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Whats Up Guys Today We Got Another Subwoofer

to check out. This is the brand new Rel 1510 shout out to Ralph for sending this over for me to review thank you guys if you call up the video that I did. I think a couple years back maybe a year and a half or so back. I reviewed the original version of this which was the 1508. So you can see that this comes double boxed inside the box.

We Get The Instructions The Owners

manual. Here is the grill two branded stacking plates and the power cord so This comes in a really nice cloth bag to keep it from getting any scratches and right when you pull off the bag, you’re going to see right up top here you get the rail embossed logo on the front. We have another 15-inch driver. The frequency response of. This guy goes down to.

I Believe Negative 6 Db At

20 Hertz size wise. This measures 21. 5 inches wide by 18 inches tall by 19 and a half inches deep. So it’s almost a perfect square. It’s not a gigantic 15-inch subwoofer, but it is a fairly nice size.

The Build Quality Feels Almost Like The

older version. It does have the same kind of a brushed vinyl wrapping so the same vinyl wrapping is here as well it’s got a nice little texture to it and again. It does have that now entire top plate of the subwoofer is now totally glossy instead of just a little cut out square on the top. So I do like this better I think overall aesthetically this one looks better than the older version on the bottom the feet just like the old version have the rel logo on each. One of them, there’s some pads underneath here so if you were to peel off this little sticker.

You Can Stack These On Top Of Another

1510 so that way it keeps it from sliding around now. If you are going to stack this on top of another 1510. You would take the included bracket line it up with the little holes take those screws and you can screw it here on each side and then to the back of the bone on the bottom. Now on the back we’ve got your Xlr-ins and outs get your status indicator auto on off phase toggle between zero or 180 degrees variable crossover from 30 Hertz to 200 Hertz. The volume low level inputs and outputs power cord input and the main power switch.

This Does Not Have The High

level inputs like you would find on rails audiophile esque subs. This subwoofer is the HT1510 so HT meaning home theater, so they’re anticipating you using either the unbalance inputs or only the XLR balance inputs. So no high level inputs on this version, So I’m gonna go ahead get this thing set up in the theater just keep in mind that I’ve only got one of these the last time. I reviewed the 1506 I’ve had two of them. So the performance is probably going to be a little different than what I heard on the older version rather than this one because they only had so many to go around so I’ve only got one of these guys, but let’s go ahead and get this thing set up.

Im Going To Give You Some Thoughts And

impressions. I’m going to place the subwoofer directly under my screen right in the center. This gives me the best response for my. Space It’ll be hooked up to a channel of altitude processor and I’ll be playing demos with as a PD media player and a kaleidoscape. I’m going to turn off any room correction in my processor and only use the settings that are built into the subwoofer to integrate it with my speakers.

The First Demo Were Going To Pop On

is fury. If you want to test how quick and hard your subs can hit then this movie will belt out some serious punishment. I’m not going to pretend and say I remember exactly how the older 1508 sounded from two years ago, but I can say that the 1510 still has that speedy percussive characteristic that I’ve heard from their smaller audiocentric subs such as the T9X and this is coming from a 15-inch driver rather than the 10 inch found in the T9X when the machine. guns fire away or the cannons are blasting away. The 1510 just snaps into action with little to no overhang.

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I Do Think The 1510 Has

a heavier presence from the older model, meaning the base seems to hit a little thicker and hits with a little more weight which I feel adds more impact for these types of action movies since this guy seems to be a bit more robust down low. I felt the perfect demo to throw on next was Godzilla vs. Kong in order to convey giant monsters hitting each other. Then you’ll need a very capable sub I thought I’d be disappointed by only having one subwoofer from my room, but this almost didn’t leave me wanting a second for any normal person. One of these may feel like it’s gonna destroy your room with every explosion footstep or punch.

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The 1510 Can Pressurize Your.

space with very clean authoritative response without sounding bloaty or boomy Since action movies aren’t going to pose a problem for the 1510. I wanted to test out how nuanced and tactile. This sub is so I threw on the greatest showman next. There’s a few musical numbers of which I can’t play any demos without getting a copyright strike that should test.

The 1510S Musical Prowess Lets See If Its

got some musical chops that intro is about as hard hitting as it gets and along with the musical soundtrack. The 1510 is nearly as taut and refined as the smaller T9x. I do think the T9x can weave through musical notes in a more delicate fashion, where the 1510 is slightly heavier handed as it doesn’t have quite the speedy lightness of the smaller T9 now don’t get me wrong. The 1510 is still a quick reactive subwoofer. I’d say it’s as nimble or maybe more so than my rhythmic F18, so it does handle transients in a delicate manner, but I would still give the T9X the win.

If I Were To Use This

in a music centric setup and as always I’m going to wrap up the demos with the intro to edge of Tomorrow. It’s an infrasonic demo that not many subwoofers can handle and just like the 1508 that came before it. The 1510 can’t hit those single digit numbers that’s not to say that my drywall wasn’t vibrating as you probably heard in the demo. But if you’re looking for tonsil vibrating bass, then this guy is not going to do it for you. However, it still hits those high peaks with massive authority and will rattle the windows and piss off your neighbors downstairs Now I did take some measurements from my.

Main Listening Seat Keep In Mind That This

is the response. I got from Myspace and it’ll likely be very different for yours As specified. It does drop off at 20 Hertz. Although in my room it’s not a very steep drop off. Since I’ve only got one of these subwoofers.

I Always Get This Nasty Dip At

around 50 hertz, which I can get rid of with a pair of subwoofers but for just a single sub. This looks as impressive as it sounds at the time of this video. The Rel Predator 1510 is selling for 18. 99 just like the previous model. This is one of the speediest home theater 15-inch subs that I’ve had come through my home theater.

Its Got Ample Musical Chops And It Does

hang pretty closely with its more music-centric very nimble little brother, The T9x. Its main claim to fame is. to be its use in a home theater environment for movies. I felt it has more low end with the beefier heavier presence over its predecessor. I’d say it’s kind of like an SvS subwoofer, but with more control and less bloat.

I Think The New Design Is An Improvement

over the older model and disappears easier in a dark room. Although the glossy top plate is still a highly reflective surface, so it may catch your eye during bright scenes. If it’s near your display. I also like the fact that you can stack these if you want more output for larger spaces.

If You Find That One Doesnt Do

it for you as mentioned earlier, It isn’t going to reach into the infrasonic realm for all you die hard base heads, but for the majority of folks. I think you’ll find this may be an impressive upgrade if. You’re looking for a smallish subwoofer with big home theater Impact and if you’re coming from a 1508 subjectively better looks and beefier base is a welcome upgrade, so those are my thoughts on the Rel HT1510 Predator subwoofer are you guys looking for a new subwoofer and if so are you looking at a rel subwoofer as always guys thanks for watching be sure to like share and subscribe and we’ll see you again in the next video.


This is the brand new Rel 1510 subwoofer . The frequency response of.& This guy goes down to.& I believe negative 6 db at 20 Hertz size wise . This measures 21.5 inches wide by 18 inches tall by 19 and a half inches deep . The build quality feels almost like the older version of this which was the 1508.& So I do like this better I think overall aesthetically aesthetically this one looks better than the . older version on the bottom the feet just like the old . version have the rel logo on each.& One of them, there’s some pads underneath here so if you were to peel off this little sticker . You can stack these on top of another 1510 so that way it . keeps it from sliding around now. The Xlr-ins and outs are included in the box. It is a nice little texture to it and it’s got a good quality to it. It does have the same kind of a brushed vinyl wrapping…. Click here to read more and watch the full video