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Whats Up Guys Today Were Going To

be checking out the rel T9x’s before we get into it. If you’re into audio and video or watching new movies be sure to tap the subscribe button for new weekly videos. The T9x is replacing the older T9I let’s get it out of the box and see what’s different inside the box. We get a power cord and one high level cable. This is a fairly compact subwoofer weighing 45 pounds.

I Believe The Older Model Was 41 Pounds,

so the new one’s a little heftier size wise. It measures 14. 5 inches wide by 13. 4 inches high by 15. 5 inches deep.

It Looks To Be A Little

shorter than the older model, but it’s also a little wider on the bottom is a 10-inch passive radiator which should help this little guy with some deep extension behind the grille is a. 10 inch fiber alloy driver with a rated response down to 27 Hertz. I should mention that the grille attaches to the subwoofer via these nice quality steel pushpins. The enclosure has a very nice high gloss finish with the rel logo embedded on the top now, whereas the older T9I had a boxy enclosure. This one’s got curved edges for a softer and would i feel a much more attractive appearance.

Lets Not Forget About The Branding On

the feet as well around the back is the 300 watt class A B amplifier. There’s an input for Rel’s wireless transmitter. The volume control for the high low level inputs. A phase switch. There’s a variable crossover from 30 to 120 Hertz and the low level input is next to the LFe volume control beneath that are the high level and LFe inputs and on the very bottom is the.

Main Power Switch Theres Also Some Rail Branding

on the back of the feet as well that’s a nice little touch for setup. I’ve got the T9xs hooked up to a train of altitude processor and paired with some pro seller speakers in my dedicated theater. I’ll be playing demos off of a ZPD media player and a clad escape. I went with the LFe inputs and set the crossover to 80 Hertz I dialed in the subs using the phase control and set levels and distances in the processor. I didn’t use any room correction.

Since Most Folks Arent Going To Have An

altitude and I relied on the sub’s own adjustments to blend everything together, as well as proper subwoofer placement. The first demo I threw in was Monster Hunter on 4k Blu-ray. This movie’s got extreme levels of bass and is a true subwoofer test see as. Reference point my normal subwoofers are dual 18s so I’m very familiar with the type of extension. All of these demos are capable of.

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During This Particular Scene.

You’re supposed to feel the room vibrate before Diablos comes busting out of the sand with both T9xs. I got a little taste of the vibration. But these little guys just don’t have what it takes to truly vibrate my space. When the action picks up you can totally feel how hard the impact of every giant footstep Diablos takes which feels like a quick hard punch.

Its Tactile In The Upper Base Region, But

comes up short down low next demo. I threw in was the greatest showman on the clyde Escape. I can’t really play any musical clips but the intro has impressive slam just like those giant footsteps in the previous demo. I feel this intro pushes these little. Drivers as hard as they’re gonna go.

Theyre Impressively Hard Hitting Given Their

size and they’re also quick with transient response. During the half-dozen musical numbers they’re quick on the drum beats and expanded the sound stage with subtle nuance that the main speakers can’t pick up. Rels are known for their musical prowess and they really shine for the greatest showman speaking of subtle nuance fury is the next demo we’re going to check out. I felt some of the explosions and the tanks driving by in the background sounded very lifelike what you should be able to hear are the rumble of the tanks driving by in the surround channels, while the subs piggyback off that and extend the soundstage. The T9s make it sound as if the tanks are a half mile away.

Its A Gentle Tactile Nudge That Some

larger subs and even smaller subs. Can’t quite render cleanly without making the effect sound boomy now that we’re talking about boominess Let’s hear some boom like Rel’s home theater centric subs. The 1508 and the 1205s. These guys can start and stop on a dime. The tank shots are percussive quick and don’t linger after the effect ends now unlike the 1508 and the 1205s, the T9xs.

Dont Have The Same Body Rock And Tactile

feel meaning you’re not going to feel it move your body. The base it produces is audibly tight and clean. It’s just not as impactful as having some larger drivers and last but not least let’s try out edge of tomorrow. I think we all knew these little guys aren’t hitting infrasonic levels, but they did a decent job of rattling my baseboard heaters. I could also hear them start to fall apart towards the end of the demo I.

