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All Right So This Is The New Svs

PB1000 pro I’m going to be going over the top seven changes as well as some things. I think you should know before you consider buying this particular sub-now before I get started please like and subscribe. I really appreciate it makes all the difference in the world. So this is not just an announcement like I’ve done in the past. This is a full review of the Svs PB1000 pro.

They Did A Pre-Production Run Sent A

few out to reviewers. I’m imagining I don’t think I’m the only one but I imagine they’ve done this for a few people but but for me personally. This is nostalgic because the first Sbs product I ever heard were the original PB1000s and I really like this particular price point when it comes to subwoofers because not everybody can afford five thousand. In base right like that’s that’s just way beyond detainable um, But when you talk about you know a subwoofer that’s 5. 99.

Its A Little More Attainable And If

you do duels it’s a hundred dollars off so um for me personally what I do is a little frustrating because I get a lot of comments like Oh, who can afford a 1400 subwoofer or who can afford a 2 000 subwoofer and I hear you. It’s definitely a big deal so for me going back to these is a really nice thing. It’s full circle it’s nice to have heard all the expensive stuff go back to the least expensive and see what I think and it’s it’s kind of surprising. Also the originals are the first match dual subwoofers. I’ve ever heard and that was really my aha moment because after I sent those back and went back.

To A Single Sub Im Like

whoa This is wrong so and I’ll go into that later in the video, but and I’ll also have affiliate links down in the description below and you know I’ve heard every available ported SBs subwoofer, including the previous generation, so the PB1000 original, the PB 2000 original things like that and so at the end of the video. I’ll sum it up for you and I’m going to offer an awesome tip that really will make a big difference for these subs in particular but also some others. So these are the top seven differences that I think you should know about number seven obviously right off the bat. Everybody’s gonna notice it’s a larger driver. I was unpacking these and I was expecting to see a 10-inch driver and I unpacked them and I actually set them on top.

Of The Pb3 Thousands I Had In Here

and I’m like wait these these look bigger. I pulled out the tape measure sure enough. It’s 12-inch drivers so that’s awesome and I will say they did great getting a lot out of that 10-inch driver from the original PB-1000. But this 12-inch driver really makes a difference number six is more power and a much better amp and it sounds like the power difference is bigger than 25 watts. You know the original was 300 watts Rms.

These Are 325.

I don’t really think that’s quite accurate. I think it’s kind of underrated a little bit but I I it just sounds bigger and part of that is due in part to the design of the amplifier. The way they’ve configured the mosfets and all that good stuff. So I’ll again.

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Ill Put A Link In The

description. Yeah! It really sounds more powerful than just an extra 25 watts. Number five two ports just like they started doing with the PB3000 and the PB2000 Pro. The PB-1000 Pros also sport two ports which makes more sense number four. These are deeper sounding so the originals rolled off right around 21 hertz okay and um and and because of that they almost didn’t make the list but I figure what’s one you know I wanted to be audible fully like powerful down to 20 and these started to roll off right around 21 22 Hertz somewhere around there.

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But The Pb1000 Pros Do Not Have That

same audible roll off and so. These are they’re as deep as you can hear basically you’re not going to miss anything out on these um and so that’s good they’re deeper sounding sub and there’s nothing missing um like there was. The original PB1000 the original just missing that little extra bit still amazingly deep, but just that little extra bit of depth was missing that’s the only that was my main critique of it. Number three. These are perfect music only subs now dual PB 1000 Pros are all you really need for music only systems now if you’re going to use theater if you’re going to watch movies and stuff going up to something like PB2000 pro makes more sense and it does help having a little more wattage with music, but it’s really just not out it’s not an outstanding difference like it is with movies so if you’re just into music and you’re just in the two channel.

I Think A Pair Of Pb-1000 Pros

are awesome for a lot of reasons. I’ll go into a little bit later in the video and number two the ability. shape the response curve. This is a big deal to me so music only systems you know two channel can be shaped using the app okay so the response curve of the subwoofers can be adjusted right and dual subs make a huge difference for music right, but usually there’s no room correction to channel systems and so this makes a lot of sense and again I’ll touch on a little bit later in the video why but number one the big deal for me is I basically see these as the replacement of the original PB2000 okay and so i mean the same driver size a little bit less wattage better amplifier. I mean it’s basically the same amount of performance that you know you’d get out of a PB 2000, but it’s 200 cheaper than the PB2000 original was right, so it’s it’s it’s interesting essentially the Svs.

