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man here at the cheap audio man We don’t feel like hi-fi equipment speakers amps Dax turntables receivers subwoofers should cost more than a custom dog sled made out of cool wood and this doesn’t Maybe this is the stark sound if you haven’t heard of them we’re going to talk about them Stark sound Sw12 so grab a cup of coffee sit down and let’s talk about the stark sound Sw12 Today.’s Sponsor is an Asian solder sucker when you’re really bad at putting an amp kit together and you need to redo a whole bunch of the solders get yourself. One of these Asian solder suckers available on amazon I actually might link these in the description okay because you’re gonna need it if you mess up a solder put the wrong resistor in the place that you should have. a different value, you’re gonna need to suck the solder out okay this is um Charlie’s Charlie Solder Sucker They’re pretty affordable on Amazon the SW12 by stark sound. They’re a company out of California and they make a lot of high-end audio products, but they also make some mostly affordable subwoofers.

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The Sw 10 Actually Retails For 500, Which

is kind of that’s about my limit about 600 we usually stick to products under six hundred dollars, but we’ve been going more expensive lately. The SW 12 retails for seven hundred dollars. It is a 450 watt RMs subwoofer. It measures let’s see it’s pretty big. It’s not too big, but it’s pretty big okay it’s about the side like this is the size maybe a little bit smaller exactly the same as like R2D2.

If There Was No Dome No Legs.

No wheels If R2d2 was square or square-shaped maybe a rectangular shape and if it was black looks exactly like R2d2. The SW12 measures 15. 7 inches wide, 14 by 9 inches deep and 17. 5 inches high with with the feet attached.

It Has A 12 Inch One Piece Glass

fiber sandwich cone I like sandwiches, Mufaletta Mufalata I also like a Monte Cristo and I like a nice club every now and again big fan of sandwiches. The SW12 is sealed and i like that and even though it’s sealed. It goes all the way down to 16 Hertz up to 240 Hertz 16. that’s pretty deep it has a very nice finish. Not.

Its Not Piano Gloss, But It Is

available in different colors. On the back. There are RCa inputs and actually an XLR input and an Xlr output It has. Of course, a variable gain variable crossover and variable phase, which is very nice. I like the variable phase instead of just having like a click 0 or 180.


It can be crossed over between 25 and 120 Hertz. It has ferrite magnets, a stamped steel basket and a whole bunch of four layer fancy wires inside it’s a good wires pick our wires, Fancy wires. It’s important to get the fancy wires. It also has an automatic off and it weighs 46 pounds okay Big boy All right.

This Thing Looks And Feels Like Quality Throughout

the way that they designed this having an XLR input and output. It is it’s just it’s it’s very it’s a step up for most subwoofers and it should be at seven hundred dollars. I’m, a big fan of sealed subwoofers I feel like they’re faster. I feel like they are more accurate. for music and for me personally.

I Am A Music First Guy When It

comes to subwoofers. However, this thing will rumble the house when a spaceship and prometheus flies overhead and I know some people don’t like that movie, But I do this is a great choice if it’s in your budget for dual duty movies and music with being able to adjust the crossover down to 25 hertz. This gives you a lot of options to truly dial in the subwoofer correctly depending upon of course how your speakers perform and where the speakers are at in your room from a sound perspective. I feel like this is great. There is a lot of texture and tone.

However, To Really Hear That Texture

and tone it needs to be crossed over a little bit higher, really around 60 to 80 Hertz and unless you have bass management that. Clarity sometimes is going to be covered up through your speakers because those speakers are going to be operating at the same frequency to get the most out of the subwoofer. I believe a high pass filter needs to be on your speakers depending upon the speakers. maybe 70-ish, so we get a nice nice and you can mess with the roll-offs. This the slope of the roll-offs for your speakers and then adjust this accordingly, you can really add some rich accurate clear.

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This Provides Base That Can Give

a sense of space and openness because of just how clear it is but it’s going to be a balancing act between your existing speakers and the sub-not impossible, but it’s going to take some time at this price range. Most people that are are going to be buying It are probably into making those adjustments tweaking it and getting it just perfect at seven hundred dollars. This is the most expensive subwoofer. I have ever reviewed it is I personally prefer a smaller subwoofer. I personally prefer a sealed subwoofer.

This Is Right At The Edge Of My

wheelhouse. What I would feel comfortable with personally having in my home. It is still small enough. I used to have a polk 12-inch old subwoofer. It was huge.

This One Is Not As Big As

that so this is smaller smaller package sealed package. I think if you have a even a large room. This is going to depending upon placement. This is going to take care of you. Just fine.

I Was Running This In My Living Room

big room open concept tall ceilings it had no problem filling the room of. Of course, I had it closer to a boundary and close to a corner not like right in the corner, but closer to the corner Of course, there was you know sometimes you sit in the corner or next to a wall and you’re like Oh That’s a ton of bass and then if you move out there there’s none that’s physics right. So can you fill a room with this 12-inch subwoofer a large room yes you can of course if you want a larger sweet spot you’re probably going to need multiple subs if you have the budget for this 700 if you have the budget for it you’re looking for a sealed sub you’re looking for a sub that’s not too huge. This is a good size. A good size of a sub and you have XLR outputs and inputs or you want to connect it via.

Easy Recommendation There Is Competition.

SvS has products that compete and have some automated apps and things like this all manual that’s fine though that’s how subwoofers have been forever great product very well built looks great available in white if you want it and it’s coming from a company that I hadn’t really I didn’t really know a lot about okay but this thing is quality and I see great things coming out of stark sound. Hopefully they bring out some more affordable products because I’m pretty impressed with the company. If you want to support the channel. You can sign up for patreon Patreon.

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night we have patron only zooms. We also have a patron only facebook group on the zooms. We talk about all sorts of stuff. Last week. It was photo stages and our favorite live records it was really.

Cool We Got A List Of

like 30 live records that were awesome. You can also use my links. In the description. I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Stark sound. They sent this to me for review.

They Didnt Ask Me To Say Anything But

if you use any of my other links. Those are affiliate links. We’re also doing a summer raffle. Css audio contacted me and wanted to raise some money for homes for our troops, which is the veterans charity that I support they are putting up a pair of 1td Crichton’s.

Its A Very Good Kit That But

that’s not a kit. It’s already it’s already made so it’s already finished okay. I’m putting up some stuff and some of my viewers are putting up things as well. It’s it’s a it’s a great cause.

We Weve Already Raised Over Nine

thousand dollars I had. No idea what to expect? I put three thousand as as the goal we blew past that very quickly over nine thousand dollars that’s amazing and your generosity is absolutely humbling. So Don’t Binge watch anything on Netflix or Hulu Binge listen maybe through your new stark sound sw12 that can do double duty movies and music and fill your soul with happiness and with that I’m Randy I’m the chief audio man you.


Randy is the chief audio man here at the cheap audio man . The SW12 by stark sound is a 450-watt subwoofer that retails for seven hundred dollars . Randy’s Sponsor is an Asian solder sucker when you’re really bad at putting an amp kit together and you need to redo a whole bunch of the solders get yourself . Randy likes sandwiches, Mufaletta Mufaalata, Monte Cristo, Monte Carlo and Monte Carlo . Randy: “We don’t feel like hi-fi equipment speakers should cost more than a custom dog sled made out of cool wood and this doesn’t Maybe this is the stark sound if you haven’t heard of them we’re going to talk about them Stark sound Sw12” The SW 12 retails at around $7,000. Randy says he usually stick to products under six hundred dollars, but we’ve been going more expensive lately. The Sw 10 actually retails to around $500, which is kind of…. Click here to read more and watch the full video