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file. If you’re new to this channel My name is Taran Let me start today with a little word association game. I’ll throw out some phrases and you make a note of the first thing that pops into your head so let’s get started sports car luxury watch musical subwoofer Now I’ll tell you my selections if you tell me yours let me know in the comments section for sports car I selected porsche not surprising really I worked for that brand for five and a half years for luxury watch I selected rolex I’ve never really been known for having a great deal of imagination and for musical subwoofer. I selected rel and I bet a number of you selected the same thing. But why is that when I was first seriously getting into hi-fi that had been around the early 1990s.

Are Still Periodically Working In A Hi-Fi Store

around that time home cinema was all the rage, and it seemed that everybody was buying subwoofers to augment their surround sound systems everybody apart from traditional audiophiles, they wouldn’t allow a boombox anywhere near their prized two-channel system that perception changed slowly over a period of time when rel came on the scene. Richard E Lord launched a range of subwoofers that was aimed squarely at the audiophile and became prized for their timing and ability to seamlessly integrate into a two-channel system. There was no doubt that getting that right took time effort a great deal of patience and quite frankly was a royal pain in the jacksie now for you non-british people out there I’m sure you can guess what that means but once you got it dialed in the benefits of having a subwoofer were unquestionable and for. Going back I had to have one I bought one way back then the Rel Strata 3 it retailed for around 800 pounds in the premium finish. I think there was also a standard finish available which retailed for around 600 pounds, but I’m not entirely certain punch that into an inflation calculator today and you’re looking at around a thousand to twelve hundred pounds.

Rel Was Sold Back In 2005 To

the Americans, but the values of the company have remained the same. Even though the designs have changed quite a bit. I’m taking a look at the Rel T7x that retails here in the Uk for around a thousand pounds. Even though it’s quite a bit smaller than my Strata 3. It could be considered a direct replacement not only in terms of price, but also when you look at the measured performance in terms of the specifications.

Well Get Into That A Little Bit

later the question I really wanted answered was how much is the subwoofer game moved on since I purchased my strata 3. Over 20 years ago. I found out exactly that and I hope you come along for the ride. The Royal T7x will set you back exactly 999 pounds in the Uk. It’s pretty close to being a 14 inch 350 millimeter cube the height just being a little bit less at 12.

6 Inches Or 320 Millimeters Available In A

gloss white finish and a gloss black but no wood finishes, which roll state is due to the complexities of matching with main speakers, but I still think it’s a shame owners will be under no uncertainty that they’ve purchased a rail subwoofer boy do they like their branding it’s everywhere on the feet on the back on the top and if. you remove the front grille. It’s on the 8-inch 200 millimeter long throw driver too underneath there’s a 10-inch 250-millimeter passive radiator. There’s that logo again. Both drivers are rail’s proprietary fiber alloy construction.

Its Basically A Composite Of Air-Dried

paper cone stiffened by substantial inverted aluminium dust cap to try and find the ideal balance between lightness stiffness and damping. I know i’ve been poking fun at the branding but the top inlaid aluminium badge is not just there for effect. It’s there to dampen the cabinet resonance peak the dimensions and mass being unique to each subwoofer in rails range the 200 watt class A B mosfet plate amplifier dominates the rear panel. There are adjustments for the gain volume in plain English and adjustments for the crossover point between 30 and 120 hertz You’re encouraged to use the high level input connection The supplied. has a neutrix speakon connector for the subwoofer end and bare wires to connect to one of your amplifier speaker terminals or you could crimp the red and yellow wires together and connect to the back of one of your speakers.

Low Bass Tends To Be Mono-Just

make sure if you’re doing that that you don’t have a balanced amplifier let me just interject here for a moment. There’s some benefits to using the high level input connection. You give the sub the opportunity to take on some of the timing and sonic characteristics of your power amplifier and that way you should be able to achieve better integration with your main speakers. But there’s another important reason. You’re engaging rails high level input filter.

Theyre Known For That Filter And They

go to great lengths to protect it so that other manufacturers can’t copy it the circuit for. The filter itself is encased in a kind of epoxy resin. One of the concerns that people have using the high-level input connection is that it will draw power from the amplifier that isn’t a worry. There’s a very low-level signal that’s taken from it. There is a regular low-level RCa input to connect to the sub or pre-outs of your amplifier.

If For Whatever Reason You Cant Or

don’t want to use the high-level input. There’s also an LFe connection with its own gain control to connect to the back of the LFe output of your AvR. This means you can have an independent setting for music and another one to deal with the crash bang wallop of movies. Those of you regular. Viewers of this channel will know that I’m not a big fan of flowering things up when it comes to talking about sound quality.

