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Whats Up Guys Welcome Back To The Channel These

are going to be two 18-inch subwoofers from scandal immersive audio again. These are 18-inch subwoofers so when you unbox it. The the bottom is at the top power cables and it’s European on the other end luckily we have the adapter. This is the us adapter. You got the certificate of authenticity that’s nice so this is here’s the grill looks like it’s magnetic all the way around quality press board looks like you can get these in different finishes.

This Is Kind Of Like That Almost

like a Rhino liner. It’s got it’s got that textured paint on it kind of like what’s on a truck bed or if you see like a like a those professional like pa speakers if you’re going to concerts whatever how’s that kind of that the texture feel and this is a 18. The driver is rated down to 26 Hertz 26 to 200 Hertz. So it’s not ready to go down to the infrasonic levels that’s why they offer the 24 and 32 and 50-inch models. So this is kind of like a companion piece to those what I would anticipate is this thing to hit really hard around 30 Hertz and above range.

Then The Larger Subwoofers Probably Take Over

from there so we’re going to put this in the jeep as well it is ported it’s got the port on the bottom here looks like it’s got a little indicator light at the bottom and if we spin it around see we got the amplifier. This is the 1600 watt amplifier. It’s it’s hardwired so you will have to hook this up to your network. If you want to change the settings or anything like that because there’s no. settings on here to change so everything is done through the windows 10 program main power switch on off.

I Believe Thats A Fuse Then The

neutral connector right there for your power and then you got your Xlr-ins and outs it is 1600 watts. It’s a nice little beast. Though so we’re I’m going to get this hooked up in the theater. Both of these guys got two of them here so I’m getting both hooked up. I’m probably going to put one in the front of the theater one in the back of theater for setup.

These Will Be Hooked Up To A Trail

of altitude 16. I’ll be playing back movies with the Zapd 4k Pro media player. The subs will be paired up with 11 BMW CT 7. 4 speakers. Since these are so big.

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I Had To Lay One Of Them

on its side. I put one in the front corner and the other in the opposite back corner. I’ve turned off any room correction in the processor and only used the settings built into the subwoofer which we’re going to take a look at Now keep in mind that if you bought one of these subs you’re likely going to have it professionally installed. So all of these settings really aren’t meant to be user accessible, but I’m sure if you really wanted to they’d let you have access to them to get into the settings, you will have to connect the lan cable to each one. Once they’re on your network.

You Can Get Into The Settings

by using the scandal program. I’m going to let Jeffrey the main man at Eskendo run through all the options. Here is Jeffrey Heinzel from Askendo in Germany again and I want to talk today. about the system we’re using to design our speakers and basically the backbone of our speaker systems. From the beginning um 2010.

When We Started The R D Of

the complete systems approach. We wanted to offer a system that is purely streaming system so that means through a single CaD cable. You can operate multiple channels up to 64 or even more channels 128. If you want with a single Cat5 cable and without any latency because we’re using the AvB protocol, which has system-wide latency of about two nanoseconds two nanoseconds just to put it in perspective that’s about three digits below sample rate precision anyway. Let me start here um showing you how we set up a system when you get a system delivered when i when I talk about this user interface now.

This User Interface Is Only Made For

system integrators that have been highly trained on the system and that are highly skilled on acoustic tweaking. You know we’re talking about phase alignment. We’re talking about time alignment. We’re talking about room correction, which is all done manually because manually it’s much more precise than any you know. Automated system or algorithm can do today.

I Show You Here The Access To

the what we call the speaker wizard. The speaker wizard is a second window here that’s opening here. You see a layout of a typical large home theater. So you have for example, a left speaker. You have a center speaker.

You Have A Right Speaker And Of Course

front subwoofers. If you have a auro 3d setup. You have even a high left high center high right speaker. You have your top speakers, which in most cases are dolby. Atmos also could be voice of God in Aura 3d or DtSX.

Then You Have Left Around One

two three and the left heist around one two three. Right the same thing of course. Then you have rear subwoofers and you have rear surrounds and rear high surrounds. So for example, here on the left side I show you now When you push this button then you see the speaker blinking so shane should see the speaker blinking right now in his room so he could see the location of this speaker when he sees the location of the speaker and for example, this is now the left front speaker. We can drag and drop basically this speaker to this location and the speaker gets automatically the stream in AvB to listen to the right stream, which is stream one channel one in AdB number one.

This Is How You.

set up the system and as you can see this is done fairly quickly even in very very big system layouts. Once you did that you just need to reboot the speakers that they all the parameters are set into the speakers. So let me close this window. So in case you’re having a processor that carries 12 or let’s say 16 channel as a limit of outputs that are rendered by the processor.

