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What Is Going On Guys It Is

Parker here and today we are going to be looking at an extreme budget sub here that looks like it may have some pretty good value to it. This is the Rockville K-6 and it retails for under $75 stay tuned and there we go all right guys yeah so as I mentioned of course Rockville K-6 now if you’ve watched my videos for a long time you’ll know I have had a Rockville K9 and a Rockville destroyer so that We’ve had some experience with them for better or for worse but a bunch of you have been asking me to check out the Rockville K-6 for right at 75 bucks at least on paper. It looks like steal of a deal on a sub will go why when I get into it, but I’ll figure it might as well get one. See if it’s really all it is cracked up to be or this is a sub that Y’all should pass on anyway. Let’s get right into it So first off we have the Rockville warranty card Now.

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This Does Have A One-Year Warranty.

Now I will say when I had my canine I actually did have a warranty issue with it and I sent it back to them and they sent me the brand new Canine V2 so was pretty pleased with their warranty service definitely more than I think some others could say then we have of course the Rockville decal and then over here. We have the specs sheet so let’s have a cast aluminum basket, which is pretty cool, has a non-pressed paper cone six and a half-pound motor. It has a two and a half-inch dual 4-ohm voice coil now here it says. an aluminum voice coil, but on their website at least in their videos they do say it has a full 100 percent American-made copper voice coil so not too sure what’s going on there and then of course the UK rating is 600.

There Uk Rating Is 1200 And Then

the max is 2400. I think there’s last two are just kind of irrelevant numbers honestly says X max of 26 millimeters very high doubt that that is probably both directions not just one that would be insane for this price point sub has the UK of thirty-nine point nine Hertz and then on this side. It just has a few ways that you can wire up your sub to a different ohm loads that’s cool that they have that there so here’s the sub it’s pretty cool seeing one of these in person. This is the first one. Ever had so very very cool well, let’s get you all a little closer look up at it alright guys here is the sub-right clean-looking sub.

This Is A Very Nice Simple Modern Look

to it so I do like that they have a nice pretty stiff non-pressed paper cone. You can’t dump light if you try but overall pretty stiff nice kind of mid roll surround there’s a little bit of glue. It looks like right there on it but that’s no big deal. Of course we do have the double stitching, which is really cool to see at this $75 price point now I’m around here what’s really really cool about this sub is we have a cast aluminum basket now normally subs at this price point are even higher they’re gonna have a stamped steel basket as it is cheaper, but the cast aluminum baskets. make the subs overall sound better and makes it more of an efficient sub Just Overall, you see that I’m pretty much any higher in sub, but it’s pretty rare.

You Ever See It On A

sub that’s only $75 so that is really really cool glad that they did that and then over here we have our tinsel leads. They are sewn into the spider. We just have one spider then we have eight gauge terminals, Springs and nice and stiff on that and then under here. We have our motor very nice looking motors that’s kind of a little bit of a textured paint over it just has a really nice simplistic look. This Is a double stack 100 ounces of motor so for that $75 range really not too bad in a real close-up look at it before Y’all really liked the cone does have a little bit of glue spillage right there just something to note.

Of Course, We Have Our Gasket Around

the sub and there’s this beautiful cast aluminum basket very cool and then there’s a copper coil right down in there and then you can see those leads sewn into the spider they’re not really very big leads, but kind of what’s definitely what you would expect on a $75 600 watt UK sub and then there’s our motor now I’m so used to seeing stuff like this that when I see this this looks tiny but got to remember guys. This is only 75 bucks so really for that price not too bad all right guys let’s. A quick comparison for Y’all now this is the audio pipe left Etx Bd2. This sub retails for right at $100 so only 25 more bucks. Then this guy and just by looking at it you really can see a good deal of difference.

This Of Course Has A Cast

aluminum basket as well which is really awesome even for a sub at 100 bucks. We really don’t see that a whole lot but then we just look at these motors on this thing. I don’t remember the exact weight of this but compared to this little guy definitely a huge step up in my opinion. This is the best value sub you can get for 100 bucks, but here in a few months, I’m gonna be doing a big video comparing probably the top 10 $100 subs, so y’all definitely got to stay tuned for that but here we. have a little bit more cone area as we have a slimmer surround when if we have a much thicker surround on this guy, and this guy is really kind of sunken in this thing has been used a ton.

