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David Hall Founded In 1983, An Audio

company specialized in subwoofers in the early 90s. Berlins was synonymous of subwoofer, one of the few and best nose brands in the world of the home theater. For years its famous Hike end Servo driver has taken base reproductions to a new level. This technology uses an accelerometer to perfectly monitor the movement of the voice coil in order to avoid all distortions at other regions. But we note that the technology evolves and does it very quickly and here is that today’s linear motors are able to obtain a very low distortions almost like the Servos.

So Actually It Was Very Hard Time

for weather acoustic Till 2019 where in the rescue arrive audio reference that is one of the biggest distributors in Germany. It was already working with brands like Dan Dagostino, Krell, Meridian Audio BTl, Wilson Audio and many. Others if you are interested too more details. I will let in the descriptions the interview that I did to Mr. Mamagani that is the CeO of audio reference and now also of the Wedding Acoustic company where we speak where he speak about the acquisitions of weapon acoustics and now let’s go to review.

One Of The Best Subwoofer In The World.

The digital drive blues 10. digital drive blues subwoofer is available in 4 versions 10 inch that we are going to review today 12 15 and the monster the 18 inch well. Probably some of you could say why I didn’t pick the 18 guys No way. The 18-inch are 60 almost 65 kilograms 142 pounds.

No I I Really Cant Alone.

I can’t and also because I prefer so I use the subwoofer for home theater and also sometimes also for hi-fi and i5 stereo. So I prefer a smaller driver so something like 12 10 inch will be fine because I need it fast in music, but if you are going to use it only for home theater, then 15 inch or 18 inch would be fine and you will have a lot of fun. I’m sure available in piano black and black. Ebony is coming in a heavy and elegant cabinet and I love his shape compact ended materials used look high quality at first touch pack numbers are insane 3 000 but dynamic power and 1250 watt RMs Thd thanks to Servo motors are lower than 0.

5 Percent With The Insane Frequency Response Between

three decibel range of 18.7 Hertz 120 Hertz and the overall frequency response of 10. 5 Hertz 300 Hertz to my eyes is not look only beautiful, but the material they use look very like Ike quality and also. Very very heavy and stable the front lift disappear completely letting the front baffle of the subwoofer clean and minimalized well. Fixed is hiding one of the most beautiful drivers that I never seen 10-inch fiberglass power cell laminate 35 pound magnet structures, so almost 50 percent of the overall super weight and the 65 millimeter or 2.

56 Inch Six Layer Voice Coil.

The front grille Don’t hide only the driver but also the small display where you can find a usb port for connect your laptop. We will see this later and the volume knob and a crossover knob. Then we have the calibration input mic port and the auto equip knob on the rear panel. We have all the input output connectivity to avoid annoying someone I will cut a little bit because with this subwoofer you can really do everything and when I say everything is.

Everything You Can Choose Between Rca Or Xlr

balance connection speaker level input good if you have a old vintage amplifier that Don’t have a pre-out or a subwoofer output and you want to connect the subwoofer, so you take a small parts. Let’s select that of the signal of the speaker output and send it also to the subwoofer speaking about accessories. The subwoofer is coming with a small box where inside you can find everything you need the microphone for the calibrations. All the cables that you need remote control yes I know a lot of remote control. I have so many.

I Really Cant Do Or Have

so many remote control, but what I have to say. But this one is really nice because you can have presets configurations so you see here. We have theater rock jazz custom games defeat so it’s very nice because with. Click You can change the setup of your subwoofers So music you want to set up tongue like that no problem home theater palm and you change your setup so I think it’s very nice and also a night mode that is lowering the overall volumes of the subwoofer of 30 percent very nice. If you don’t want to disturb anybody in the night and now let’s move to setup and calibrations.

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I Will Tell You Is Very Important The

positions of the subwoofer in your room. Okay. You can have the best subwoofer in the world. But if the location of the subwoofer is wrong, then no way no way to adjust it with calibration and all these things. It’s very difficult to have nice base in the room, especially if you don’t do acoustic treatment okay so bass trap in that room is very important We move on.

Also I Will Come Also With

the tutorials where we will speak also with the gik acoustic that they are specialized in acoustic treatment and I will come in with a programs made for you with all the info that you need for doing acoustic treatment. I did it myself they helped me a lot is not easy Yes it’s easy it’s actually very easy and I will show you how in the future so stay tuned and subscribe to the channel because a lot of things are coming speaking about subwoofer positions. This is can change. Every room is different, so Don’t believe who is telling you place the subwoofer in the front in the corner behind the couch or things like that because every room is really different okay, so you have to find the right place in your room. How to do this nice questions Also I will going to do a video tutorial for you for find the best position location of the subwoofer without microphone and with microphone that is make the things a little bit more easy calibration is very easy.

