that has got. really crazy intense bass and it is a real torture test for any subwoofer of subwoofers right at the beginning of the film. There is some really unusual and I think quite nasty sounding bass, which often makes a subwoofer make some.


Rel Predator is a dedicated home cinema one design for big scale bass and big scale systems . Terry Ellis talks about the less obvious benefits of having a dual subwoofer setup and then t talk to you about the benefits of a dual system . Ellis: “I was impressed with its control detail and quality of bass as a subwoofer.& It never seemed to overstay its welcome now.& I’ve mentioned that the predator is big in output. We’re having a 15–inch carbon-fiber-reinforced driver and a thousand watt amplifier pushing it means you should get pretty big output and you do this subwowoofer can really rock now,” he says . Ellis says. “I’ve been using two in my system now for a period of time it would be a bit silly of me to just come on here. It would be silly of him to just go on here” to talk about the dual system. I’m glad you’re not going to be…. Click here to read more and watch the full video