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Hey Guys Welcome Back To The Channel

Today We are going to review the SvS Micro 3000 subwoofer. I am pretty excited to have this little guy here because I am a big fan of small subwoofers, um especially ones that sound good so um I’ll take you through the review the same way. I generally do where I tell you about some specs and standout features what it sounds like some comparisons and then we wrap it up except in this video. I’m also going to tell you how to and I’m going to show you how to remove the grill. I know some of you guys came here and watched this video just for the girl removal so we’re going to do that right now please do keep in mind.

The Grille Was Not Designed To

be removed so you do want to be careful Iu I’m using. The smallest screwdriver? I have it’s essentially an eyeglass screwdriver and I’ve wrapped just a little bit of tape around the shaft, so that no metal comes in contact with the gloss finish so um oh by the way. There was no difference in sound whether I had the grilles on or off. This is like purely for aesthetics. My guess is most of you guys that want to take your grilles off probably have the black model because I think the black model would probably look pretty cool with the grilles off, but what you’re going to do is you’re going to look for a spot where you can fit the screwdriver in the grille and just pry just a little bit you’re only looking for a few millimeters of movement.

You Know You Dont Want This

this thing’s not going to just like pop off with one pull. Once you get a few millimeters of movement move on to another area and just you want to kind of repeat that some areas you’re not going to get any movement at all it’s just going to be in and that that’s okay. If you don’t get any movement just kind of give up and move to a different spot like here. I’m not getting any movement. I’m going to try underneath getting a little bit there let’s go back to where we started on this side a little bit more.

Lets See If We Can Get A Little

bit more on the top and then we should be good. I think we’re good so I’ve incrementally moved it out just a few millimeters at a time, and you just want to get enough of a edge, where you can kind of just put your fingertips on it and just. lightly lift and you want to make sure to rotate a little bit as you go little by little you’re not putting much force on this because again. It wasn’t designed to come off and if you don’t get any movement that’s okay just you know move to another side like like this side right here. This is like in pretty good right now that’s okay.

Im Just Going To Keep Working It

slowly there we go see look it’s come off almost all the way here so just a little wiggle. Maybe no it doesn’t want to come off with a wiggle I’ll be honest guys I’ve done some takes where it came off just like that so I think it’s actually pretty cool that this is taking a while because for some of you it might take a while and you might find yourself getting frustrated you might. want to rip it off Don’t look at me do it like I am you’re I’m being patient You can be patient right just going to keep working it. Oh there we go cool and if I can be patient guys so can you because I’m filming a video so I want to look cool and do it quickly, but as you can see it took me. You know maybe two minutes or so so it wasn’t difficult you just have to be careful you Don’t want to damage your 800 subwoofer or scratch the nice finish the cool thing is they did include like a little felt liner around the grill so it’s not going to like scratch up the finish as you remove it.

I Thought That Was A Nice Touch And

here. We’ve got a nice beautiful Svs driver with the Svs logo across I think that’s. a nice touch, especially considering the fact that the girls weren’t designed to be removed the fact that the driver is branded awesome thank you Svs okay let’s talk about some specs and standout features. We’ve got a 21 Hertz in room extension 800 watts RMs 105 Decibel. You know is how loud it can play um.

Weve Got A Ton Of Peak Power.

Svs subwoofers generally have triple their RMs wattage in peak power which is very impressive. It’s got a cell phone app that lets you adjust everything and anything you would want to adjust in a subwoofer slope frequency cut off polarity peq room gain compensation user definable profiles etc. It’s awesome and one of the coolest things though in my opinion is that this the amplifier here. This might look small, but this was actually lifted from the more expensive SB 3000 um and if you’re.

Wondering Like Why Is It So

small It’s actually not it wraps around the bottom um so they did have to make some alterations as you can see to make this 800 watt RMs amplifier fit this tiny cabinet um by making it essentially like wrap around underneath so good job there Svs um it looks clean. I I love the look so those are the features with the cell phone app in my opinion being the most stand-out feature and the coolest thing here is like SvS isn’t the only company in the world with a cell phone app like Bowers and Wilkins has one but it’s only available on the Db 3D and up and that starts at 3 000, whereas for SvS it’s available on every single one of their subwoofers even the most affordable sp 1000 pro that’s only 500 so that is super cool. And I’ll be honest Svs’s app is it’s like pretty good. I’d say it’s it’s better than most anyhow. I digress so what does it sound like well.

