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the home theater hobbies and today I have my full review of the 12-inch front firing subwoofer from SvS. This is the SB 1000 and in this video I’m going to talk about the overall design give you some audio samples and also talk about my impressions of sound quality, so let’s get to it. The Sp-1000 is a 12-inch front-firing sealed subwoofer, which means it does not have a port. The sp nomenclature stands for sealed box. It has a sledge sta 300d amplifier that outputs 300 watts of continuous power and 720 watts of peak power.

The 1000Th Frequency Range Is 24 Hertz To

260 Hertz. It’s nearly a cube at 13. 5 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 14 inches deep, and it weighs 27 pounds. You can choose from three different surface finishes which are black ash at 499. Choose Gloss black or gloss white which are 5.

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99 Before We Get Too Far Into This

video. If you want to purchase the sp-1000, the PB-1000, the prime towers or even the PB16 Ultra use those links in the description below. Also if you enjoy product reviews unboxings, talk about streaming media and basically all things home theater click that subscribe button and hit that notification bell so you can be alerted anytime we upload new content so here it is the Sb1 000. This is a nice compact sealed subwoofer. It’s nearly 13 inches in all diameter, so it’s almost a perfect cube, but it’s a little bit off in a couple places as I mentioned in the specifications section now I received this in the gloss black surface finish and it looks fantastic.

I Love The Way This Surface Finish Looks

and up front you can see you’ve. Cloth grille and it covers the entire front face with the SvS logo down there at the bottom to pull the grille off you just give it a simple tug just like that and it comes off. It’s actually held in with these pins on each one of the four corners and they go into these little cups because it’s a pin and cuff design you just press it in now. The grille itself is nice and rigid and firm there’s no issues. There it’s nice and sturdy, so that’s a definite plus now that the grille is off.

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You Can See That The Piano

black surface finish is surrounding the big 12-inch subwoofer right there and like I said it’s sealed so there’s no port and the subwoofer takes up pretty much the whole front face. The The SvS logo is in four corners all the way around the front and the rubber surround and you have the SvS logo right there in the center on the dust cover on the top left corner. Right here is a little led light and that is red when the subwoofer is off and it is blue when it’s on and you can see the led when the grille is covering it, but otherwise this is a nice clean look and I like it moving on to the rear as you can see it has the same gloss black surface finish all the way around with the connections and controls there in the center now the SvS logo is right there along with the serial number just under that and that allows you to have a serial number. If you need to call in for warranty or service or something. Like that now here are all the controls right here you’ve got volume phase and also crossover adjustment for the crossover.

I Typically Leave It In Lfe Mode And

allow my Av receiver to set the crossover typically at 80 Hertz. Now just below those controls is the auto on standby switch. I leave it in auto standby so that it automatically turns on when it receives a signal, but once it doesn’t have a signal. It will turn off after a few minutes, so it’s a nice power saving feature just below that is the trigger connection. So you can plug in a trigger wire and this will turn on if it is sent again a signal which is a nice little benefit just below that are line level connections both out and in you,’ve got left and right obviously if you’re using a subwoofer cable from your av.

Receiver You Want To Pull It

into that LFe connection right there, but if you want to use dual connections dual RCa cables you can do that as well and you can connect another subwoofer using the out connections just above it now just below that are the speaker level connections both left and right. If you need those and in the bottom left corner is the power main power switch and also the power cable connection right there. Finally on the bottom of the subwoofer again. You continue with the gloss black surface finish. It has it all the way around the speaker as you can definitely tell and it also has four feet and those feet are coated in rubber, So it will protect your nice precious floors, But the good news is you can unscrew the feet and I guess technically put on other feet.

If You Want To And They Come

off really easily. Just like that now that we’ve talked about design. Let’s move on and let’s talk about sound quality and one of the things I want to do is I’m going to rank the SB1000 in a few different categories from one to five, one being the absolute worst and five being the absolute best. But before I get to my rankings. I want to play a couple audio samples.

Just So You Can Hear That The Sb

1000 definitely makes sound now the first category I want. to rank is design and I give this a four and a half out of five. I really like this gloss black surface finish. It looks fantastic but as with anything that is piano black or gloss black. You’re going to have to keep gloves with you when you move it around otherwise you’ll have fingerprints all over it.

Ive Been Moving Around With The

gloves on and you’ll also again have to dust and stuff like that but it looks so good with that gloss black surface finish better than the black ash. The other thing I like about. This is it is so small and compact at 13 by 13 and a half by 14 inches. It’s nearly you know 13. 5 inches cubed, or whatever is nice and compact.

