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today We are finally going to talk about the rhythmic F12 se direct Servo subwoofer. If you follow my community page no doubt you’ve been looking forward to this you know I bought a pair of them about seven weeks ago, but for the purpose of this video, We are all. We are only going to focus on a single subwoofer being used for my assessments. All my sound impressions are going to be based on using just one subwoofer. The reason for that is all my past videos where I’ve reviewed subwoofers have been just one subwoofer so it wouldn’t make sense to review a pair and not just a single subwoofer.

We Will Review The Pair At A

later date and I’ll tell you about that in the future so um I did use this subwoofer with a lot of different. Speakers speakers that are super bass heavy like the Picard S400 and then speakers that hardly have any bass of their own like the silver line Minuet Supreme plus that only has a four-inch driver and it needs serious help in the base department I am happy to report this bad boy integrates very very well with just about anything I tried the focal core 806 the you like DbR62. No matter what speaker I threaded it just integrated and disappeared in the room so back to the subwoofer for that what we’ve got is a 12-inch driver on the front. We have a 370 watt RMs class A B amplifier in the rear and we’ve got all kinds of knobs and switches for adjustment in the rear as well. Frequency response you can adjust down to 25 hertz if you need to and as high as 120.

You Have Variable Phase Adjustment Between Zero And

um 180 sorry. Obviously you have gain adjustment there’s a Peq there’s XLR inputs. There’s RCa inputs. You can adjust the damping low medium and high and so on I will leave links below so you know if you want to look at pictures of the back of this amplifier. They have it on the rhythmic website and there are different amplifier options for this model.

I Chose To Go The Standard Offering

so real quick if you’re worried that 370 watts isn’t a lot of power or enough power for you consider two things thing one they have designed and engineered the subwoofer for music. This is for a music system for music lovers so for music you really don’t need that much more power right rhythmic does make other models for larger rooms for theater use and so on. This bad boy is for a music only system second thing to keep in mind. The direct servo technology is going to help boost efficiency and make better use of that wattage, so it’s 370 watts is going to be like more than say a traditional non–servo design. If you will how much more is anyone’s guess, but at no point did I feel like this bad boy was running out of steam or needed more power it played plenty loud for my needs and again that was using just one so what does it sound like you know what I mean so I already told you it integrates well, but let me talk about that just a little bit more because I’m not kidding here.

This Thing Integrates Really Well So Well

in fact that when I was listening to this subwoofer with the focal core 806 I got. A few times to make sure the damn thing was on and if you’re thinking hey man that’s an amateur move, you’re a reviewer. You should totally know when your subwoofers on I get that trust me. I’m a bass head. I’ve been listening to subwoofers for a better part of 20 years.

But This Freaking Thing Integrates That Well.

I’m not bullshitting here guys if you are the kind of person that truly wants your subwoofer to disappear not draw attention to itself and just you know what I mean this is the one okay so let me tell you about some other things that I did really well textures and tonal accuracy phenomenal. When a bass guitar is strum it sounded so real. It filled out the sound with tonal accuracy and bass. Note distinction that was so good I did have the experience when I closed my.

Eyes Of Feeling Like Someone Had Strum

a bass in front of me in my room that’s not something. I generally say because I’ll be honest. It’s pretty rare where I’ll be listening to music and have the impression of oh It sounds like someone’s really in my room that I just I usually don’t have that experience, but when it came to this and bass guitars. I definitely had that experience anyway it’s quick it’s tight it can play plenty loud and it can dig very deep. The servo technology by the way does also help the frequency response remain flat as the bass reaches its lowest octave and it does help the base be a little bit deeper in its overall presentation.

So This Guys Good You Know What

I mean if you’re putting together a music system. I really think you’re gonna like this, but just so. We’re clear for putting together a theater system where you’ve got a larger room. Ah I don’t know if I’d recommend this. You know what I mean like I said rhythmic has other models for that so um let’s talk about some comparisons so let’s talk about the cheaper L12.

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I Reviewed That A While Back Now

that’s a lot cheaper. This is about double the price. The L12 is 570 bucks. This bad boy is 1 100 in the gloss black finish. It does come in some matte finishes like vinyl wraps.

Those Are 989 Bucks And There Is

free shipping if you’re in the United States outside of the country. Unfortunately, you are going to have to pay freight which does drive the cost up sorry. It is what it is but for what it’s worth if you feel makes you feel any better us here. In the United States, we pay more for certain speakers because of the shipping we don’t technically get charged a freight bill. For example, but the MsRp is quite a bit higher.