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Svs To Me Is Known For A Few

things at least to me in my experience. I have kind of an expectation. When I get a SvS subwoofer in this room because I’ve owned a few of them. I’ve reviewed a few of them um and there’s three things they’ve all done really really well and I was curious to see if this one could too and those three things are going to be dynamics for days. Just brute force, aggressive and violent attack and spl capability are usually pretty good too you know varying obviously depending on the model and how much power they have this definitely has all three of those things it’s it had that attack exactly as I.

Was Expecting It Um My The First

time. I noticed that just immediacy and ability to pressurize a room with attack is when I owned the SB 3000. Once I got that thing set up. I played the young Jeezy song put on and the third note in the intro just pressurized my room so aggressively and so violently. I was like whoa and I had heard that song a million times with a lot of different setups but with an Svs subwoofer.

It Was Unlike Anything Else It Just

put a smile on my face um and this was able to do that as well. Now. I’m not saying this can play as loud as an sp3000 no but I’m saying it’s attack the brute force aggressiveness that Svs subwoofers are known for immediacy to pressurize the room and their dynamics are all here front and center very good. At those things That is I would say a serious achievement because it’s just it’s so small. I mean like I don’t have the biggest hands guys like like look at this thing like it’s it’s tiny you know what I mean um so yeah it’s great at those three things .

Some Other Things Like Integration Was Good.

I was able to get it integrate very well whether I was listening to music playing video games or watching a movie. I did watch the mortal kombat movie using the subwoofer now. I can’t comment on infrasonics like the edge of tomorrow intro because a tiny subwoofer like this isn’t going to be able to produce anything like 18 Hertz and below and if you were expecting it to. I would say adjust your expectations a bit this guy again is tiny so yeah anyhow while watching.

Mortal Kombat Like The Punches The Music

There was all like that movie Honestly had like a lot of bass going on um and this delivered it like no problem. It was pretty fun, but I will say when I watch movies. I don’t watch them that loud I keep the volume around 75 db with 80 db or so peaks. So you know maybe keep that in mind. If you listen like louder remember like this is a smaller sub with 105 decibel capability You could get a pair to have them play louder reinforce the lower end more widen your stage and have a overall larger sense of scale.

Lets Talk About Sense Of Scale Sense

of scale pretty good um this when it was set up and I was playing it it did not feel like I was listening to a small subwoofer a lot of times. smaller subwoofers, their sense of scale is smaller and larger subwoofers have a larger sense of scale. This like if I closed my eyes and you made me like guess I would kind of guess it was just like a medium to like normal size subwoofer playing in my room. I was pretty good at that um speed and its ability to transition through like transients dynamics super good as you would expect from eight inch drivers. You know they can move fairly quickly.

It Turn On A Dime And

so on base. Note distinction was fairly good below 50 Hertz above 50 Hertz. I didn’t get a whole lot of information and that’s kind of gonna come down to the design. Generally speaking when you put a driver in a cabinet that is so small.

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You Do Lose Some Of Your Mid-Base

you a lot of times lose. Low end extension as well but DsP kind of brings all of that back in now. There is a peq for so if you’re a mid-bass lover, you can play with that and bring some of that mid bass back up personally. I set up all my subwoofers around 50 Hertz or so so I didn’t care about that um and for what it’s worth.

I Consider Mid-Bass Anything Between Like

60 and 80 Hertz. It’s mid-bass kind of like an audio follower that’s made up there’s no real definition for it. So there’s mine I suppose and anything over 100 hertz. I don’t even consider bass honestly that’s just like lower mid-range to me but um yeah so let’s see what other areas people care about metrics descriptors.

I Think Ive Talked About All The

ones that matter to me honestly let’s talk about comparisons let’s. With comparing the 3000 micro to Svs’s own subwoofers. I think that’s a great place to start.


The SvS Micro 3000 subwoofer is a small subwoofers that sound good . The review is a look at some specs and standout features and then we wrap it up except in this video . I’m also going to tell you how to and I’m going to show how to remove the grill . The grille was not designed to be removed so you do want to be careful Iu I’m using an eyeglass screwdriver . There was no difference in sound whether I had the grilles on or off.& This is like purely for aesthetics. I think the black model would probably look pretty cool with the grille off, but the black models would probably be pretty cool . The smallest screwdriver? I have it’s essentially an eyelight screwdriver and I’ve wrapped just a little bit of tape around the shaft, so that no metal comes in contact with the gloss finish so um oh by the way.& There were no difference between the grills on…. Click here to read more and watch the full video