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Having A Great Sound Booming From Your

speakers usually requires some compromises. You may have the best setup in the world, but your 8-inch woofers will only pack so much punch well. I have some extraordinary news to share with you. If your writer has enough room to store a 12-inch sub all the compromises you need to make are practically out the window, but as you can probably guess different woofers coming from different manufacturers also feature different qualities, so let’s take a look at these seven best entries currently on the market and try to find the best 12-inch subwoofer for your car check out links in the description below to get the best price number one Rockford Fosgate P. 3D 412 punch P3 DVC Rockford Fosgate is a name that requires no introduction in the world of automotive audio systems.

Were Talking About A Genuine.

industry powerhouse that has in one way or another touched millions of vehicles around the world with things as they are It’s only natural that my expectations are always set to extremely high whenever I get the opportunity to open some of their packages. What’s really impressive in this whole story is that these expectations are almost always met Rockford Fosgate P3, d4 12 punch P3 is no exception the quality this Rockford puts on the table can easily be observed even if you take a slight look at the unit. From the start. The cone is made from solid anodized aluminum pieces that feel pretty solid but remain very light.

The Other Components Are Equally As Satisfying

the dust cap is made from the same material as the cone and feels rock-solid while the vertically mounted surround is capable of increasing the cones efficiency by a full 25%. This. Foundation is only made better by the fact that the P3 d4 12 punch P3 looks very good. The woofer features some beautiful chrome elements that look rather nice in a sport sedan, and there’s also something The people from Rockford Fosgate like to call flex fit design What this intrigued name describes as a slotted mounting system that allows you to easily adjust the angle of the sub-once you mounted believe me. This small inclusion makes all the difference in the world speaking in terms of heat dissipation.

The Semi-Vented Design Allows An Excellent

level of breathability and make sure the woofer won’t overheat no matter what kind of base you put through it as for the performance. The first thing I noticed is that the P. 3d for 12 punch sounds incredibly loud so much so that it’s some instances the bass was overwhelming even for me. But for the most part 600 watts UK produced a pretty consistent performance and loud reproduction even at the lowest frequencies. The rest of the specs are solid as well.

The Frequency Response Of 28 To 250

Hertz. The sensitivity of 85 UK and the peak power of 1200 watts will allow for a very strong and versatile performance that doesn’t have a problem precisely reproducing bass lines even if you turn the dial to 11 all in all a pretty well-rounded product whose only flaws are slight balancing issues. Number 2 Pioneer UK a 300 D for 12-inch, although not as highly regarded as Rockford Fosgate Pioneer is known for continually releasing the products that manage to stir the water in the often stale car woofer market and keep the game interesting Pioneer UK A 300 D 4 is definitely one of these products and its primary purpose looks. Rockford Fosgate P 3d for 12 punch P 3 A run for its money Are we dealing with a genuine surprise that’s able to knock the King off the throne Let’s find out there’s no denying. This pioneer is one incredibly sleek and well-built piece of hardware.

The Main Star Of The Show Here Is

definitely a quality black cone made of mica injected molded resin that allows consistent airflow and produces deep and satisfying bass. However, keep in mind we’re talking about a shallow mount sub so your power expectations should be set to reasonable if on the other hand, you own a smaller vehicle and need a punchy unit to fit a small sealed enclosure. Then you’ll hardly find a tighter unit than this. I was very pleasantly surprised with a somewhat oversized double stack magnet and a vented pole yoke that do a fantastic job when it. to power handling overall, the unit has some inherent limitations, but everything I’ve seen so far works to push these limits to the breaking point as you would expect all these rock-solid building blocks produce equally as satisfying performance.

For A Start.

The unit does a great job compensating for a somewhat limiting RMs of only 400 watts with incredibly tight and precise base reproduction. However, don’t think for a second this bad boy is underpowered the peak power of as much as 1500 watts make sure you’ll be able to produce teeth shattering noise when the opportunity requires throw into the equation incredibly good frequency range 20 to 125 Hertz and excellent sensitivity at 93 UK and you’ll get a great piece of sound equipment with very few shortcomings well except for the inherent ones Number three skaar audio UK 12 D2, Although it’s far from obscure scar is. brand that still needs to prove a lot of things in the world of audio equipment You don’t need to worry about that though the company with the name Sklar, they call its flagship lineup of woofersNK] doesn’t lack attitude to compete with the industry heavy hitters. The question remains how well does that excessive edge translate to real life quality.

