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Trend channel on our Channel. You may have already seen my detailed Drive reviews of all the versions of the new Mahindra Scorpio n UK but in this video today, we are going to take a look at the second level Z4 variant exclusively in English. This here is the diesel four wheel drive variant and we are going to see what level of features and convenience does this offer but before that please make sure to subscribe to our Channel. As we provide detailed reviews of all variants of all cars, along with regular news updates. It is your support that keeps us motivated so Please Don’t forget to like and share this video best of all you can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well weapons activated today.

This Mahindra Scorpio And Z4 Has

been provided to us. by CAi Auto Industries private limited Mahindra showroom in Coimbatore. The new Scorpio n aims to carry forward the 20-year strong Legacy of the Scorpio brand name with vast improvements in terms of power comfort and features. This Z4. Here is the most affordable four-wheel drive variant of the Scorpio n, and since this is one step above the base level Z2.

Even Though It Does Not Have

a whole lot of features. It still looks good instead of the chrome finish on the front grille. You get to see brushed aluminum touches and quite expectedly. This car does not offer projector headlamps. Similarly, this car does not have led drls or front fog lamps instead of that you get to see a c-shaped blank panel.

Of Course, This Car Also Does Not

have silver finish skid plates, but still the overall size shape and the presence remains exactly the same. It is the minor design touches and features that help differentiate this Z4 from the Z8 as you can see. There is no Chrome detailing on the side of the car while the door handles and or UK are body colored, while the Z8 gets alloy wheels. The lower spec variants get these 17-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers. From the Z4 variant onwards, you also get to see the factory fitted footsteps on the sides and all variants also come as standard with the all-round body cladding.

In Order To Complete The Looks.

Mahindra have provided a shark fin antenna along with black colored proper metal roof rails with the signature swept back design, then moving on towards the back. All variants come as standard with. Stacked UK tail lamps and except for the strip on the rear bumper and the badges. The Chrome detailings have kept to a bare minimum now.

Just Like Every Other Scorpio, This Scorpio Ends

Z4 variant itself looks awesome in the black color. A rear windshield wiper washer with defogger is available from the Z4 variant onwards. However, this variant does not have a reverse parking camera and yes a four-wheel drive option is available only with the diesel manual version of the Z4. Apart from that. The Z4 is also available with the regular two-wheel drive, diesel, manual and automatic and petrol manual and automatic options overall.

In Terms Of The Exterior, This Z4

is really impressive Yes Folks I’m right now inside the brand new Mahindra Scorpio ends Z4 second level variant and first let’s talk about the design the overall design language of this interior as. can see most of the design elements and some of the features also have been carried forward from the top spec Z8 L variant of the Scorpio n as you may have seen on my detailed walk around review, but still this obviously being one among the entry-level variants. It misses out on some features. For example, you don’t get leather wrap steering wheel even though the design is the same flat bottom design one and surprisingly. This car also provides cruise control, which is quite nice and unexpected for a second level variant.

Then This Car Also Provides A Touchscreen

system. A nine inch touchscreen system to be precise and you also get electronically controlled manual air conditioning, which is really Nice to look at as well. And then you have the same array of buttons in the center console, the same storage pockets and almost everything remains exactly. same in terms of looks for the most part however, just like the dubstep variant. This car does not provide telescopic adjustment.

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Even On The Top Spec Variant.

You only have tilt adjustment, which is quite understandable that said, Unlike the top spec variants. The lower spec variants Don’t have the full color UK instrument cluster. The instrument cluster of this car is completely different. I’ll just show you that once I turn on the power of this car but before that let me just show you.

The Key This Here Is The

remote Flip Key of this car. The entry level variants. Don’t get smart key access with push button start. However, even the talks back variant get this exact same Flip Key even though it has got button start anyway let me just slot it inside and turn on the power Yep. This is how the display of this Z4 looks like and immediately you get to see some familiar things first of all in terms of the instrument cluster.

This Instrument Cluster Reminds Us Of The

Mahindra Marazzo’s instrument cluster because the overall design the purple is tinge color. Everything seems to be evolved from the Mahindra Marazzo’s design and the layout itself is also exactly the same. The mid can be controlled using the buttons on the right side of the steering wheel just beside the cruise control buttons and you have got a whole lot of information details including distance to empty UK level ECo sense average efficiency and a lot of stuff and then you have digital speedometer. You also have settings warnings and what is this Yatra Peta, a trip and again to the fuel informations and then the tank fuel tank gauge is located on the right side of this mid, whereas the engine temperature gauge is located on the left side lower down. You also have a gear indicator which is going to be quite helpful.

