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Foreign Audio And Today Im Here With John Hunter

from Rel Acoustics Hey Kevin How are you good John is one of my heroes. He’s a very very very very old friend back in the old some Mikko days. I mean I’ve known this guy a long time and I have to say one of the smartest and best people in high-end audio. He is the the UK the president and can I say that you’re the owner yeah he’s. He’s the owner of real Acoustics and and I gotta say something I got to say something to you.

Ive Always Loved Rel Back In The

old days of the storm and I mean the old days. I always loved Rel, but when you took over you became like a supercharger like a supercharger for an engine. You know I mean it just takes that thing and makes it perform. have done that with this brand? It is another planet and you take a a product that you guys make like this. I mean and compare it to something that was made in the past and it’s like the difference between like a Tesla the satellite things that are up there and Kitty Hawk.

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I Mean Really Its That Different And

I’m super pleased to have you here thank you we are going to talk about the Predator. The 1510 which we were rocking this yesterday and I got to tell you something. This thing is unbelievable John what can you tell us about it well. Let’s jump in first of all so many of your customers as you know are too high into Channel people right so talking with a dear friend of mine, who’s a great dealer in Minneapolis a few days ago and and we’re talking about. home theater so I I I don’t do home theater really okay, so we changed the conversation a little bit.

We Got Into What Were Doing What Do

you do at night. You know I’ve been drinking more wine We’ve all been doing things a little different from the last couple of years right and and 40 seconds into it yeah you know we probably watched two hours of Netflix or Hulu or something like that I said bingo you’re watching home theater my friend you just don’t get it right you just aren’t experiencing it Oh I never really thought of that okay point taken so when we did this as the second generation so the 1510 no no Mysteries to its name. It’s a beast of a 15-inch driver that is very fast and has tremendous throw and a thousand watt amplifier now this comes after our 1508. first generation piece, which itself was a really really good piece. We we expanded the power from 800 watts to a thousand, which forced a necessity to complete redesign of the driver.

Of Course Youve Just Got To Do

more stuff better. So we did all of those things but then we did a bunch of other stuff that’s not in the spec sheet and I’ll share those tricks with you a little bit because you know I I don’t have any secrets in Kev I tell them all the backstory stuff of how we got to this how we solve that so I spent four days listening to explosions that’s exhausting. I can tell you and some of it. I had ear plugs in, but some of it you can’t and the reason is there is a metallic percussive quality to the beginning of an explosion when you see. a hand grenade thrown when a bomb goes off the part that actually shocks you and makes your makes your eyes blink isn’t the core explosion.

Its The Initial Onset As The Metal Shrieks

and tears itself apart that’s Then followed an instant later by the actual boom of the bomb portion of it right and we weren’t capturing that that initial metallic attack that bang followed by the Boom so we started experimenting we we’ve been using secondary filters basically just a small little roll off way up high to make sure that our subwoofers don’t suddenly start outputting things like violins. You can’t hear The Sopranos hanging so that’s been in there for 20 years 17 ever since we took over but what we did here is we just released it we took it up higher and that allowed us to capture that initial metallic attack sounds like. A small thing, but these are the things We were really fettling all the little details. How do we make home theater better because it can be really bad as we all know. We’ve heard tons and tons of mediocre home theater and it’s not really all that exciting.

So It Started With That We

cranked the gain way up that’ll come in later and we start talking about our friends Eclipse Yeah we we unleashed all the power now one of the things that Justin, my chief engineer and I do is we work really hard to get better every project we look at everything with really clear eyes. There are companies that Pat themselves on the back and go Oh my gosh we’re so we’re such studs right we get up every day and go Hmm I was at this store and I heard this what was that. And we started thinking about what was that issue? How do we eliminate that issue? How do we make our stuff better? I think that’s the thing that we bring the party that most companies just don’t they get very self–satisfied They start selling a bunch of stuff. They’re done got it so when we started looking at what was going on Here not only did we improve the you know increase the power by 200 Watts, which is what 25 increase in power, but we also are so much better because during the time between when we did that and this we released the brand new s’s, which are Herculean. We released the brand new seriesNK], which were just a you know a massive tidal wave of quality and Dynamics and speed over and above the already really good UK and we were concurrently working on our new.

