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to use my code E010 for 10 awkward purchase well what am I going to see all right Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy, My name is Elaine Osborne and this is my Youtube channel where I talk about movies, audio and music and today today my friends you’re going to get thumped on both sides of your head because I reviewed not one but two Bravo‘s 12d subs from appearian audio are they a dynamic duo two of a kind. My two buddies, sonic and Boom here to explode your faces off let’s get into it. What’s in the box Zip Zip zap look at that a black box reading material microfiber cloth a couple of choices of feet for you you got rubber for hard surfaces, power cord spikes for carpet the old down over down up method high. quality rigid foam to protect it and it’s in there nice and tight, which is great for shipping unwrap it even more and there’s the main active downward firing driver with some nice-looking buttons and such on the back. This sub is solid with two passive radiators covered by grilles.

The Bravus 12D Subwoofer Is A

unique subwoofer given that it is neither sealed nor ported, but rather given the gift of not one but two 12-inch passive radiators on either side of the cabinet, which translates to some seriously expansive base that fills every corner of your room. It contains one active 12-inch high excursion aluminum driver that is downward firing. It measures 15. 5 inches wide, 17 inches high and 15. 5 inches deep.

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Its Powered By A 650 Watts Rms

Class D amplifier all within a one inch internally braced HDf cabinet yes that’s right high density. wood not just medium density or MDF and that’s true for all appearance subs not just the flagship 12d. The frequency response dips down to a solid 22 hertz and goes all the way up to 350 hertz. On the back we got your power cord reservoir power switch and the ability to easily switch between 110 or 220 volts depending on where you live in the world. You can switch between the sub being off auto detecting a signal or always on phase switch.

Adjust Your Crossover Frequency Between 40 And

120 hertz volume knob unbalanced left and right input a separate single Lfe input and high level inputs for use in a stereo hi-fi system out of the box. The passive radiators on the sides are covered with acoustically transparent grilles, but they can be removed and lastly. The 12d comes in gloss black stealth black or gloss. Now that’s elegant how do they sound right up front? I just gotta say that I am very impressed with these subwoofers. I do have just a couple things that I wish were improved, but I’ll get to that later.

I Had Some Fun Around The Living

room with these subs getting all crazy with rew and my umic 1 calibration microphone moving them to several different positions, including to the sides to the sides in various corners up front between the entertainment center and towers and finally to here where I found it sounded the best with the right staying in between the entertainment center and the 60 tower and the left on the outside of the tower in the corner by the fireplace. Because at least in my living room with its kind of weird angles and open space, it opens right back to the kitchen behind the couch 10 foot ceilings and we’re surprisingly somewhat similar responses, despite them not being perfectly symmetrical in their placement relative to the entertainment center go figure right that’s why if you really want some precision you do need to get something like a calibration microphone so you can run rew which is free software by the way so you can see with your own eyeballs the impact that your room will have on low frequencies. Obviously if I had something like the mini-DsP 2×4 Hd I could dial in and correct some of those mistakes that I found after running raw but Alas, even though it’s not exactly a very flat response. I just found the best overall response just by being able to. Physically move the subwoofers as opposed to getting real technical about fixing the anomalies because probably most of you out there are like me who Don’t have a mini-DsP 2×4 HD or Don’t have a subwoofer that has on-board Eq or an app which brings me to the very few complaints that I have about the Braavos 12d with this being appearian’s flagship subwoofer and the fact that we’re in 2021 I do wish.

There Was Some Sort Of On-Board

parametric eq in which I could go in and correct some of those peaks that are just a little bit too loud in my living room, or maybe an app like SBs has in order to take advantage of a 3-band or even just a 1-band parametric Eq, so that I could make more precise adjustments and the only other thing that I can just slightly complain about is. of the 12-inch active driver, it’s able to drop it low and get down to those subsonic frequencies. This is true but one thing about having passive radiators on either side as opposed to ports or it being a sealed cabinet is that the extension is phenomenal being able to fill up the room no problem, especially when running two of these bad boys Holy but the response the snap the speed is just lacking by a hair but with those nitpicky issues out of the way. Let me tell you it was still a thrill to have these two Braavos 12ds shaking my walls my go-to tests like the opening of blade runner 2049 with its low frequency sweeps the battle of Pelinor Fields in return of the King with the only fonts charging mad Max fury road from start to finish with its high octane action and bombastic. large open concept living room was well pressurized by these two 12 d’s and not only did they fill up my room well.

Their Articulation Was Outstanding Articulation Meaning When Dealing

with low frequencies there’s not just one type of bass you want to hear you don’t want a one note monotone bass sound just to different volumes. There’s wobbly bass sweeping bass frequencies that feel like they go straight up your butt crack explosion bass shotgun bass big ship flying overhead base. They’re all different and those articulations were handled very well by the Bravos 12d. Besides the occasional lag and speed and response when it came to quick attack base like i mentioned earlier but bottom line is the Braavos 12d looks gorgeous, so it’ll fit in many different living rooms with whatever decor you might have. It’s very versatile in its ability to reproduce different kinds of.

Bass It Could Use An Update With

an onboard or app-based parametric EQ, but should still go perfectly in any medium-sized or even large size home theater space, especially with two not just medium density. Oh you’re right there ah snot what um well is there something on my face clearly I’m getting over a cold so I probably should have done this video in the style of Andrew Robinson because now I can easily get down to his register silky smooth baritone. These are my friends today H so there you have it folks so any questions comments concerns are you gonna need these monsters in your home theater like yesterday If so once again, Don’t forget to use my code E010 at checkout for 10 off your purchase be sure to like and subscribe and hit the bell call appearing audio too if you have any questions because. So down to walk you through any situation trust me and of course always be listening.

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Elaine Osborne reviews not one but two Bravo’s 12d subs from appearian audio . The frequency response dips down to a solid 22 hertz and goes all the way up to 350 hertz . It measures 15.&5 inches wide, 17 inches high and 15.5 inches deep . It’s powered by a 650 watts RMs Class D amplifier all within a one inch internally braced HDf cabinet . If you like what you see today? Don’t forget to use my code E010 for 10 awkward purchase of 10 awkward purchases by clicking here to buy the latest episode of our live webcast from 9pm ET on Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Osborne. Back to the page you came or click here for a review of this episode of this week’s episode of The Daily Mail Online Showcase, or visit….. Click here to read more and watch the full video