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Foreign Good Afternoon My Name Is Joseph Lloyd

and I Source cars for people on a professional basis. Although most of the cars I saw saw between 1 000 and 5 000 pounds. Very often I’ve been asked to show something a little bit cheaper on the channel and so I came up with no budget reviews. The series where we look at cars that you can buy in good condition with an mot for under a thousand pounds and you can enjoy driving We don’t film this in an expensive manner. We don’t use separate microphones.

We Dont Use Do It Had Tripods.

We don’t even use a UK but we do have a lot of fun five years. You know how much I like dark green cars on this channel and here is yet another one. It’s a 2000 Jaguar UK 3 liter UK. I can’t believe really that you can pick these up for the sort of money, but you can I mean they used to be even cheaper than this, but you can’t install just about buy one for under a thousand pounds, so here we are no budget reviews with some budget luxury.

The Uk Was Introduced In Late

1998. I didn’t go on sale till 19. 99. A lot of people were sort of comparing this with the Rover 75. It’s not really exactly the same class a car as one of those they were both introduced at around the same time.

Certainly This Is A Platform That Wouldnt

have been possible without Ford‘s involvement with Jaguar at the time to apologize for lighting. It’s not the best here today, So the Ford Thunderbird of a link in the last were both based on this car as well. All shed the same platform. Let’s have a look and see how much lighter we’ve got in the back Oh Hello we’ve got all sorts of friends in here today and you’ve got a little Jaguar and little mini Jaguars Hello I’m afraid you’re gonna have to sit on there because otherwise I won’t be able to get in just to move all these as well there we go so demonstrating the armrest here We’ve got to move that seat forward a bit. Perhaps um we do have wood viewers we have quite a lot of it.

We Also Have Sort Of Ford Mondeo Stroke.

I think you can use these on Fiesta switches in here, which is really weird and the key it looks just. Like the key from a MArk 5 Fiesta I think this would be off something like that key Fob though is is different. It has a Jaguar logo on it right so I’ll just adjust that seat and then I’ll and I’ll get in the back okay that’s better Nice and easy to step in it’s not quite as big in here as I thought it would be um My head is actually sort of brushing against the roof lining as well which isn’t the best um we’ve got rear climate control vents in here though which is which is nice let’s take a another look at this door is that wow that’s not actually soft touch but never mind it doesn’t matter because we’ve got some leather. I wish it was a beige leather interior views but you can’t really have everything can you especially not at this sort.

Of Money So All Happy Friends

in here and got a map pocket in here is that an ashtray. It’s not like an uncovered ashtray that’s interesting. Oh no no the ashtrays are in here. I spoke too soon You’ve got one on each side of course you have because we are luxury so if you smoke a pipe or something you can bash it out in there that’s all it’s very very nice in here about views very very nice Facebook ones would be a bit different. This one actually has built-in Sat Nav we’ll take a look at that later first of all I think it’s time to look into boot right.

I Did Enjoy That View Is Very

very much The only issue I could see this car. The boots about 40 liters in size, so that’s I suppose fairly typical for this sort of car but. It’s really deep as you can see we’ve got this ability wheelchair in here It’s very shallow. It’s very very shallow. You’ve got a deep breathing goes back a long way, but it’s quite shallow that could be a bit of a problem.

If You Were Thinking Of Looking Lugging

loads of things in it Oh and there we go the Jaguar navigation system. We look forward to trying that and seeing how absolutely pathetic that is a bit later. I think we’d have to close it normally so there we go it is the um it’s a three-liter we’ve got some parking sensors on there as well. We also have this Carver not massive are they they’re only 16 inches, but that’s absolutely fine you can see a certain Welsh-based UK channel is featuring in this video as well. Of course have you look at those look.

At Those Locks So Just Typical

Ford aren’t they at the period as are all these switches I don’t think though we have the mirror switch which was on I think something like with some Mark 4 Fiesta that’s actually a different one um, but like Oh memory seats yes key goes in there so this I don’t think is a Ford item and neither are these um stalks which don’t actually look as sort of um impressive as I thought they would in a car like this, but that’s okay this so it’s impressive look at this lots and lots of lever and wood and volume controls and cruise control and the J gate viewers we do like that very much so later cars from this would have a different automatic gearbox. This is a relatively early ones. It’s Got the five-speed Auto You could also get a five-speed manual with the V6 as well. I don’t know how many of those there are left, but you could do that like an automatic suit for this car quite well, though got a little cup holder a little flap. It’s interesting look at that and there’s the sport mode.