Models So All Of Those Influences Start To

fold their way in so we’re able to take limiters are a thing that you have to put into, especially a subwoofer amplifier to prevent damage to the driver essentially and ultimately amplifier damage as well so it’s a necessary component if you do it wrong and and wrong means. In the old days it would literally like stop like you would have units shut down and and reset after 30 seconds. We look at it a little differently. We look at it as a bungee cord. We want the thing to be able to go through the entire drop into the river and just stop an inch before you hit the water all right.

So We Wanted To Go All

the way out well how how do you know where the river is right and when you’re trying to get a piece out the first time and you just want to make sure people aren’t going to have a bad experience. You leave a little performance on the table so with the old one. Even though it was a 600 or 800 watt unit. We were having to begin the limiting at 600 watts right you never quite get to the 800 unless you’ve got some Herculean thing well the new ones were literally getting all the way up to about 980 Watts before the bungee cord goes that’s enough boys we’re going back up and because the power supply got improved, we’ve got we got 500 watts back of this thing we’re not using for Peaks. We always rate things Kev in continuous.

##Nk] Its The Only Way I Think Is

fair, so we always list it as say it’s a thousand Watts It’s got to be able to do it and it’s got to be able to do it for a while and and yet that means you’ve got to have Reserve current all right so this thing has got massive amounts of Headroom beyond the Thousand watts and the net result is something that plays about 20 percent louder which is remarkable the other one already like I swear to God move continents and and there’s this effortlessness to this and then after we got done doing the hand grenades and the bombs and the you know the airplanes crashing and all that stuff. Then we went and spent three months working on the second phase of it, which was the Musical part because that I’ve always said that’s the hardest. part of any subwoofer and the net result is something that can go back and forth and we’ll get into this in future videos with Kevin a little bit too but they are incredible as musical backstops. Oh my goodness gracious so with with high efficiency speakers with large speakers. It used to be that you know if you’re gonna if you had a large scale speaker.

You Were Going To Have To Spend Three

four five thousand dollars on a subwoofer kind of big enough in scale to keep up remember the old Rel Stentor was six thousand dollars 20 years ago right all right it honest to goodness probably wouldn’t do a great job of keeping up no. There is no doubt that it would not and and and these by by doing this let’s turn this around can you help me spin this gonna go this way. Yeah, it’s perfect Yeah we’re good we’re good we’re good so this is very conventional beautiful quality. Still. We care about all the little details but basically by using low level instead of of our Traditional High Level and low level connections by focusing on this being a home theater piece and only coming in either UK or UK.

It Allows Us The Sound Strength.

It allows us to decouple from the amplifier and why is that important on a really high efficiency horn speaker A high efficiency speaker take Eclipse Cornwall I want to say something like 105 UK efficiency meaning for one watt of electrical power. It’s capable of putting out 105 decibels, which is very loud. We’re playing some tracks last night and and the room was rocking and I can assure you that the Prima Luna wasn’t using more than five or six Watts so Kev. You’ll notice right away that we don’t have the speakons right.

There Is No High Level Input On

these and that’s really important to understand. The UK were primarily initially developed for home theater. In this range they’re they’re expanded being able to do both very fast musical reproduction and the big Dynamic home theater thing that only requires UK inputs for either low level or for 0. 1 and in the 0.


We also give you these UK that this this single UK input. We’re also giving you feed through so that these are are going to be used frequently. We’ve got probably 15 dealers that have ordered them as six packs.

So Youll Be Able To Use

UK arrays of these for really large speakers. It’s an amazing combination of things. The reason that we’re only using the low level and the reason this is we’re going to work. So well with things like the eclipses right Those are very efficient speakers as I said we need to be able to uncouple it from the way the amplifier is working.

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If Youve Got A Speaker With 105 Or

180 UK of efficiency. You may only be listening to it at one watt less than a watt. If you’re trying to drive the input of a high.


John Hunter from Rel Acoustics is one of the smartest and best people in high-end audio . Kevin says he’s been drinking more wine and has been doing things a little different from the last couple of years . John Hunter: “It’s like the difference between like a Tesla the satellite things that are up there and Kitty Hawk.& I mean really it’s that different and I’m super pleased to have you here thank you we are going to talk about the Predator.& The 1510 which we were rocking this yesterday and I got to tell you something.& This thing is unbelievable John what can you tell us about it well.& We got into what we’re doing what do you do at night. I said bingo, you’re watching home theater my friend you just don’t get it right you just aren’t the home theater your friend you don’t get it wrong.’ The Predator’s got to say it’ll be a…. Click here to read more and watch the full video