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All Right So You Guys Are Either Gonna

have to blame or thank Mr. Jose Garcia for telling me about this amp. This woody 6800 watt amp. Now I have purchased a woody amp before and done a video. It didn’t turn out so well.

But This Is Actually A Mono Block And

they name it here. The RP2000. 1d, which is actually the model number of a scar amp, but we’ll find out that is not the actual model number of this amplifier but the time of purchase it was just under 100 bucks and if you go to google and do a search for woody car audio you see Dick Riculus. So we got an idea of what we’re gonna see with this app today right. I don’t know let’s find out all right so I took one for the team and ordered the amp and yeah it’s very.

Weird It Has An American Flag On It

but all this Chinese writing and it’s. I’m not even trying to pronounce the name here but Yeah It’s definitely from China. I’m not sure what the American flag is on here for but anyway let’s take a closer look at the manual here and yeah it even comes with a little certificate and I’m not really sure what that says We’ll find out maybe we’ll get it translated, but it has some ratings on here and not a whole lot of other information. Then in the box you get the amplifier and here’s the amplifier very basic look a classic amplifier design for car audio you can see the size compared to my hand. We’ll get to the dimensions here shortly and we’ll talk about the specs as well just an overall shot here fly over of the amp and here’s.

The Model Number I Was Talking

about it’s 88.08. 1d, which I have no idea where the RP2000. 1d comes from let’s take a look at the rating 600 watts at 4 Ohms 900 watts at 2 Ohms 1500 at 1 ohm. These are RMs ratings at 1 distortion.

According To This Current Draw 300 Amps

minimum load 1 ohm efficiency greater than 85 percent. Let’s take a look at one side of the amp. You see the power protect led. We also have inputs and outputs for RCas, which is nice for a budget amp. Then we have the gain control low pass filter 40 hertz to 180 Hertz subsonic off to 50 hertz.

A Bass Boost Frequency Of 30

to 80 and a gain from 0 to 12 db so I would just make sure you don’t set your low pass filter to 40 hertz and you’re subsonic to 50. Hertz because you might open up a hole in the planet on the opposite side, we have power inputs and speaker outputs. This is very interesting. My friends. We have dual speaker outputs.

This Is A Mono Block.

Those are eight gauge, but you can hook up your dual voice coil speakers easily with this but check this out. These are one alt inputs for power and ground yeah let’s find out that’s really needed as far as dimensions go 13. 77 inches by 8. 66 inches and the metric equivalence there for those who like it easy and then for the height 2.

36 Inches Or Six Centimeters.

Now we’re going to take the bottom of the amp off and take a look at the guts, but you know I’m going to tease you guys we’re going to do that later in the video so you got to stick around for that. Let’s fire up a good old smd the more engineering amplifier Dyno get ready to run some RMs power output tests before we do that smash that thumbs up button make sure you check the video description pick up you a Wilson audio t-shirt and be nice and cool or warm first up four ohms rated 600 watts 14. 4 volts. Can we get to 600 watts.

I Dont Think So But We Got A

lot closer than i thought we would 491 14.58. Let’s reset the dyno here to the uncertified mode and see if we can get it at 600 watts, and now we’re still shy 516 watts 14. 52 volts. What about dynamically can we get to the 600 watt rating Dynamically let’s hold our breath find out don’t hold your breath because it ain’t going to get there 5 14 14.

56 Volts So A Little Bit Of A.

based on the ratings eighty-four percent efficient, though that’s pretty good for a hundred dollar amp. I just still shocked two Ohms Monarchs rated 900 watts at 14. 4. Now usually when an amp doesn’t do it’s rated at four ohms.

It Doesnt Get Any Better As

we drop the ohms, but as you can see here. It actually did get a little closer 840 watts 14. 46. This is a certified test up to one percent thd. Now let’s go up to the clipping point and see if we can get that 900 watts.

What Do You Think Any Bets Any Takers

getting close 880 890 Oh 8.99 at 14. 34 we were right there at 900 watts clipping I’m impressed, but it ain’t ain’t over yet fellas it is not over yet dynamic Rms power. We easily get that 900 watts plus some more 14. 48 so yeah i’m starting to smile.

Can Tell My Voice Get A Little

happy here You guys can get more excited as we go along 74 efficient yeah that’s about average for Class D not great not horrible. Now let’s try one Ohm, where it’s rated 1500 watts of 14. 44. Can we get their certified no unfortunately not 1277 so just shy of 1300 watts at 14. 48 volts.

Now Lets Rewire The Dyno Here

using the touch button controls to go uncertified. Can we get the 1500 uncertified I don’t think so but we did get over 1400 1402 one ohm 14. 32 at the clipping point of the amplifier again. Don’t forget this amp was a hundred dollars dynamic check this out we do bust 1537 watts one ohm 14 and a half volts budget King right here my friends 68 efficient at one Ohm so not all that good at one ohm now I know. What you guys are asking what about point eight Can it do point eight well We’re gonna try it out certified Can we get to that 1500 watts at 0.


