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Hey Guys Welcome Back To The Channel Been

a while since the last review sorry had to move I got some new stuff and I just wanted to make a quick video. My phone’s battery is about to die and that’s what I record on so we’re gonna try to make this as quick as possible okay so I had the UK UK 2000 subwoofer for about a year absolutely loved it this guy over here. This is UK UK 3000 The reason I got it is because it has the cell phone app that lets you control the subwoofer and I thought that was cool as hell. I always wanted that so I decided to take advantage of UK upgrade program which allows me to buy this subwoofer at full price and if I like it and want to keep it. I get to send this one back and get full value towards you know this so I’ll get a refile be refunded this 100% essentially and buying this at full price.

So Its It Feels Like A Discount Right

anyway. I’m gonna tell you the specs I’m gonna say some pros. I’m gonna tell you some cons. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about how they compare and then we’ll wrap up the video. So this is the UK 3000.

Its A 13-Inch Sealed Unit.

It’s got 800 watts UK 2500 Watts peak it is Class D. It’s got UK inputs and outputs. It has the Bluetooth UK control app it goes down to. 18 Hertz plus or minus 3 decibels.

The Height Is 15 Point 6 Inches

by 15 point 2 inches wide and 15 point 7 inches deep or 17.8. If you use this big old grill here Now a lot of people don’t like that grill. I love the grill. I think it looks beefy.

I Think It Looks Mean Ill

probably rock it on all the time what else do we have here so it weighs about fifty-four and a half pounds. This and the piano gloss finished costs $1100. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about how those specs compare to this. This is the UK 2000 so it’s it’s one model down right with the piano gloss top. It’s $850.

Its A 12-Inch Unit Instead Of

a 13-it’s got five hundred watts UK instead of 800. It has 1100 peak instead of 2500 850 bucks. Bucks you know and a pretty big difference in dimensions right This is a lot smaller and that is one of the biggest reasons. I got it cellphone app and the size while I love this a ton. I wanted something that was just a little bit smaller, a little bit better looking and something that just fit into my space A little bit more.

Im A Sucker For Looks.

I like my audio to sound good and look good and I thought this was beautiful. It wasn’t too heavy. It wasn’t too expensive and I got to adjust the bass from the comfort of my couch, which is the coolest thing in the world honestly pros so the size versus output. This guy’s small it’s not very big and it’s got a ton of output.

I Dont Know Many Subs This Size With

this much output. I just don’t. I’ve heard a lot also and this thing is just amazing looks. I think it looks great price. I think for the price you pay and what you get excuse me.

Its Impeccable Value.

I can’t say that for also woofers you have subwoofers that are very very cheap and sound very very cheap. You have subwoofers that are very very expensive and don’t really impress that much that value is really important to me kind of like the speakers that I use you know the the blue card S400 I’ve seen stuff that are like five times the price that don’t sound is good now. I’m not saying these are you know worth. These are like $10,000 speakers or equivalent to $10,000 speakers.

Just So Theres Some $10,000 Speakers That

suck anyway so pros size versus output looks price, Bluetooth app sound quality and I like the grill. So I listed it as a pro Cons. I did put the price as a con only because $1100 is a lot of money and some people might not have it am I stretching a little bit by listing that as a con absolutely and I’ll be honest it’s because there weren’t really any cons the only other thing I listed and again. This is really a stretch is a low-end extension being a sealed unit all things being equal it’s not going to get as low as a ported unit. Now that doesn’t mean you’re getting free low-end extension with a ported unit they’re way bigger so you know you got to give to get essentially one way or another that’s it for the.

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Some Of The Ways They Differ And

and just so we’re clear these are both really really good subwoofers. I really love both of these and it’s hard to almost say that like what is the winner or one is better. They’re different right because they’re not the same price. They don’t do the same things. You know this one has the control app it’s smaller.

You Know This Ones Bigger Its

got a little more low-end extension. This being a sealed model has a little bit more articulation, a little bit more control. I’ll be honest a lot more articulation and control, which really surprised me because I didn’t buy this because it’s a sealed model I didn’t buy this because it’s more audiophile. I’ve been using ported subwoofers my whole life and I love them. They’ve never sounded laggy to me or not articulate then again I do.

