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Vids welcome to the channel and today we’re going to be taking a look at theNK] W7 subwoofer, but in particular we’re going to be comparing the 12 W7 subwoofer to the 10W7 subwoofer and they’re both in different applications one being a station wagon one being a coupe so they’re going to sound a lot different, but I want to compare both of the subwoofers side by side because it’s an amazing subwoofer to put in your car and both of these Subs are way different from one another. Even though they’re both W7 so with that being said we’re going to hop right on. In today’s video stay tuned let’s start off by taking a look at the cars that these subwoofers are mounted in and the first car we have is the 2002 Lexus UK Sport cross sport. Sport cross being the wagoned variant to the is-300 and this car has the 12 W7 UK subwoofer in it with the jail audio specific high output PRo Wedge box, which is specifically designed for this W7 subwoofer really nice application and then here we have a 2012 Ford Mustang BOss 302 and believe it or not. This also has a UK W7 in it but this is a 10w7 in the Universal ground Shaker ported box, which is a more Universal application for a box.

Its Not The Designated Design Box

like the box we have over there because UK didn’t make a special designed ported box for the 10w7 only the 12 W7, but with that being said those are the two subwoofers side by side so taking a look at the 12 W7 UK mounted in the Lexus UK s-300 sport cross This is a 2 000. Power subwoofer like I said before mounted in the UK Audio specific high output PRo wedge box, which is specifically designed for the 12 W7 subwoofer and the way that this subwoofer came from UK When I got it new was just like this. I didn’t have to put the subwoofer into the box or the Box you know connected to the subwoofer it literally came all together like this and all I had to do was plug it in obviously with amplifiers and all that setup, but the W7 series THe subwoofers is designed to be in a ported box rather than a sealed box because they hit better that way. The W7 is the flagship top of the line version of the UK series of subwoofers and UK makes a lot of different subwoofers for a lot of different things, some of them being better in ported boxes. Some of them being better than sealed boxes, but the W7 in both of these cars are definitely better in a ported box which both of them are and that’s a pretty good look at the 12w 7ae.

One Other Important Thing To Mention Is This

is a 20th-anniversary edition same thing goes for the 10 W7. This was also a 20th-anniversary edition subwoofer and this one is mounted in the Universal Ground Shaker ported box rather than the specific UK high output box. We have over there for the 12. , but the 10w7 is meant to be a much more crisp hitting subwoofer, where the 12 W7 is just meant to pound a lot more. The 12 W7 still has a really good high mids and lows, but the 10 W7 is really going to complement all your songs rather than you know be a really hard.

Bass Subwoofer For All The Songs Now

This thing still slaps really hard and is a really good subwoofer. All I’m trying to say is that the 10w7 will mesh better with the overall song rather than the 12 W7. The 12 W7 is just a little bit more of a thunder cannon than the 10. just turn the car on we’re going to play the first demo song for you. This is the 12 W7 UK in the Pro red Edge high output box foreign W7ae on how that thing slaps let’s move over to the Boss 302 and hear how the 10 W7Ae sounds on the same exact song thank you so as you guys could tell the 10 W7 definitely still slaps, but you can hear a lot more rattling coming from this car as opposed to the Lexus and that’s because we have a lot less.

Dynamat Applied To This And What Dynamat Is

is the sound insulation that really contributes to how these subwoofers sound you know just closing this trunk and this trunk right here We’ll compare what a dynamated trunk to a non-dynamatic trunk sounds like so when you pound on it it sounds pretty solid, but it still sounds kind of hollow because it’s not fully fully dynamated. What a non–dynamatic panel sounds like is like knocking on the side of this car. Like this you know that sounds fully Hollow, but now we’re going to take a look at the Lexus Sport Cross and knock on the back of this panel. Because this is a absolutely fully dynamated panel and just tell the difference solid as a rock and the Dynamat and the sound insulation is a huge factor in how your subwoofer will sound in the in your car because. Has very minimal Dynamat and you get a lot of rattles from this car whatever that sub hits because it’s a very powerful sub yet.