Not quite 1356 that the amp did not go into protect and it handled that load like a boss. So let’s try uncertified and see if we can get that 1500 watts and yes. We do 1539 watts right at 14. 4 14.


What about a little dynamic 40 Hertz burst check this out over 1700 watts say it ain’t so 1728 14. 36 efficiency is not a whole lot worse than it was at one ohm 69 wow I’m blown away so what about these results say what is really all I can say here you can pause it if you want to see I just showed all these tests and it came shot four ohms at two ohms It did. The rated power up to clipping one ohm. It didn’t quite make it unless we got to the dynamic load, but still wow for a 99 amp incredible.

Im Sure You Guys Are Going To Ask

do it bump. Though let’s find out try a couple songs all right. We have the woody 6800 watt amplifier here on the test bench hooked up to the eight inch subwoofers here wired at one ohm. Let’s try a little pink panther theme from Boom Tube. See how it sounds let’s try a little woofer test all right so if you couldn’t tell by the video.

The Amp Did Good On The Subs, But

it did notice a slight lack of control to the subwoofer so just be noted with that now let’s find out what’s inside is it a surprise. I don’t think so let’s take off all the screws on the bottom of the amp and take off the bottom panel and here we can see oh It looks kind of familiar. I would say looks like an audio pipe somewhat but notice that looks like Pac-man or somebody must have got a hold of this board. Why are these two chunks missing out of the board. Doesn’t make any sense to me You can see it here looks like somebody just broke off part of the circuit board.

I Dont Know Maybe They Use That In

a smaller amp or something, but if any of you technicians out there know why they would have done this Let us know as far as the rail caps 4700 microfarad 80 volt and check out the audio pipe Ofc wiring Hmm I wonder if this amp might be made in the same place. There again is a railcat 4700 microfarads 2200 microfarad 50 volts and then for the filter caps We have 25 volt 2200 microfarad and yeah here is the amp here’s the guts has the two power transformers there and again I just think it’s funny that part of the amp it just appears like it’s missing now let’s talk about the good stuff for this woody amp obviously an extreme bargain at the time of the video when I purchased it it was under a hundred dollars it’s a. low on beast which we’re going to test some more low on tests later has a variable subsonic a variable base eq one O inputs, dual speaker outputs and did I say it was cheap yes. It was under 100. At the time of this video, what about things could be better well.

It Doesnt Have A Remote Bass Control.

The reliability is unknown, but it looks like an audio pipe or very similar to it so it’s probably okay brand stigma yeah price jump I bet it will if you want one of these you better go ahead and pick one up so there you have it guys my test. The Woody 8808. 1D Wow. This was a shocker looks like an audio pipe amp.

It Looks Like Its An Extreme Value.

I would go ahead and pick one up if you want it reliability is unknown. I don’t know. But wow again for a hundred bucks, I’m just very shocked so thanks again for watching this is big D until next time. I’m out of here all right guys so against all odds and against everybody’s wishes psych you guys want to see it let’s drop this baby down low can I handle 0.


Let’s find out Mama said no all right Woody 6800 watt monoblock let’s drop them Ohms down try 0. 67 again. This is a resistive load on the dyno so this doesn’t really match up to your speaker loads, but it’s fun to see what amplifiers can do. Let’s find out this thing’s got a protection circuit or if it’s just going to give us more power.

Lets Find Out 40 Hertz 0.

67 all right 1938 watts at 0. 67 Wow all right is it possible. This cheap 100 woody amp can do 0. 67 certified I don’t.

Know Lets Find Out 40 Hertz Here

we go finger on the trigger case. It starts smoking all right 14 14. 78 at 14. 48.

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What About Half An Ohm Certified Should We

do the dynamic I mean the uncertified yeah let’s do the uncertified all right uncertified 40 Hertz 0.67 for the woody 1609 14. 36. All right I’m just a little bit in shock here all right so handle 0.


No way it can handle half an ohm hundred dollar amp right let’s find out woody 6800 watt not monoblock half an ohm certified is it possible that this 100 amp. At the time of this video can.

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This is actually a mono block and they name it here.& The RP2000.&1d, which is actually the model number of a scar amp, but we’ll find out that is not the actual model number . At the time of purchase it was just under 100 bucks and if you go to google and do a search for woody car audio you see Dick Riculus.& So we got an idea of what we’re gonna see with this app today right. All right so I took one for the team and ordered the amp and yeah it’s very. Weird It has an American flag on it but all this Chinese writing and it’s. It’s definitely from China.& I’m not sure what the American flag is on here for but anyway let’s take a closer look at the manual here . We’ll take a look at it here and we’ll talk about the specs as well just an overall shot of the amp as well as the specifications as well. We’ll get to the dimensions…. Click here to read more and watch the full video