Mean There Are Larger Subs That

can’t even do this demo justice, but hey doesn’t hurt to try since these have rell’s famous high-level inputs. I decided to hook these up to my two channel setup with the Nad M33 and a pair of full cal number ones. If you’re running with a class D amplifier, it’s recommended you hook up the red wire to the positive and the yellow wire to the negative. The other end plugs into the subwoofer to get this dialed in you will have to set the level and the crossover manually. It helps if you have someone help you out otherwise you’ll be running back and forth to your seat to listen for changes The thing the difference between like say audiophile base and and home theater base is you’re you’re typically playing a lot more notes with audiophile and you want a.

Sub That Can Keep Up Be Crisp

be sharp um lots of different layers on that it was an amazing sounding sub. I mean yeah very tactile as well it’s not going to dig ultra low like a home theater Sub is going to do no yeah so it’s not gonna shake you out of your seat while you’re trying to listen to something it’s not there’s a lot of that what they call that that over running resonance where it’s gonna buzz no no infrasonics with these little guys They’re they’re only ten inches so no single digits I guarantee it if you if you go into a studio somewhere and they can play you the setup we have here you’ll walk out with the speakers and the subs. As bill mentioned you want a sub that’s going to integrate seamlessly with your speakers There were times we couldn’t. Tell if the subwoofers were on or if the base was coming directly from the speakers until we walked up and turned off the subs. These were a very natural extension of the bookshelves.

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Since These Were Paired Up To Each Speaker.

It essentially turned these focals into full range towers with stereo bass. So if there was a kick drum in the right speaker. It felt and sounded like it was coming from that direction as mentioned during the greatest showman Demo. These are some quick nimble subwoofers that can produce some excellent texture.

Given Their Size, I Could See Pairing

these up with some small bookshelves or some small towers. If you’ve got bigger full range speakers. This might not offer too much to augment their sound, but if you’re tight for space and can’t fit some large towers in there, then the T9s should elevate any small. Speaker swing by Nemo‘s channel for more on rails in a two-channel setup I did take a measurement in my room with both subs keep in mind. This is the response I got from myspace and it’s likely going to be different for yours.

I Was Able To Hit 98

db at 30 Hertz and it does drop off at the specified 27 Hertz. At the time of this video a single t9x is selling for fifteen hundred dollars. I doubt this subwoofer would be the first on your list. If you’re shopping for some dedicated home theater subs. I I mean there’s a ton of other options out there at about the same price that either have more features or is much larger, and in some cases have both what I’ve come to find having these in my theater is the extra nuance and attack in every movie that I’ve watched that being said I did experience this at my normal listening levels.

I Found That If I Push The

volume closer to reference at say 75 db which is way louder than I would normally listen. I found that the little drivers weren’t as dynamic as rel’s bigger 1508s, which happen to be only 300 more and can be nearly as tactile as the T9s. It’s not as nuanced, but it’ll play louder and is more dynamic for huge action flicks. If you’re looking for subwoofers that’ll provide that body massaging base or room shaking impact the T9x’s. Also come short in that area as well and I would say just go with the 1508s again where I feel the T9x’s fall would be for a dual-purpose home theater slash two channel setup or rather a two-channel slash home theater setup, with the main focus being on two channel performance textures, layers and fast attacking response for two channel listening was some of the best that I’ve heard in my home.

They Can Be Aggressive For Rock Music And

nuance during live performances and this all applies to home theater as well. It’s just if you’re looking for huge thunderous output from movie soundtracks. I’d say grab one of Rel’s larger subs for that now I do think the T9x’s are a dual-purpose performer and they should fit in well with most music and home theater setups so those are my thoughts on the rel. T9X subwoofers Have you guys had any experience with a rail subwoofer and if so, how do you think they perform for music and home theater leave a comment and let us know as always guys thanks for watching be sure to like share and subscribe and I’ll see you guys again in the next video.


Rel’s rel T9x is replacing the older T9I subwoofer . Subwoofer weighs 45 pounds and measures 14.5 inches wide by 13.&4 inches high by 15.&5 inches deep . The enclosure has a very nice high gloss finish with the rel logo embedded on the top now . There’s a variable crossover from 30 to 120 Hertz and the low level input is next to the LFe volume control . I’ve got the T9xs hooked up to a train of altitude processor and paired with some pro seller speakers in my dedicated theater . I’ll be playing demos off of a ZPD media player and a clad escape. I dialed in the subs using the crossover to 80 Hertz I dialing in the subwowoofer to the subs . The subwopper is a 10-inch passive radiator which should help this little guy with some deep extension behind the grille is a fiber alloy driver with a rated response down to 27 Hertz…. Click here to read more and watch the full video