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Then What You Could Do In

our system you could add other speakers to that very same channel. You could listen for example, when you listen to let’s say a left sides around on Avb number four here so what we could do is. We could have a second speaker now also listen to AvB number 4 and just give it a different different time delay that means you’re having a virtual matrix now in our. system to duplicate a speaker and you could to do basically the time alignment in our speaker system, so you can do double triple quadruple. Whatever doubling up basically on the surround speaker channel or on the ceiling speaker Dolby atmos speaker surround speaker subwoofer to perfectly even align them.

Its Basically The Same Thing.

Like the most of the bigger processors other than the Trinov2. They cannot render more than 16 channels just because of DsP limitations in most processors and so when they offer more channels, all they do is basically doubling up on the same surround channel. You can do the same thing in our system by doubling up and just adding another time delay. So you still have a perfectly time-aligned system to your main listening position and get the same perfect imaging and rendering inside your room.

Then You Should See In The Single.

device view all the speakers and sometimes you see here 30 40 speakers popping up now. In this case we have only two speakers in the system which are subwoofers so you see for example here. In group B it’s a subwoofer which is also part of the main group. The main group contains all speakers in the entire system and you see here.

For Example, In Input Presets Which Is Called

chain one. So this is a preset chain did for his room and you see also the system preset which is in this case the SmS 18. now when we go to the speaker view here you see all the individual speakers showing in the system. In this case it’s a speaker with the IP address 168 51. 37 and dot 39.

Each Of These Speakers Now Listens To

analog 1 input here and analog 2 input and also. to AvB stream number one in this case of course, Shane is not using AvV streaming He’s using a legacy analog inputs from his Trinov processor. Now when you look here at the output filter. This is the filters that are set for this particular speaker called SmS 18 and you see that here we have for example, a low-pass filter 150 hertz with a bezel fourth order and a high pass filter which is defeated and then we have a little bit equalization here that’s the preset. Then we have an input filter and in the input filter.

You See There Is Only One Filter

set which is 21 Hertz with minus 5 db and a queue of 10.. Obviously, this is a rule mode that has been detected while Shane measuring his room now. Here you have 10 filters. You can have all kinds of different filter settings.

Example, Here You See You Have

a peak filter which is normal parametric EQ. Then you have a low shelf. You have a high shelf filter, a low pass filter, a high pass filter, an all-pass filter for face alignment and a bandpass filter. All these filters can be chosen to each of these 10 bands now here in all these input field what we call input filters. You also can set then the time alignment here we set for example, the input delay to 10 milliseconds, which was detected in shane’s case to do the face alignment to the front and the back woofer that they’re perfectly in phase.

While We Did The Face Measurement Through A

room equalization wizard that’s pretty much about it from what we want to talk about today thank you again. All of my testing I did was with movies first being my. Subwoofer go to this year midway on 4k Blu-ray It’s got a killer atmos track with insane levels of bass around the 30hz region All right first thought was I’ve never heard bass so visceral in my theater before I think you could tell by the looks on everyone’s faces that these subwoofers mean business. This was full on room pressurizing lfe it was so strong. In fact it knocked over the tower fan that we had in the room.

The Subs Kept That Pulsating Base

at a smooth constant flow and did not sound boomy or muddy in any way. I thought for being such large drivers that they wouldn’t sound as clean as the little 12-inch rails that I have but that definitely wasn’t the case next movie I threw in was Kong:_Skull_Island” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Kong Skull Island on 4k. Blu-ray. This is another reference atmos track with ample output below.

Chopper Blade, Spinning And Kong Stomping Are Some

of the things you should listen what that foreign first off the explosions and crashes have a proper slam. These guys punch extremely hard. They’re quick they’re tight they do it right now what we’re missing is that below.


These are 18-inch subwoofers from scandal immersive audio again . The driver is rated down to 26 Hertz 26 to 200 Hertz . The speaker is a companion piece to those what I would anticipate is this thing to hit really hard around 30 Hertz and above range.& Then the larger subwooferers probably take over from there so we’re going to put this in the jeep as well it is ported it’s got the port on the bottom here . It’s it’s hardwired so you will have to hook this up to your network.& If you want to change the settings or anything like that because there’s no settings on here to change so everything is done through the windows 10 program main power switch on off.& I believe that’s a fuse then the neutral connector right there for your power and then you got your Xlr-ins and outs it is 1600 watts.& It’s a nice little beast.& Though so I’m going to get this…. Click here to read more and watch the full video