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Hey Guys Its Keith Welcome Back To Another

video. This one is on the sound ordnance subwoofer. It’s the eight inch and We’re gonna find out if this sub lives up to the reviews and is it possibly the answer to your question of the best sub on a budget? I will put a link in the description. This is actually an item by Crutchfield. Even though you can get it from Crutchfield or Amazon.

It Comes With A Three-Year Warranty Backed

by Crutchfield that’s pretty cool and I wanted something that wasn’t going to take up my entire trunk and then I wouldn’t need a separate amp for. Since there is already one amp installed in the back for the rest of my stereo. So this one was small and seemed like it would fit the bill and speaking of fit. I got a box that was about. the same size as the sub-so I could kind of preview it and see how much space it would take up in my trunk.

The Subs About 15 By 14 Inches

in a cube and that’s what this box represents with the tape and it fit really nicely and didn’t take up a lot of space. So I knew I was ready to make purchase. So the next step is I just wait for it to arrive and hopefully. By the end of this week. There will be a nice new subwoofer sitting on my doorstep all right the day is here it did get here on time they actually got it here a day earlier than what I thought ups just delivered it.

Tada There It Is Man I Am

so excited. I can hardly see straight. I really hope this sub is. The addition, I’ve been waiting. For so I’ve got the unit installed pretty straightforward.

I Will Gradually Bring Up The

light so you can see the difference between daytime and nighttime notice. There is lights inside the sub that comes with it pretty cool. You can shut those off if you want. I’ve also got some anti–skid rubber underneath and I left the wires a little long so that I can pull this out and demo it for you. But the anti-skid rubber really comes in handy and really keeps this thing in one place while I’m driving around remember.

This Amp Is Included In The

sub so what you’re really seeing is the control panel for the amp and it has a level control. I keep mine about 75. The phase control has a frequency cut off which of course is your crossover and then high level inputs. It has an inline fuse and. off switch that is for the led lights so you can turn off the lights and then there’s three screws on the bottom There for your power The preferred way is to use the RCa connections.

This Is If Your Car Stereo Has A

dedicated sub-preamp out and this will enable you to control the volume of the sub-separately right from your car deck. If not you’re going to have to use the black and red high level inputs and if you are going to use the RCa connections. It’s a good idea to have a stereo that has at least four volts of power coming through the preamp sub out. It’ll just give you better performance and if you’re interested in more details about why that’s important check out my alpine review that I’ll leave linked at the end of this video, so it’s time to test. This thing out I’m going to show you visually how the sub and the base vibrates my mirror as well as some audio clips.

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Ive Recorded With A Good Mic And

in order to hear the bass you’re going to need larger computer speakers or studio monitors something with a larger woofer or you can use larger headphones, not earbuds, but something with the over the ear larger can type headphones and that should enable you to hear some of the bass hey look the subs even making the neighbors bush shake isn’t. This thing awesome. I tried to tell you just kidding trying to get a little better angle coming up. I’m also going to turn the volume up to about 15. The stereo goes up to 35 max as you probably know you need a good subwoofer base to make a mirror move like this next one’s going.

To Be A 20.

This is louder than I would normally comfortably listen to in my car if it was any louder than this. It would probably be uncomfortable for me, but I just want to let you know the base is still crystal clear loud and booming in the car. It’s not distorting at all, even though it might be coming through the mic and through Youtube a little distorted it’s coming up next is a hip hop song with good bass you should be able to hear it hit pretty good, especially if you’ve got the larger headphones and you gently kind of press them into your ears. We are listening to a Cd, but this is being reproduced.

Youre Hearing My Car Stereo And

the sub is what you’re hearing so let’s get to it that’s on 15 next one’s on 19. I’m turning it down to. 10 Now so it doesn’t distort the mic all right so that may depending on your computer. Speakers have sounded a little bit distorted, but I will tell you it was crystal clear loud and no distortion in the car and you can get a little bit of a taste of that with the larger headphones so in kind of wrapping this up. This is a really good unit that has exceeded what I thought it would do if you’re looking for something to really round out your stereo and add some deep bass without a lot of complications.

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This Is Absolutely More Than Worth

the money what it is not is. It’s not going to sound like a 500 dollar sub and amp. It is not going to be heard from two blocks away. You are not going to win any contests with this, but I’ve had subs before. the larger ones and I can say I’m very impressed with this for the money if you’re going from no sub to this it is very impressive.

It Is A Big Difference Okay.

It does thump a little bit, especially with hip hop and wrap and any songs that have deep bass it’s going to come through nice if you once you’ve got it set up properly, but it is not going to rival a you know 12-inch sub or two tens with big amps that’s not what this is okay. This is a budget sub that gets the job done and I think it’s going to satisfy 9 out of 10 people so just to give an example. While I was filming this, my son came out and came in the garage from the other end of the house. I had his the door garage door shut the inside.

And Hes Like Hey, Can You Turn The

stereo down so he was able to hear it from the other end of the house, and so it definitely works so that’s going to wrap this one up. This sub is well worth the money. I will leave a link for the sub down in the video description please consider liking and subscribing to the channel and let me know what you’re using do you have a sub will this be your first sub tell me about it in comments and I’ll see you in the next video.


Keith takes on the sound ordnance subwoofer from Crutchfield . Keith demoed the eight-inch sub on a budget . He wanted something that wasn’t going to take up his entire trunk and then he wouldn’t need a separate amp for the stereo . The sub’s about 15 by 14 inches in a cube and that’s what this box represents with the tape and it fit really nicely and didn’t take up a lot of space. So I knew I was ready to make purchase. So the next step is I just wait for it to arrive and hopefully. By the end of this week. I really hope this sub is.& I can hardly see straight. It did get here on time they actually got it here a day earlier than what I thought it was. I am so excited. The next step. I’ve got the unit installed. I’m so excited to get it here again. It was a nice new sub woofer. It’s a good thing to watch….. Click here to read more and watch the full video