The Only Things That You Need

is this sweep tone disc that is coming with the subwoofer you will need a Cd player. If you don’t have the Cd player you can use also your computer, for example, connected with HDMi ports to your receiver. Just don’t use fuel bar I tried this Uber is not working and I had to use VLc but try any software that could reading the Cd and I probably you will not have any problem. One important things. During the calibration first time.

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I Did It I Received Always Error

and I couldn’t figure out what is the problem stupid boy because you will need not only the subwoofer you will need also that your front speaker are able to communicate with the subwoofer What is the problem If you used your receiver? You will not have any problem but I have a separate receiver so a pre-amp and a power amplifier. So I had to turn on also the power amplifier for the front speaker because the sweep disc will play on the full range and this is important for complete the calibration As soon the Cd will. to play is important that the microphone is in the listening position and then just push this button equalization or the button that is on the front buffer of the subwoofer and wait. The calibration is complete will take around 5 minutes. If you like to play with manual settings and I like to do it in the accessories.

You Will Find A Usb Cable

to connect the subwoofer to your laptop and the Cd player with the software of welding software that is giving you the possibility to adjust everything filters polarity phase, but I won’t go into any details too deep in this video because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, but you can really do everything with this subwoofer. I never saw a subwoofer really so complete regarding the home theater setup I’m using a full Sonos Faber Sonetto series with only the front speaker that was. The Serafino that’s our very egghead reference speakers, but I use it also in home theater. I was used now no more anyway. I use this setup with my pre-amp, the Yama CX 5200 and a motiva XP a power amplifier.

I Generally Use Two Subwoofer Svs

2000 the pro what about this subwoofer. I think that they have let’s say good price point of view and the quality is okay is giving you a good base is not the one of the best that I never eat but for the price. I think is very good and it’s coming also with a nice application where you can set up your subwoofer. I also tested the melodyne deep blue where well very nice subwoofer with a class A B amplifier so it’s giving you especially in music very nice musicality rhythm very beautiful so compared to if you compare. The deep blue with my SvS 2000 pro in home theater.

There Is Not So Much Difference

but in music there is a lot of difference. Another important aspect and something that I learned from this review is are better two subwoofers that are not so much expensive like my 2000 Pro in my room or one subwoofer that is reference very high quality subwoofer that is also not cheap because one of these is costed two three times more than one two thousand pro. What is better what do you think about it if you was asking me these questions. Some months ago I was definitely saying to you. Two subwoofers are better no waited one two buffer could beat two subwoofer.

I Was Wrong The Hand I Was Wrong

this then in subwoofer is insane. If you find the right spot you will not understand where it is. is invisible and will disappear in your room. He’s playing in an insane crazy deep deep way with an insane speed. The base is solid, plentiful defined never fatigue and I have the feeling that I’m inside the movie during explosion fight scenario is so incredibly realistic okay if you have headphones please wear it because I recorded for you some actions movies that you can see the digital drive blues in movement.

I Recorded In Binaural Thats Why

you need we will need your headphones. I think that binaural is very interesting. I actually don’t use it for when I record I find music in stereo, but when I record home theater is. I think it’s very nice because also you have this dolby atmos effects.

So Have Fun Patient Sampling All Your Questions

will be answered soon no no no no no no no don’t make it no. No no no no may Jesus Christ bless every single one of you, especially the honourable members of my own party. We will prepare Ronnie what we got we got units headed out there now you missed the firebox Do hey pal if I had the three million I might in that case. I suggest you just run ten nine.

Eight Seven.

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Two. One of course I tested also with a lot of others Blu-ray is surrealistic powerful is insane. I


Berlins was synonymous of subwoofer, one of the few and best nose brands in the world of the home theater . Digital drive blues 10.& digital drive blues subwoofers are available in 4 versions 10 inch that we are going to review today . The 18-inch are 60 almost 65 kilograms 142 pounds . Ebony is coming in a heavy and elegant cabinet and I love his shape co- co-ordinated shape co. David Hall founded in 1983, an audio company specialized in sub woofers in the early 90s. It was already working with brands like Dan Dagostino, Krell, Meridian Audio BTl, Wilson Audio and many.& Others if you are interested too more details. For more information, visit and check out our review of the latest edition of this week’s review of this edition of The Daily Sound Show ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video