It Doesnt Take More Than A

look to see the evl tries very hard to leave a good impression from the get-go and indeed everything about its look screams edgy and ambitious. For example, instead of the traditional closed cone setup we’ve gotten so used to by now. This time we get an advanced cooling design that allows the woofer to explore some completely new power grounds without getting toasted throw into the mix the high-temperature 3-inch voice coil designed to make the most of this design and. A sub that promises good sound reproduction at low frequencies. Finally, I have to mention that all the used materials be that high-grade paper, cone or high roll foam surround are pretty solid and well put together.

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When It Comes To The Actual

performance. EvL 12 D2 is unfortunately, a completely different beasts and I have to point out not for lack of trying all of the building blocks of an excellent subwoofer are here for a start. Evl 12 D2 packs some very serious power. The units UK power clocks at 1250 watts. The peak power climbs to a pretty impressive 2,500 watts and frequency response range goes as low as 25 Hertz trust us when we say this sub will make the bed shake.

The Real Problem Is The Way This

unit handles the admittedly impressive specs namely the more power you try to put through the woofer. See the sound quality dropping like a brick The same can be said about the system’s durability. There are a lot of users who’ve reported problems after pushing the subs to peak power as long as you keep things in the regular terms. However, the speaker works like clockwork. The bass is deep and precise and even the mid–range volume produces a satisfying tremor in the vehicle number four.

American Base Uk Uk 1244 With Over

35 years in the industry. It can be easily said that American Bass is a long-standing and reputable brand with a loyal army of followers. It’s also very tough to deny that the company has seen some better days and in spite of all the goodwill mostly competes in the entry-level car audio market still the potential for greatness is here and it seems the company only needs one right product to get back. Base UK that faithful product judging by the look hardly as a matter of fact except for the almost leather like dust cover The unit looks like as by-the-numbers as it gets still as much as I like my subs looking cool. I have to admit that I always considered build quality way more important and in this regard UK 1244 excels all of the components used for production feels solid and durable.

For Instance, The Basket Is Made

from die cast aluminum. The cone from carbon Kevlar reinforced non-press paper and you also get a very pleasant inclusion of high-density foam surround all these things only speak on the behalf of the dedication. The American base put into the product and I have no choice but to give a nod to the company for the effort when it comes to the actual performance. Amer in base UK UK. Too shabby either the unit features dual voice coils incredible frequency response range of 15 to 250 Hertz solid sensitivity of 89 point 6 UK Rms power handling of a thousand watts and peak power handling of 2,000 watts.

Whats Even More Intriguing Is That

unlike the previous product, all these specs are pretty well used. The sound quality remained quite good. Even as I went beyond the usual 32 Hertz mark and the blast I managed to put through the speaker literally shook my ride you’ll also be excited to know that the bass reproduction is very precise so even if you’re an UK fan you won’t miss any of the faster lines. The only thing I found off-putting was the system’s endurance when you expose it to more power and push the sub to its limit.

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Although I Havent Experienced Any Severe Issues.

The noticeable tremors are a. indicator that you should keep the sub on the reasonable settings number 512 W 0 V3 for UK Audio 12. TheNK] Audio subwoofer is proven to deliver the appropriate performance for medium power applications.

The Brand Is Known To Incorporate Several

exclusive techniques that enhance reliability and linearity. Also the RMs power handling is up to 300 watts of power. In addition, the peak power handling can reach up to 600 watts. The exterior of this subwoofer is also impressive.

It Features A Mineral Filled Polypropylene

upper cone as well as the metallic silver frame finish that makes it look more sophisticated. It also offers the nitrile butadiene rubber or UK surround. One major advantage of getting theNK] Audio subwoofer is the patented cooling technology it allows minimum compression, thus preventing the possibility of burnin up.


Rockford Fosgate P3, d4 12 punch P3 is no exception the quality this Rockford puts on the table can easily be observed even if you take a slight look at the unit . The cone is made from solid anodized aluminum pieces that feel pretty solid but remain very light . The vertically mounted surround is capable of increasing the cones efficiency by a full 25% . The woofer features some beautiful chrome elements that look rather nice in a sport sedan . Check out links in the description below to get the best price number one for a 12-inch subwoofer for your car . Click here to buy the latest model of the Rockford P3 P3 d4 P3 DVC from for a full list of the best in the world to buy a new model of its own at a full set of accessories. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came from the bottom of the page:¬†…. Click here to read more and watch the full video