Im Not Sure If Were Trying

that used I’m not yes not sure if we’re trying the sport mode. not that way inclined most of the time, but maybe we will and yes I should put the key to turn this on. But that is the sat Nav screen that’s all you get not really a prime piece of real estate is it number Dash not like these days but the controls for doing the trip meter are up here, which is sort of typical I think Jaguar V. Also kind of like this, although it’s near of a steering column. demo switch is just there Oh the metal switches here that’s being used for electric seat electric steering wheel adjustment that’s hilarious viewers I frequently amuse myself on these videos especially we’ve got a tape player right let’s turn the key and see if we can get this Sat Nav working and this a lovely cassette with um optional UK Oh viewers right okay look at this this is a touch screen or you press enter you press enter oh no one one there we go look at this um that is going to take rather a while for me to actually put things in although that is actually correct.

Yeah 22-Year-Old Sat Nav Wonderful

Dual Zone Climate control will just turn the fan to be down a little bit these displays do. Look very very old-fashioned Now They look like something out of the mid-90s rather than um so the early 2000s but the car was launched in 99 I suppose that’s all they could get hold of at the time, so we looking here Oh there’s the Australian thing to have a cigarette lighter put that pen back there we’ve got some lights here and they’ve probably answer the working because we we got the door closed that’s probably what it is more lights here that’s returning the parking sensors off just there got the sunroof cover open because um it’s just better for filming if we do that low fuel level that’s probably something that you see quite often in the V600 Jaguar isn’t it so look at the glove box and see if the secret mission. Oh there’s a curry hook on there it’s very 90s Yeah I’m. sure if my secret mission knocking’s gonna go in views, but I’ll I’ll just grab them and see if they’ll actually go in cave use nope not even a chance that’s a shame we’ve got a nice love about manual There there’s the curry hook again sort of going like that but that’s not really that impressive as it is what’s got an ashtray on that side as well the ashtray of course the drive will be This one center console to close that Center was a soft action a soft action very nice views that’s the shuttle thing for doing the Locking wheel nut. It’s not too bad.

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It Could Fit Some Things Thats Not

a UK port by the way um in my dreams yes we’ve got various things on the info center we can probably if we can clear that warning because if I yeah so. We go ranges that amount press the trip button here Yes it Cycles through average fuel consumption 24. 6 average speed 25 and that’s for margin of a car. It’s not actually that bad for a cup it’s 22 years old is it should meet it there we go action views right. I think it’s time to have a look at the engine.

So There We Go Three To

V6 longitudinally mounted. This car is rear wheel drive, generating in this case around 240 horsepower. There was a 2. 5 liter version of this engine as well and obviously both of them were also used in the X-type access doesn’t actually look too bad that manifold is enormous so look at that the size of that UK pump is just there.

Yeah I Wouldnt Want To Try

to change a timing belt on this obviously it is a tone belt engine. same as the Mondeo V6, which is actually based on I think they used to call it the Jira attack, but this is modified just to quite a large extent by Jaguar of themselves. Of course we’re in the area though here with lots of plastic covers starting to appear on things so it’s it’s not maybe as easy as you know all the Jaguars would be but nevertheless it’s just quite impressive to see than just sitting like this I’m in a car that costs under a thousand pounds or rather you know a version of a car you can buy for under a thousand pounds. I should say right let me stop wittering on and let’s go out through a drive.

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My Immediate Feeling About This Car

is how smooth quiet everything is the um the ride seems really good. I mean we’ll get onto some quite. poor roads in a second, and we’ll see for certain but probably like you know theNK] 300 that I’ve driven on sensible second-hand Classics for ride which I’m sure will be extremely sweet The engine. I know.

This Is Only The Second Engine Up From

the bottom. There was also a 2. 5 version of this engine, but it doesn’t seem.


Most of the cars I saw saw saw between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds . Joseph Lloyd has been asked to show something a little bit cheaper on the channel and so I came up with no budget reviews. The series where we look at cars that you can buy in good condition with an mot for under a thousand pounds and you can enjoy driving. We don’t film this in an expensive manner.& Although most of the vehicles we don’t even use a UK but we do have a lot of fun five years. The UK was introduced in late 1998. It’s not really exactly the same class a car as one of those they were both introduced at around the same time. We do have wood viewers we have quite a . lot of it. We also have a sort of Ford  and we also have sort of a Ford  car. The car that wouldn’t have been possible without Ford’s involvement with Jaguar at the time to apologize for lighting. We are sorry for…. Click here to read more and watch the full video