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Im Going To Get Straight To The Point.

SvS subwoofers are amazing you all know that and there are already so many positive reviews online if you go to their website man, you can see them displaying the awards and accolades proudly on their website. So how do I approach talking about their SvS PC2000 pro subwoofer without sounding like another commercial well for one. I would not use the word. It is so good in this video.

Now Every Time I Click On An Svs

subwoofer video. It is always about how the sub can shake something off the wall or how it can realistically bring King Kong into your living room for me. SvS subs being amazing for home theater is an expectation what about music. This is Thomas and stereo and I’m more focused on two-channel listening but you know at one point in my life. I.

Only Into Home Theater, I Went Through Many

projectors, screens, home feeder speakers and subwoofers. Of course, what I look for At that time is just pure room rattling power forget definition and precisions. I was all about shaking the house. When I finished watching a movie and I go upstairs from my basement here and my wife gave me that look you know that you’ve done well building your home theater system tell you a story did you know. I bought this house just for my home theater so one night.

I Was Driving Through This Neighborhood

and I told myself hey man you know the house is here. They have very good space between each one. So I can blast my home theater so The next day I went to the office where they sell like these houses. I want to check the basement of a pre-built house. They have sample houses and I told myself man the biggest wall can handle a 130-inch screen Okay you know what I bought the house It was just like the first or second house.

I Visited And I Bought It Just Because

one of the basement walls is big enough for my projector screen now on my journey to build my dream home theater. I bought an SvS2039 PCi cylindrical subwoofer and I loved it it was everything. Everyone said it was a foundation destroyer. I loved it until I discovered two two-channel audio now. I still remember one night frustrated trying to integrate that Svs up with my two-channel stereo.

It Was Just Too Boomy.

I would put this volume down to almost zero and even then it did not work. So eventually as I transitioned to two-channel stereo. I ended up selling that subwoofer a few years. Sealed design subwoofers now Many of you have seen the rail T7I video I made and because of my discovery of subwoofers for music now as you know I’m bringing a tube integrated m2 market.

I Insisted That My App Will Have

a dual stereo subwoofer output now usually to integrated amp at even double that price does not have a subwoofer out, but I know the world has changed and subwoofer for music is a must for some rooms now. The problem with sealed design subs is when it comes to movies. It is just okay and lacks that raising your adrenaline magic. Most people probably will be fine with it but man you’re talking to someone who bought a house for his home theater so just like two channel audio. My standard for home office home theater is quite high.

Even My Dedicated Home Theater Speakers

are not. just your average best buy home theater speakers now If you look at my home theater speakers. It has many settings to optimize for my room. So after I finish reviewing the SvS sound-based amplifier. I asked SvS if they can send me one of their cylindrical subwoofers.

I Wonder With All The Advancement In Technology

can the SvS 2000 pro. Unlike the SvS2039. PCi man who came up with that name reminds me of Finn from Star Wars. My name is FN2187 will it be good for music. The answer is yes with a little asterisk so my audio buddies today.

We Are Going To Talk About The Svs

PC 2000 Pro you see PC2000 P stands for ported c4 cylindrical. You see that is good naming UK now just like most of my video. Svs is not paying me a penny and they have not told me. I can keep these subs in fact the last few items I reviewed for SvS. I ended up buying them with my own money and I think the only thing you need to know about this SvS sub is.

It Has A 12-Inch Down Firing

woofer with 551 Rms. It goes down to 16 Hertz comes with these nice soft feet with a fancy name sound path subwoofer isolation system. The best part is you can control everything with your phone now for those of you who are still living in the stone age and think that’s no big deal who needs all these fancy app, which allows you to adjust the volume adjust the crossover frequency parametric equation Polarity room gain and Blah Blah Blah you know I would not be surprised. They have like a make coffee button hidden somewhere in the app if you don’t think. You need the app? I am telling you you need this in your life.

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Your Subwoofer Life Is Incomplete Without This App,

so how does it sound look just go look at the gazillion videos out there. Those guys have a more fancy vocabulary than me in describing how good the sub is at tearing down their room. My only concern was can I listen to music with it because I expected it to perform really well with new movies now I would answer it this way. If you have never heard a seal suck. It would never cross your mind that you can do better than this sub once you dial this in with the help of the app.