Them Down All The Way And I Just

barely give them a little bit of volume. So maybe I can’t tell that they’re laggy because I’m not really cranking the power on them, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. On this one there’s just an edge to the beginning of the beat. There’s an edge to the end of the beat that wasn’t there before it blends with the speaker’s a little bit better it blends in the room a little bit better. It just disappears a little bit more overall.

Im Really Happy With It.

I’m keeping it. If you’re between a ported and a sealed subwoofer. You know. I don’t know how much this helps you they’re they’re wobbly different visually you know I wouldn’t say they’re wildly different in sound.

Some People Might Say They Are They Are

different in sound though and I. Think I just went over all the different reasons why and while this can’t get as low or have the authority. This has just those lowest lowest frequencies. Everything you gain is totally worth it and it’s not that this doesn’t have low indexed edge and guys. Don’t Don’t get it twisted here.

This Thing Like Really Puts Out A

ton of low-end bass I had to like really really really listen and set these things up like perfectly to tell if this didn’t have the same low end as that and I think when you look on the a yes website. This goes like one Hertz lower and the plus or minus three decibel thing so like I said man my cell phone batteries dining and that’s what I record with so we don’t have a whole lot more time on this one but as usual bought it with. Cold heart cash. This is just my opinion I love both of them. I’m keeping this one because it’s better looking and I can control the settings from the comfort of the couch.

The The Settings You Can Control By The

way you can get a little bit lower on the frequency you can go down to like 30 Hertz. On this one. I said about 40 Hertz. You could control the slope. You could do 6 decibels 12 decibels 18 that suppose or even 24 decibels I do 12.

You Can Also Control The Volume And

there’s some UK hue adjustments. I don’t use those maybe I won’t in the future. I don’t know later on down the line. I hope to get a second one and have dual subwoofers that was the plan with this one though and I ended up upgrading so who knows maybe I’ll upgrade. to the 4000 series instead and I’ll never have dual SAaB Bofors who knows but I definitely want dual subwoofers.

Im Gonna List In The Comments

all the associated equipment and just final disclaimer here. This is audio right and what that means is everything has an impact on everything. My room the mood I’m in the associated equipment. The other speakers.

I Use Whether I Have Carpet Or Wood

floors. Whatever your experiences really might be wobbly different than mine take all reviews with a grain of salt and if you can hear the product. You’re trying to purchase that’s one of the reasons I want with UK. They got the 45-day at-home trial that lets me try the product in my listening room right now that’s what made me go with this and that’s what made me go with this it’s a great option really take advantage.

It Its Its Its Pretty Rare

these days to be able to buy something that’s the price of these items hold onto it for 45 days and ship it back there’s other companies that do it don’t get me wrong but UK is the one I chose and couldn’t be happier with there’ll be more reviews coming I do have to set up the new listening room a little bit more I want to put up my some of my artwork might do some room acoustics. I’ve really been against that kind of thing in the past. I’ve always thought it was really ugly, but I might do it because this side opens up and this side has a wall and it’s really hard to get it to sound perfect otherwise. This is the new room and I’m really happy about it.

This Is The New Sub Woofer Thats Going.

to be in it and I’m really happy about that and if you’re tuning in to the channel. I’m really happy about that too thank you take care.

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The UK UK 3000 subwoofer is a 13-inch sealed unit with the Bluetooth UK control app . It’s got 800 watts UK 2500 Watts peak it is Class D . It weighs about fifty-four and a half pounds . It goes down to 18 Hertz plus or minus 3 decibels. The height is 15 point 6 inches by 15 point 2 inches wide and 15 point 7 inches deep or 17.5 inches deep . The UK 3000 is a 12-inch unit with a piano gloss top . It costs $850.00 and the piano gloss finished costs $1100.& I get to send this one back and get full value towards you know this so I’ll get a refile be refunded this 100% essentially and buying this at full price.& So it’s it feels like a discount right anyway. The UK 2000 is a model down right with the keyboard gloss top.& It’s $850 and it weighs about 50-36 pounds. It has the Bluetooth…. Click here to read more and watch the full video