Its Actually Smaller Than I Thought

it was going to be just looking at pictures on the website and I know a lot of you are looking for smaller subwoofers because you live in a smaller apartment or you just don’t want something overpowering your room and with this you get a 12-inch woofer in nearly a 12-inch package, which is kind of cool obviously 13 inches, but still it’s pretty close right and that is a definite definite plus now One thing that I did find a little bit distracting and this is super super nitpicky right but I want to say I did find a little bit distracting is this cloth grill with this surface finish. I think I I like the grille on the PB 1000 or excuse me on the black ash surface finish. I’ll say it like that but on the gloss finish. I just felt like it just it left the surface finished down a little bit and that’s a little weird to say I know but um honestly. I’d rock this with the girl off because it looks so good with the grill off so I give it a four and a half out of five mainly because the grill just doesn’t look as good, but otherwise it’s really nice and really compact the next category I’m going to rank is features and controls and I give the SB 1000 a three out of five.

It Has All The Basic Connections

that you need for a subwoofer, including volume phase crossover line level speaker level basically everything that you need which is a definite plus, but it doesn’t come with all the nice new features that Svs has in some of its higher end subwoofers like the PB3000, the Pv16 ultra. series or any of those it doesn’t have an app and you can make you know fine-tuned adjustments and stuff like that. But it handles all the basics and in this price range that’s basically what you’re looking for you want to be able to do the things you need to do. Because a subwoofer is pretty much set it and forget it and it has that so I give it a three out of five. Now let’s talk sound quality slash enjoyment and I give the Sp 1000 a four out of five.

I Set This Up Right Next

to my Tv where subwoofers sound the best in this room and I set the level at about 78 db at my listening position because again that’s where subwoofers really sound sound the best in my opinion in my room and so then I played a lot of music and. Listening to this subwoofer and the first thing I’ll say is this will play down to about 20 Hertz an audible 20 Hertz, but it really starts to come into its own at 25-31, 40 and on up so it basically follows the claims of SvS 24 Hertz to about 260 Hertz now let’s talk about music. I love listening to music on the Sb 1000. The good news is when I had it set up at that 78db. It wasn’t overwhelming music, but it also wasn’t underwhelming music.

It Was Playing Right There At That

right nice even level that I like to listen to my subwoofer and it sounded nice and clean nice and tight. There was obviously zero port noise because there’s no port and the base was just right there and it was stop and start on a dime, which is what you want from. A subwoofer moving on to movies. The Sp 1000 has the same tight detail presentation that you hear with music but honestly.

I Was A Little Bit Underwhelmed.

So turn the volume up just a little bit to give me a little bit more output and it sounded better. But I still wasn’t exactly thrilled with it right and I think that’s because it just doesn’t play as deep as let’s say a ported subwoofer would play. I think it really shines in that mid–bass regime.

Lets Say 40 Hertz And Up,

whereas you know 35 Hertz and below it just doesn’t have as much there and therefore it just wasn’t as enjoyable when watching movies and so for that reason. I give it a 4-5 but honestly when listening to music I really enjoyed the Sp-1000. Now let’s talk about how the sb-1000 compares to another 12-inch front-firing. Acoustics QB-12 now first and foremost I no longer have the QB12.

I Had To Send That Back So I

can’t compare them directly, but I was able to take a look at my notes and kind of suss out what I was looking at and what I was listening to and compare it to the SB 1000 now first and foremost. The SB1000 is smaller than the QB12, so if you’re looking for the most compact 12-inch front firing subwoofer that you can get between those two you definitely should go sp 1000 now let’s talk music honestly. I prefer the SB 1000 a little bit more with music when compared to the QB 12 and I think that’s.


The Sp-1000 is a 12-inch front-firing sealed subwoofer, which means it does not have a port . It has a sledge sta 300d amplifier that outputs 300 watts of continuous power and 720 watts of peak power . It’s nearly a cube at 13.5 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 14 inches deep, and it weighs 27 pounds . The grille it covers the entire front face with the SvS logo down there at the bottom to pull the grille off you just give it a simple tug just like that and it comes off . If you want to purchase the sp-1000, the PB-1000 or the prime towers or even the PB16 Ultra use those links in the description below to purchase those links to the product reviews unboxings and subscribe to the content below the video . For more home theater content click that subscribe to our blog posts at 000….. Click here to read more and watch the full video