Give It To You Direct Quite

frankly there’s only so many things you can talk about before you start getting into the realms of audiophile Bs. I do however, want to go into some very specific details when we’re talking about the setup of this subwoofer and what to listen for. I do think that’s quite important but I’ll talk about that in the setup section here I’m just going to keep things relatively general. It’s the articulation in base in the real T7X that’s mighty impressive what you could describe as base definition allows you to hear subtle textures. Little reverberations within the bass notes themselves that most subwoofers would homogenize.

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This Is What Youd Expect From

a very good small subwoofer. It to stop and start quickly bigger. Subwoofers will definitely play louder and dig deeper, but that isn’t always the primary objective certainly when it comes to. Music anyway that’s why quite often you’re better off with two smaller subwoofers rather than one larger one as for my rail Strata 3. In comparison, it sounds slow and ponderous that’s borne out by the specifications.

The Global Feedback Delay Is Around

16 milliseconds on my strata 3. it’s half that on this modern rail is that important you bet it is when it comes to grip and control. We are able to detect impulses as little as four milliseconds apart. My product response 1Scs tend to roll off naturally just below 50 hertz in my room. Plugging in the T7x extends the response to around 30 hertz that’s pretty much identical to what i get with my Rail Strata 3, so there’s no real difference between these two subwoofers.

When It Comes To Base Extension.

There’s a little bit of difference between the dynamic capability of these two. subwoofers as well, even though I should imagine that the maximum spL level is very similar around 100 db so what do I mean by that well. Dynamics is the difference between the quiet and the loud passages of music. You can compensate for this a little bit by turning the gain up if you overcook it you upset the tonal balance of your system.

Just Sounds Bass Heavy And Thick So

what I’m referring to here is the impactfulness of the bass. The overall bass weight between the strata 3 and the T7x is very similar, but because the transients are delivered quicker on the T7x, it just feels more impactful greater base weight deeper extension. More dynamics. These are things you’d expect the rel T7x to add to your sonic presentation, but there’s something else as well a sense of space. The sound stage opens up in terms.

Of Width As Well As Depth Now It

could be that there’s some low level ambient information in recordings that’s very subtle that filters through or it could be a psychoacoustic effect. Low frequencies associated with large spaces. Perhaps that’s what’s happening I’m not a neuroscientist. Perhaps someone with the relevant specialism could shed some light on that matter. I’m going to go through here.

What Rob Hunt The Uk Sales Director Shared

with me in terms of setting up a subwoofer and also my own personal take on things how I’d tweak things a little bit here or there let’s start with location a lot of people advocate doing the subwoofer crawl that’s where you place the sub in your listening position and because base is omnidirectional. You can crawl along the floor to find the best location rolls. View is that’s pretty crude and I tend to agree. with them, though I do think it’s a fairly good starting position.

If Youve Got That Degree Of Flexibility About

where you can place your sub most people don’t. They only have two or three locations that would work and I’ll urge them to try all of those locations and see which works best. Rael’s General advice is to place the subwoofer in the corner that’s where you get the maximum boundary reinforcement the subwoofer should play louder as well as a little bit lower. Normally you get a long throw diagonally across the room from that location and that’s the reason why I think it works fine as far as home cinemas are concerned that’s where you get the maximum bang for your buck but for two channel listening.

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Im Not Totally Convinced It Can

sound a little bit boomy normally somewhere along the sidewall works pretty well the exact location well that’s room and system dependent, but if you get it right, you can get much better integration with the main speakers. The first setting that you’re going to want to adjust on your subwoofer is for phase and this is where realm makes things really simple. There’s just two settings in and out of phase 0 and 180 degrees. The correct setting is whichever setting is a louder that’s the one that you want to use and I applaud rail for not having a variable phase adjustment because likelihood is that people just wind up chasing their own tail.

Not Knowing Whats The Correct Setting Getting

the gain and crossover settings just right well that’s a little bit more of an intricate process what rob did when. He was initially setting up the subwoofer in my room was run it a little bit hot that means set the gain and the crossover setting higher than where its final position is likely to be that turned out to be around 15 clicks of each dial on the gain and the crossover. In my room there’s 40 clicks to go.


Richard E Lord launched a range of subwoofers that was aimed squarely at the audiophile and became prized for their timing and ability to seamlessly integrate into a two-channel system . The Rel Strata 3 it retailed for around 800 pounds in the premium finish and a standard finish . Taran Taran says he has never really been known for having a great deal of imagination and for musical subwoofer. I selected rel and I bet a number of you selected the same thing. Now I’ll tell you my selections if you tell me yours let me know in the comments section for sports car I selected porsche not surprising really. For luxury watch I selected rolex I’ve never had a lot of imagination. I’m not entirely certain punch that into an inflation calculator today and you’re looki. I think there was also a standard standard finish available which retails for around 600 pounds, but I’m just not entirely sure punch that in the inflation calculator is what you’re looking for…. Click here to read more and watch the full video