Line Has Increased In Price On

some subwoofers, but shifted the performance to this cheaper set okay so performance wise SvS has effectively reduced the cost of good bass It’s just kind of a funky way. They did it. So the PB1000 pro sounds real close to the PB2000 original. The PB2000 pro sounds closer to the PB12 plus and the PB3000, which is what replaced the plus sounds closer to the PB 13 ultra. The PB 3000 sounded really close to the PB4 thousands.

So Its Basically Like Theyve Shifted

all the higher performance down the line so that you know instead of buying a you know 800 Pb 2000 original. Instead. You can now buy a PB 1000 pro for 200 less and get the same performance. I mean there might be a a minute difference but to my ears. I’m not hearing much so that’s really cool.

To Me Theyve Actually Reduced Costs

for home theater. I think that’s great that’s been my biggest complaint about what I do is. Everything is just so expensive for you know a lot of people. So anytime you know it works out to help people that don’t have a ton of money. I’m thrilled about it so who is this for um you know anybody who has basic subs and who’s on a limited budget.

Just Remember To Boost The Gain Beyond

room correction. I talk about this in my gain hack video instead of setting it at 75 db like on the room correction. It’ll say set match it to 75 db well. I crank it all the way up to either between 84 and 85. But the important thing is is you don’t want to leave it the way room correction sets it because room correction is set.

Up For Shallow Base Subs And These Are

not shallow based subs, so it’s different it doesn’t handle it the same way so it’s an important thing to understand. I still definitely believe that these are the smartest buy-in base and there’s a couple reasons for that number one. You have the one-year trade-up when you go factory direct and so you know that’s that’s a really cool thing. It’s like a starter sub and you can decide what you want to do from there and there are some people that trade in their 1000s straight to the PB16 ultras. It does happen.

Bass Is Addictive Just Fair Warning But That

does happen you know and you also have if you decide to keep it and you don’t need anything bigger which you may not. Then you’ve got a five-year warranty on not just the driver but the amp as. What tend to fail in subwoofers so that’s the important part but you get a full five-year warranty on that this is also the only subwoofer. I’ll recommend as a single because it will be cheaper to get a second one. You know then there have been people who have bought Pb16 ultras and then realized only two and that’s that’s a twenty-five hundred dollar whoops and not everyone can afford that so for me if someone’s gonna buy a single subwoofer.

A Pb 1000 Pro Makes A Lot

of sense because if you’re going to buy another one it’s easy to do it’s only you know another 600 instead of 2500 right but the other thing is so long as you buy factory direct you can trade in your single PB 1000 pro for say dual PB2000 Pros or dual PB3000s or whatever you want so you can. a single in and apply that towards dual of whatever your preference is so that’s to me? What makes it the smartest buying base because it’s just it gives you a lot of options a lot of control, especially with the app and things like that to me. It’s a no-brainer. It’s an easy recommendation for me. The other thing about these is they have speaker level inputs, which makes them perfect for two channel only systems.

Theyre Probably The Best Ported Sps Sub For

systems without subwoofer outputs. Not only can you use these in a system without a subwoofer output like you know if you’re running monoblock amps and stuff like that you can run it into the speaker level inputs and stuff like that. But you can also shape the response curve, which is really helpful if you don’t have room correction and most two channel systems. And and for Youtube channel guys from reading a lot of information about two channel and and how they describe the perfect sound that they’re looking for I really do think bass is the missing link to a lot of two channel systems to me music is 75. Maybe even 80 of my listening now and it’s what’s most important to me so when you don’t have deep bass it just the music sounds anemic and you don’t want to go and spend you know a hundred thousand dollars on a setup and still have it sound anemic right so to me.

These Make A Lot Of Sense Bass

is important it matters it brings the soul to your music and so if you’re really into just enjoying everything about music. I think bass is a very key thing. You know subs like these are not going to sound bloated or overdone that’s really in how you set it up and and making sure you’re.


This is a full review of the Svs PB1000 pro . The first Sbs product I ever heard were the original PB1000s and I really like this particular price point when it comes to subwoofers because not everybody can afford five thousand.& In base right like that’s that’s just way beyond detainable um, But when you talk about you know a subwoofer that’s 5.99.& It’s a little more attainable and if you do duels it’s a hundred dollars off.& I’ll sum it up for you and I’m going to offer an awesome tip that and I’ll also have affiliate links down in the description below and at the end of the video, but and in the video I’ll go into that later in the interview, but I’ll be going back to the video with the video. The original version is the first match dual sub woofers. I’ve ever heard and that was really my aha moment…. Click here to read more and watch the full video