This Is The One Thats Actually

the exact sub I had. I reviewed back last summer and then I sold it to a buddy of mine and he thrashed on this thing for several months just non-stop and then it was still working and he got something else Why I bought it back from him, so I could just use it for another video just by looking at him. If it was me. I would save up the extra 25 bucks. But if 75 bucks is you are limit.

Maybe Youd Want To Look At This Of

course, depending on how the rest of this video goes and how this. performs while being played alright guys. That is my overview of the Rockville K-6 $75. 00 sub. Let’s get this thing in a box and then get in the car and start testing it out so we can see what it can really do now.

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Here Is The Box We Are Going To

be using. This is one of stars boxes and it is 2 cubic feet tuned to 36 Hertz so should be awesome she’ll sound really good be plenty big to get some volume but not too big to where you really got to worry about damaging the sub so let’s pull this Toro sub out of here. I check out my review on this sub as well another great hundred-dollar sub but yeah let’s get this guy out and get the Rockville install ok so the wire that came in this star box was not long it long. I went ahead and started it in some longer wire and some better wire so that’s good now also the sub would not fit into the hole in this enclosure. So I had to sand it out to make it fit.

I Have Noticed Rockville Does Seem To Use

baskets that are a little bit wider in diameter, then some others on the market so again just something to note you may have to sand down your box enclosure to get this thing in there. But once I did that fits in there good all right all right guys 75 bucks definitely not doing too bad for that price sounds really really good in this box. I will say this is a nice kind of deep and rich sound to it so really really think this that stuff in that box is a great combination, but let’s get a few. more clips of it playing then I’ll test it out with the Dino meter and see how much power this thing can actually take alright guys we’ve been playing it for a few minutes and it did start to get kind of stinky so I went ahead and turn it off. Let it cool off for a minute kind of awkward line in here but definitely can feel some heat on the dust cap so yeah some got a lot of testing.

I Want To Do With It

so we’re gonna let it cool off and we will continue from there all right guys now one nice thing about having this wall is. I was able to mount my UK a Mm1 here it will be great for testing just so we can see what I’m doing in the video is a whole lot easier so if you don’t know. About this meter this is the Steve Meade designs a Mm1 and this lets you test several different things. But the main one I use in the videos is it gives a dyno reading or a RMs power reading We’re gonna be using the RMs power.

In This Case Batteries A Little Low Not

sure how long it’ll last but it’s really really cool guys so this is the real time power setting what it’ll do it’ll show the ohms after some place that one doesn’t count it only reads it when it’s actually playing, but it will read the impedance and it’ll tell you exactly how many watts the subwoofer is seeing so this is super super handy really awesome. I know a lot of y’all have seen that but for anybody who hasn’t and yes we’re using example, nowhere near to its full potential to test out this. Sub now as we mentioned of course, Rockville says this sub is 600 watts UK and you know we’re gonna put that to the test here. Having this a.


and 1 meter hooked up. We’ll be able to test it out really exactly and see how long it can withstand at that power First We’re gonna play a few songs because that’s really more realistic and we’ll have it set around there, but something’s gonna go over something’s going to go under of course and then assuming it hasn’t blown Yet we’re gonna put a test tone A 40 Hertz testing on it to 600 watts as we can and see what it does from there so as you can see there guys as far as music. The UK rms rating does seem to be pretty good and that song.

It Was Kind Of Staying Between 400

and 800 watts. staying right in there and it seemed to do just fine, but a Armus rating is really supposed to be continuous power. So we’re gonna do a 40 Hertz test tone.


Parker is looking at an extreme budget sub that looks like it may have some pretty good value to it . The Rockville K-6 has a cast aluminum basket, a non-pressed paper cone six and a half-pound motor . The sub has a UK rating of 600 Hertz and the UK rating is 1200 and then the max is 2400 . Parker says it looks like a steal of a deal on a sub will go why when I get into it, but I’ll figure it might as well get one. See if it’s really all it is cracked up to be or this is a sub that Y’all should pass on anyway. Parker: “I think there’s last two are just kind of irrelevant numbers honestly says X max of 26 millimeters very high doubt that that is probably both directions not just one that would be insane for this price point sub” Check out our exclusive coverage of this week’s Rockville sub at the end of the week on iReport.com ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video