I Was Able To Integrate It To

the point that I felt it worked well for music. In fact, I’m guessing if I ask my audio buddies to come to. listen to my system They might not know I have the subwoofers on now of course when I power on and off the subs yeah I can hear a big difference. Now I did sew up the port drop certain frequencies and select specific setting optimized for music with the app now the point is compared to the old SvS sub it is night and day. The only thing you have to be aware of is certain instruments feel bigger.

It Is Still Tight Enough, But The

bass does feel fatter like the cello it feels bigger the sound stage is bigger, but fortunately, the signal does not feel bigger. Now I did double check if the bass is tight enough and yes it is the asterisks. I mentioned before is certain things feel bigger and the bass is fatter now the reason why I mentioned earlier if you have. Never heard a seal sub made specifically for music is that because from my experience with Ciusa, I was able to hear more articulation and detail with those subs, and they tend to disappear easier with Seal Subs many times. I would wonder if it’s on or not with this Svs.

Im Not Saying You Can Hear

it, but you can definitely hear a big difference without the need to go into critical listening, so it all depends on what you want also with this up I noticed the more output you need from them the more finesse you lose with music now Loic also got a chance to try at his home that’s one of my audio buddy and he did get them to integrate well for music. His only observation is that ideally to use it with speakers that allow him to cross under 60 Hertz now in my opinion if you want to sub for just music and also you’re chasing more for that definition, then get one of the seal version. Now SvS does have sealed subs now Why would you get this one it’s because it is more fun exactly how I describe the Wilsonton R82 integrated m that many of you love as I said based on that unit it’s exaggerated, but it brings a big smile to my face when I listen to it sure not the most audiophile to amplifier, but definitely a really fun and happy amp to listen to with the Svs. This is so fun to listen to especially with 80s music forget the audiophile snobbery I want to hear exactly what the artist intended forget that this. Is how I want to listen to and I had a blast with it so logically if you’re using a system for both music and movies.

This Is A Good Solution.

If you spend 51 percent of your time with movies. This is something you should seriously consider because the second I open up the ports and change the settings to movie and remove all restraints. It is like bruce banner transforming to the hulk you know home theater has taken a back seat ever since I spent more time with two channel system but oh my god. These subwoofers reminded me why I bought this house.

I Missed Those Crazy Door Shaking Explosions

and I remember. While I was testing these subs. I would rewind the same scene like three times just to feel the power. If you never ever tried house shaking subs you should life is short. Have I ever listened to subs with more output and more definition yes but those were more expensive now.

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I Dont Know If 1099 Is

good value because I don’t specialize in subs but from my research online looking at people’s comments everyone seems to agree that it is very good value, especially you get a 45-day trial period five-year unconditional warranty and free shipping what else can you ask for more I do want to mention you should ask for the port plugs because they’re not in the box but they are free. They told me most people don’t use them but for me if you’re using them to also listen to music you should get them so let’s wrap it up. Some of you might find the sub too big, but for someone like me I love it. When I set out to build my home theater. I Everything big a big waffle, big screen big sound big subwoofer Now The only reason I had to set up for small size home theater speaker is just simply because of space, but you know my home theater speakers are still decent size look.

Svs Makes Different Subwoofers And What Im Trying

to do with this video as an audiophile and movie lover is to give you an idea. If this is the right solution for you. If I were to choose a sub for just purely music, I would ask them to send me. The SB 3000 seal box version.

If I Wanted Purely For Movies

I would ask them to send me the PB16 ultra ported box, but I risk ending up with a divorce. If I get that now this PC2000 pro is really a balance of both music and movies as well as price not too. Cheap not too expensive and that was partially the reason I asked for this specific model instead of the higher end model Yeah, Maybe I should have having owned the older SvS.


SvS subwoofers are amazing you all know that and there are already so many positive reviews online if you go to their website man, you can see them displaying the awards and accolades proudly on their website . SvS subs being amazing for home theater is an expectation what about music? Thomas says he’s more focused on two-channel listening but you know at one point in his life, I went through many projectors, screens, home feeder speakers and subwofers . He bought an SvS2039 PCi cylindrical subwoofer and he lovingly describes it as pure room rattling power forget definition and precisions . Thomas: “I was all about shaking the house. At that time, what I look for at that time is just pure room rattle power. I’m all about shake the house” He says he bought this house just because one of the basement walls is big enough for a 130-inch screen It was just like the first or second…. Click here to read more and watch the full video