For Example, The Monitor Audio Bronze

100 325 euros or I think sorry yeah like 350 euro in Europe 599 here in the United States anyhow I digress so the rhythmic L12 half the price can it compete not really it’s half the price guys come on now so rhythmic designed the L12 based on consumer feedback. People wanted a cheaper subwoofer that was still really really good so they made the L12. Now it’s a great subwoofer and for its price. I can’t think of anything else. I would recommend honestly, but if you want to compare.

It Directly To This How Much Better

is this it’s double the price its textures, its base detail its articulation. It’s integration it’s it’s all better it’s all better. You know. I also reviewed the rhythmic L22. How does that compare that and this are only 30 apart in price, but again that is the L series subwoofer so it’s going to be a step down overall compared to the F12 se so the L12 is going to fall behind in a similar manner that the L12 did compared to this thing directly right its sound quality overall while being still quite good.

Its Not Going To Be As

good as the F12 Sc. The F12 Sc simply put is going to have better sound quality from top to bottom. However, the L22 does give you double the surface area and almost double the wattage so it is going to. Add a ton more overall weight and presence and pressurize your room quite a bit more This surprisingly does dig a little bit deeper. I believe the L 22’s negative 3 db point is going to be 18 Hertz.

This Guy Is Rated At Negative 2 Db

14 Hertz so anyhow let’s talk about this compared to Svs Sb 2000 Pro and Sp 3000. Those are fine subwoofers I love those subwoofers, but they are the total opposite of this guy where this guy totally disappears in the room. The Svs subwoofers the Sp 2000 Pro and 3000 are gonna have a little bit more initial attack, slam and dynamics and unfortunately, as a result, draw a little bit of attention to themselves and I’ll be honest. I think by design Svs subwoofers are kind of known for making their presence known when you buy an svs subwoofer you’re never. disappointed because you know you’re getting your money’s worth when the base kicks in you’re like boom that’s my subwoofer doing its job.

This On The Other Hand, Doesnt

do that I never had that experience where the bass kicked in and I was like Oh that’s the subwoofer doing its job that simply never happened That’s how well this bad boy integrates now as far as overall sound quality. The Svs stuff is pretty good, but this did articulate a little bit better and when I say articulation. I’m talking about note distinction and base detail. It did have better tonal accuracy as well as far as realism for instruments and its overall presentation seemed to be a little bit more natural let’s compare this to the rel HT1205 that’s another subwoofer. I really like I own a pair of those also they’re all 1205 is quite a bit.

Cheaper Its 700.

This is 1 100, so they’re both good subwoofers and they’re both in the same category actually of like integrating really well and having that great tonal accuracy Right . This is still going to take the edge though in terms of sound quality overall with its articulation based note distinction and tonal accuracy and so on and transients right, The rel is still quite good and possibly the best at seven hundred dollars at those things the rel i did find actually to be a little bit more dynamic in its overall presentation. When the bass kicked in it definitely pressurized the room just a little bit more than this did um for the like initial attack. If you will um so they’re fairly similar, but this being a few hundred dollars more is a few hundred dollars better if you will so I’m not.

Going To Really Compare It To Anything

else because I don’t think any other comparisons make sense you know the other subwoofers I’ve reviewed were quite a bit cheaper you know like 500 and below. Like the emotiva Se12 that’s a great subwoofer for 400 bucks, but this is almost was that three times the price at this point it just simply does not make sense. This would blow it out of the water and even if you had four of those it still would not compete with one of these in my opinion so really good subwoofer um let’s recap real quick amazing articulation, amazing bass note distinction, amazing tonality and realism amazing transients great speed tons of setup options on the back. If you’re putting together a music system.

I Think Youre Really Going To Like

the subwoofer the only knock I have against it is. I’ll say. It integrated just a little too well for my personal taste. I did feel myself missing a little bit of that like wild attack.

Other Subwoofers Have But I Do Understand Part

of that it’s for two reasons. One that’s what gives it the good integration and two that is the results of the Servo technology. The Servo technology is going to stop that cone.


The rhythmic F12 se direct Servo subwoofer is a rhythmic subwoofer . It has a 12-inch driver on the front and a 370-watt amplifier in the rear . Frequency response you can adjust down to 25 hertz if you need to and as high as 120 . No matter what speaker I threaded it just integrated and disappeared in the room . I am happy to report this bad boy integrates very very well with just about anything I tried the focal core 806 the you like DbR62 . I will leave links below so you know if you want to look at pictures of the back of this amplifier . I chose the standard offering so I chose to go the . standard offering for this model so I chose a standard offering . There are different amplifier options for . this model. I chose from the standard option for the . rhythmic amplifier option for this example of this model . The amplifier options are available on the Rhythmic website and there are different…. Click here to read more and watch the full video