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In The Lexus Uk Sport Cross We

have a bigger sub with a better design ported box, which slaps way harder, but we have no rattles because we dynamated every square foot of this car and that alone makes a huge difference in the overall sound quality on how a sound system will sound in your car. There are a couple new gadgets I installed in the Lexus UK Sportross that’s new from the last sound system video that I made so I’m going to show you what those are right here and just opening up the door. The first thing is the hardwired radar detector, and this radar detector is just hardwired up through the headliner down through the a-pillar and then connected to. 12 volt somewhere in the car, so I don’t have a wire dangling from the cigarette lighter up here to the radar just kind of compromising the overall look of the dash. Then the second thing I installed which was a really well needed one was the dash camera right here and this dash camera is a special Kenwood Dash camera that connects right here to my Kenwood head unit and I’ll pop a video up right here but you can see that this dash camera is integrated into the head unit and I got a backup camera installed which is right here, which is also integrated into the head unit as well now taking a look at the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 and I haven’t shown you guys this car on this UK channel.

Yet So Were Going To Take

a look at the interior to see what’s going. On in here the first thing we notice is we got the Alpine UK W650 wired apple carplay head unit and then we have this custom Dash right here, which has integrated electronic climate control. It retains the UK clock in there and another thing that’s here is the same hardwire kit for the Escort Radar that I have in my car. He just doesn’t have the radar detector in this at the moment.

But This Car Does Have A

pretty cool Easter egg in the trunk, which I’m going to show you right now you know as you guys saw before we do have the 10 W7 subwoofer mounted right here, but you know if you just take a look at this overall trunk. It looks like a pretty Factory trunk but taking a look down here. The subwoofer is actually levitating it’s not actually mounted to the bottom. of the trunk it’s actually mounted to the back of the frame of the car, so no matter what happens if you roll this thing off a cliff God forbid subwoofer is not going to move in this thing, but the cool part about this trunk right here is this integrated area which you can just pop open.

We Can See His Uk Audio

amplifier down there which Powers the W7 and he also has a tire inflator kit and a couple other roadside assistant Tools in there you know just in case, and it’s really cool to see that building there because I have a very similar build in my Lexus. Having all the roadside equipment and the subwoofer in the car, which is a really hard feat to accomplish because when you go with the big subwoofer like this in any car most of the time you’re going. to have to give up your spare tire your roadside assistance kit and all that stuff that would be stored in your trunk, but with both of these builds right here we get to retain all that so. We can daily drive them and listen to music without having any worries, but with that being said I think that’s going to be a great place to leave off today’s video because I was able to show you.

The 2002 Lexus Uk Sportross 12 W7

subwoofer and I got to show you. The 10 W7 subwoofer mounted in the 2012 Mustang Boss 302, which is a really cool thing make sure you guys remember to sign up for the 50 UK gift card giveaway that I’m still hosting for the channel we’re less than 50 subscribers away from the 500 subscriber giveaway so make sure you sign up for that for a chance to win with that being said thank you everyone for watching and supporting the UK Vids Channel like this video turn on the Note notification Bell if you want to see more content like this. I’ll see you guys next time cheers.


The 12 W7 UK subwoofer is mounted in the Lexus UK s-300 sport cross . The 10W7 is a 10w7 in the Universal ground Shaker ported box, which is a more Universal application for a box . Both subwoofers are in different applications one being a station wagon one being the coupe so they’re going to sound a lot different, but I want to compare them side by side because it’s an amazing subwowoofer to put in your car and both of these Subs are way different from one another. Even though they’re both W7 so with that being said we’re . going to hop right on. Stay tuned to the latest UK Vids video here at 8pm ET on iReport.com/watch it below the bottom of the page for all the latest updates from the UK Viscisciscarencencence. Back to the page you came from.com . Back to Mail Online home to see the latest from iReport…. Click here to read more and watch the full video