Then Lets Talk About The Touchscreen

system Yes. This tasking system is significantly different when you compared with the touchscreen system of the top spec variant mainly the top spec variants get the Adrenox UK, but this one here it is a more simple one. It is an evolution of the XUv3ws Infotainment systemsNK], which means it is much better and Slicker to operate. operate however, sadly, it does not offer you reverse parking camera yep no reverse parking camera instead what this car offers is this indication. The display in the instrument cluster itself and the distance is calculated in centimeters while the beeps also increase once you near any obstacle so even though this car does not offer reverse parking camera, it still is going to be quite safe to reverse thanks to this reverse sensing system in the instrument cluster then yes.

The Touchscreen System Offers Android Auto And

apple card play along with the Eco sense quite similar to almost every other Mahindra car. You also have Bluetooth connectivity and car info well. This does not have any fancy features say for example, UK drls or anything but still yeah you can see the car’s average fuel efficiency distance to empty and service info warnings and all in this touchscreen. system itself then coming lower down. This does not have automatic climate control, but still this manual UK is good enough.

It Is So Freezing So Cool

really nice in terms of comfort, so that is a good thing then coming lower down further. You have the engine idle start stop button over here. The same number of storage pockets are exactly the same In this area itself. You get two UK ports Yes one is for the fast charging for the smartphones and one is for the Android Auto Apple carplay connectivity at the center. You also have an UK port which is missing on a lot of other mid-size UK nowadays.

Then This Gear Lever Is Exactly The

same as we see on the Scorpio classic the XUv7W and the top spec variants of the Scorpio N as well except for the lack of this leathered wrapping it. Quite nice though then yes this being the four-wheel drive variant Yeah! You get three multiple Drive modes with respect to the differential logs. You have two wheel drive. You have four wheel drive high and four wheel drive low and once you change the modes. This is how it’s displayed in the instrument cluster Yeah.

This Is Four Wheel Drive High, Which

means it shows you that the four-wheel drive is engaged and if you change it to four wheel drive low. It properly indicates that it is four wheel drive low and then let me just get back to two wheel drive and it starts blinking and then it goes away all together yep so that’s how the four-wheel drive indication works then yes coming right behind that you get to see a cup holder over here and this armrest even though being standard across. All variants of the Scorpio in and the Xuv7W as well quite similar to the XUv700 lower spec variants. You don’t get any sort of cushioning or soft padding on this armrest instead. It is just hard plastic simple hard, scratchy plastic well.

Armrest Is Meant For Comfort, But

sadly. This ombres does not provide me any comfort. In terms of cushioning. Still it is ergonomically proper and you can always leather wrap this armrest aftermarket with your favorite material. Then inside this the storage capacity remains exactly the same other storage options include this rather decently sized glove box and even on this variant you get to see cooling function.

You Can See The Cooling Went

at the back over here Yes. This car also provides a cooled glove box. Then. There are the large one liter bottle holders available as standard on all doors and the top spec.

Variant Of The Scorpio And Had A

speaker on top of the dashboard over here, but the lowest big variants Don’t have that speaker instead you get to see a small gummy pocket over here now probably to stick your God idle or some other small storage stuff. It is quite nice, though then coming on towards the roof. You have the manual adjustable day night IrVM as standard and you have a sunglass holder over here with nice soft felt lining inside. However, sadly Even on this mid-spec variant, you don’t get a vanity mirror even for the passenger side quite surprising because even some anti-level hatchbacks provide a vanity mirror at least on the passenger side, but the Scorpio end does not on the Z4, which is quite a missing feature for such a premium UK Don’t you think all right then well next coming up to the quality of the materials yeah the most of the Plastics.

The Overall Quality The Build Quality Everything

remains quite good just like the top spec variant. However, while the top spec variant provided the brown leatherette soft padding on the door armrest and the dashboard mid pad. On this lower spec variants you get to see only hard plastics but still the overall quality is good. The build is good.

The Interiors Feel Robust And Quite Strong,

then in terms of other standard available features. Obviously provides all four power windows with the driver window also getting one touch down and one touch-up function as well. Yeah along with that, you can also see electronically.


Team Auto Trend reviews the second level Z4 variant exclusively in English . The new Scorpio n aims to carry forward the 20-year strong Legacy of the Scorpio brand name with vast improvements in terms of power comfort and features . The Z4 does not offer projector headlamps or front fog lamps instead of that you get to see a c-shaped blank panel . The lower spec variants get these 17-inch steel wheels with full wheel cove . There is no Chrome detailing on the side of the car while the door handles and or UK are body colored, while the Z8 gets alloy wheels . The Car also does not have silver finish skid plates, but still the overall size shape and the presence remains exactly the same as you can see . The Mahindra Scorpio and Z4 has been provided to us by CAi Auto Industries private limited Mahindara showroom in Coimbatore in Coimalimala showrooms in Coims, Coims and/or UK…. Click here to read more and watch the full video